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Dig Into Reading This November!

Read a book--grab a bone! This November, we are hosting a reading challenge to build up an enormous pile of bones next to our Youth Services desk. Everytime you read a book, write your name and the book title on a bone from the desk and watch the pile grow! 


Non-Fiction Finder: Animals Thrive

Find some great fact-based books at your library! Miss Carol suggests...

Sizing up Winter by Lizann Flatt

E 508.2 FLA


Well-crafted Paper collage illustrations add visual interest to this picture book that deftly combines mathematical terminology with an overview of winter animals.  The reader is encouraged to count, compare and ponder a variety of numerical concepts related to winter.  Concepts and vocabulary are fairly basic, but the author does throw in some high level words such as analog and ptarmigan.  Even and adult could learn a thing or two from this fun book!


Paul Thurlby’s Wildlife

E 590 THU

Creative illustrations add an extra dimension to this creative nonfiction book by award-winning Paul Thurlby.  Young and old are sure to delight at the unusual facts and humorous visual interpretations of curious animal traits.   A word of caution, be very weary of the tiger at the beginning and ending!


Non-Fiction Finder: A Patient Butterfly

Miss Carol recommends...

A Butterfly is Patient

A butterfly is patient book cover

E 595.789 AST

Containing facts worthy of a good encyclopedia entry, beautiful illustrations and a poetic writing style make this fact-loaded book very approachable for young children.   One of the most visually appealing nonfiction books that I have seen in a long time, a true delight to share with a young nature lover.

spectacular butterflies- example from book


Non-Fiction Finder: Sloths!

little book of sloth cover - sloth holding stuffed animal rabbit

A Little Book of Sloth by Lucy Cole

E 599.313 COL - Found in the animal section against the wall, in the E Room

Welcome to Slothville Costa Rica, where there’s a little bit of sloth in all of us.   Just like us, sloths enjoy birthday parties, green beans, baths and naps.  Cute photographs and breezy text follow the daily rhythms and routines of the furry inhabitants of this laid back community.  This would be a great book to share with a young one, or just leave lying about as a fun conversation starter.

page examples


Letterboxing You Say? What's That?

26 kids kicked off the first ever Letterboxing Program here at the library last Thursday, June 20.  Letterboxing combines the fun of a treasure hunt with the art of stamping.  Traditional letterboxing is an outdoor adventure, so we tweaked it a little to be indoors in a much smaller space.  

The kick-off event consisted of two activities:  making stamps and testing the kids’ skills in finding our small hidden boxes.  For the scavenger hunt, each box included a pre-made stamp and were hidden throughout the library.  (We couldn’t use the ones they just made because they had to be hidden ahead of time.)  Most of the boxes were held by strong magnets to the underside of shelves, metal display racks, or carts.  The kids, who were in grades 3-6, were put in teams and given a list of directional clues.  If carefully read and sequentially followed, all the clues resulted in found boxes.  Some kids needed refreshers on right vs. left and baby vs. regular vs. giant steps!  But the kids were good-natured about it all and thought it was great fun.  Once they found the box, they brought the box and stamp back to our desk to stamp in the library’s Letterboxing Logbook. Then they signed their names and dated the entry.  The prize for each was a red Twizzler.

The stamps that the kids made at the program were made from art gum erasers or foam shapes and letters glued on film canisters.  They took these home after the program.

This letterboxing scavenger hunt is now open up to all kids ages 5 through grade 12.  A new box will be hidden each week for the duration of the Summer Library Club, with plans to continue the activity at various times during the year, perhaps at the holidays and spring breaks. 

More information can be found at or For more pictures, visit our Fremont Facebook page!



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