3D Printer Submission Form

Please read our 3D Printer Use Policy before submitting your design. You may have one pending 3D print job at a time. Multiple submissions will not be accepted.


Please enter your full 10-digit phone number.
Available colors are white, yellow, translucent yellow, orange, translucent orange, green, purple, and teal. We also have flexible filament options in black, blue, and green. If you select a FLEX color, your design will be printed using flexible filament. Not all designs will print successfully using flexible filament. If there is not enough filament to print a design in your selected color, the library will substitute a different color.
Please note that we only accept STL, OBJ, or GCODE files 3MB or smaller.
Describe any print requirements, such as position on the print bed; printing supports; infill percentages; or other specific instructions. This field is optional.