Election 1897

List of Residents who voted in the 1897 Election In the spring of 1999, Fremont Public Library surveyed local government offices. We wished to see what offices were keeping records of historical interest in our area.

Among the records at the Fremont Township office were several booklets that listed registered voters in Fremont Township for the years 1868, 1870, 1871 and 1873. There was also a polling list, a list of people who voted in a particular election, for the election of 1897.

The originals are very fragile. Barb Tonkery, the Fremont Township clerk, graciously allowed the library to photocopy the records onto acid-free paper. These copies are in the local history files at the library, and may be viewed anytime the library is open.

The following is a transcription of the polling list for the election of 1897. We have made every effort to be accurate. The original records were handwritten, and, as with all transcriptions, errors are possible.


Poll Book

Of an Election held at Woodmans Hall

Of the Fremont Election Precinct, in the County of Lake and the State of Illinois, on Monday, the seventh day of June, A.D., 1897


  • Judges of Election
    • C.P. Thomas
    • A.G. Fisher
    • Frank Dolph



  • Clerks of Election
    • H.C. Payne
    • Geo. Hertel
    • Carl Dorfler





List of Voters





  1. Asa Joice
  2. Anthony Hansel
  3. Michael Obenauf
  4. Eugene Smith
  5. George Obenauf
  6. Charley Beckwith (Beckweth?)
  7. Henry Glass
  8. H.C. Payne
  9. L.H. Bryant
  10. Henry Lohman
  11. Eber Smith
  12. C.A. Lusk
  13. Fred Mousser
  14. G.M. Traut
  15. Gilbert Kitte (Witte?)
  16. Frank Smith
  17. Wm. Euebker
  18. C.P. Thomas
  19. A.G. Fisher
  20. D.S. Putnam
  21. Wenslow Dietz
  22. R.D. Maynard
  23. Michael Wagner
  24. John Hoertle (Hertle?)
  25. Martin Wagoner
  26. G.H. Hertel
  27. G.H. Brainard
  28. E.G. Payne
  29. Geo. Spangler
  30. Carl Dorfler
  31. Frank Dolph
  32. E.W. Averill