Mundelein Newspaper Indexes

In 1999, Fremont Public Library started microfilming two weekly newspapers, the Mundelein Review and the Mundelein News. In the interests of making the microfilm more useful, an indexing project was started. Staff members and volunteers are working on this project. We started with the Review; as our volunteer corps grew we were able to also start indexing the News. In 2005, Fremont Public Library added the database America's Newpapers which included coverage of the Mundelein Review. Therefore, the library stopped producing an index to this newspaper in the middle of 2005. Fremont Public Library cardholders may access this database from home. People not living in our library district may contact our reference department for assistance. Please e-mail us or call us at 847-918-3206.

This index covers general news stories, editorials, letters to the editor and recipes. We do not index the police blotter, property transfer records, sports scores, calendar items (such as announcements of club meetings), legal notices or ads.

Vital records are indexed separately.
To view these, go to Local Newspapers - Vital Records

Newspaper File Size, Notes Newspaper File Size, Notes
Mundelein Review, 1999 445 KB Mundelein News, 1999 373 KB
Mundelein Review, 2000 523 KB Mundelein News, 2000 377 KB
Mundelein Review, 2001 531 KB Mundelein News, 2001 299 KB
Mundelein Review, 2002 546 KB Mundelein News, 2002 347 KB
Mundelein Review, 2003 539 KB Mundelein News, 2003 315 KB
Mundelein Review, 2004 1108 KB Mundelein News, 2004 404 KB
Mundelein Review, 2005 587 KB Mundelein News, 2005 443 KB
Mundelein Review, 2006 543 KB Mundelein News/
Mundelein Journal, 2006
404 KB
Mundelein Review, 2007 585 KB Mundelein Journal/
Grayslake Journal, 2007
352 KB
Mundelein Review, 2009 396 KB  Grayslake Journal, 2008 102 KB
Mundelein Review, 2010 437 KB  Mundelein Review, 2013 321 KB
Mundelein Review, 2011 394 KB  Mundelein Review, 2014 304 KB
Mundelein Review, 2012 391 KB