Local News - 1907

From the Lake County Independent ,
4 January 1907
100 Years Ago
Front Page Knickerbockers Eye Diamond Lake

Rumor Has it That Electric Will Build to Lake and That Big Ice Houses Will be Erected There

There is a rumor about Diamond Lake that the Knickerbocker Ice Company is trying to purchase a tract of land from the Charles Bartlett farm. It is said the concern is seeking to gain title to some eighty acres and will build immense ice houses if it succeeds.

The Knickerbocker company already has a long term lease upon twenty-seven acres of land adjoining that it now seeks to purchase and has ice houses theron at the present time. However, the houses have fallen into disuse and are somewhat out of repair. It is thought that perhaps the company plans to build new ones and make the lake the center of operations for the future instead of going farther from Chicago for ice.

It is the talk of some who know, however, that the ice is not to go to Chicago. It is reported that the electric road, which now runs to Rockefeller, will build a branch south three-quarters of a mile to the lake and that the Knickerbocker people hope thus to get into touch with the entire lake shore, furnishing Waukegan and all other shore cities with ice via the electric.

It is believed they could successfully break into the field and with the lake in proximity and the cheap rates the electric could afford to carry their product for, could cut well under the prices of the present suppliers of the product. Should this be the aim of the company the negotiations said to be under way can the more readily be understood.

Libertyville at the present gets its entire supply of ice from Diamond Lake. There is one drawback, according to those living about the lake, and that is that the ice field is not big enough to furnish ice for a really large house. The lake is filled about its edges with rushes and is valuable mainly as a fishing resort. The clear space in the lake is none too large and this is said to have been the reason that mammoth ice houses have not bordered its shores long ere this.

Yet there may be much in the rumor and another year may see Waukegan and the other lake shore cities being supplied with ice over the Chicago & Milwaukee Electric and from central Lake county lakes instead of from the Wisconsin lakes as been the custom to the present time.
Ivanhoe HOw many times have you written 1906 instead of 7?

Miss Emma Grabbe, who has been seriously ill is getting better.

We understand that Mrs. Ada Smith is negotiating for the purchase of Miss Emma Fisher's place here.

Mrs. Willard Beach spent two days visiting in Chicago last week.

We hear it rumored that Grant Lusk has purchased what is known as the Thornton farm of this place owned by Mrs. H. D. Wells, now of Oberlin, Ohio.

Masters Earl and Stanley Radke, of Chicago, of here visiting with their aunt Miss Emma Radke.

Asa Joice is having a serious time on account of the roads, hauling a car load of coal from Rockefeller for H. C. Payne.

Mrs. Thomas Boyer received word last week of the death of her sister, Miss Tillie Kriwinsky at Hamilton, Canada. MIss Kriwinsky was well known here having spent last summer visting with her sister Mrs. Boyer.
Fremont Center Miss Georet Vogel spent several days with the Geo. Traut family.

Miss Lizzie Ahart spent several days with her sister, Mrs. Orvis in Waukegan.

Sylvester Deinlein and bride spent New Years day with his parents; rather a surprise to his people.

Misses Martha and Rose Frederick gave a hard time party New Years eve, in honor of Miss Elenora Bauer and Miss Mary Frederick of Chicago. All enjoyed a jolly good time especially at the hard times lunch when hot Johnny cake and frankfurters were served with black coffee.
Proceedings of the Lake County Board of Supervisors Fremont Township
Name & Reason for Reimbursement Amount
H. C. W. Meyer, for 2 days' services on Registry Board at $2 per day. $4.00
Frank Dolph, for 2 days' services on Registry Board at $2 per day. $4.00
Carl Dorfler, for 2 days' services on Registry Board at $2 per day. $4.00
H. C. W. Meyer, for 2 days' services at Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
Frank Dolph, for 2 days' services as Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
Carl Dorfler, for 2 days' services as Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
H. L. Burdick, for 2 days' services as Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
F. W. Kuebker, for 2 days' services as Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
C. F. Enault, for 2 days' services as Clerk of Election at $3 per day $6.00
H. C. W. Meyer, for 1 day's services posting Notices of Election $1.50
H. C. W. Meyer, for 1 day's services posting Cards of Instruction, etc. $1.50
H. C. W. Meyer, for 1 day's services receiving ballots $1.50
H. C. W. Meyer, for 1 day's services returning poll book and ballots $2.50
H. C. W. Meyer, for 28 miles travel $1.40
H. C. W. Meyer, for putting up booths $1.50
For hall rent $15.00

From the Lake County Independent ,
11 January 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. G. Ross entertained a lady friend several days last week.

Will Knigge has purchased the Van Horn building formerly occupied by Thos. McBride.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. King entertained the latter's neice, Miss Flossie Rudolph and her friend, Miss Quentin of the city recently.

Mrs. Chas. Gorham and daughter Laura, of Waukegan, called on friends here Friday.

Mrs. Lathrop has been quite ill the past week.

Mrs. F. Lempker and son Lyle, of Gilmer, called on relatives here Monday.
Ivanhoe This locality was visited by several heavy thunder showers Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. James Boyer returned home last Friday from their trip to southern Illinois. Jim reports prosperous times down in "Egypt".

Frank Dorfler is having a serious time with blood poisoning in his hand and arm.

Jake and Martin Orgaard of North Dakota were Ivanhoe callers Monday of this week. They are much pleased wtih their new home in that place.

Miss Daisy VanPlew is taking a course of instruction at the Moody Institute, Chicago.

We understand that Ed Dietz has secured a position in a foundry at Waukegan and will move there soon.
Diamond Lake Fred Towner returned home Friday from an extended visit with relatives in Iowa.

Lydia Gerber who has been spending her vacatoin at home returned to Chicago Monday.

Mary Bartlett and Marguerite Staat are visiting in the city at present writing.

James Mann and Mayor Bullock, of Waukegan, were out on the lake Sunday looking over the ice field. They are planning to run a switch from the E.J. & E. Railroad and shipping ice to Waukegan this winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodge returned to their home in Highwood Monday after spending part of their vacation at the Lakeside.

Skating has been excellent on the lake for the past two weeks and large crowds enjoy the old time pleasure.

Mary Bartlett was the victim of a very pleasant surprise party last Friday night. The evening was spent in playing games and cards. A lunch was served at 12. All present enjoyed the usual good time.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stucke, of Gilmer, are the proud parents of an 8 1/2 pound son. Dr. Martin was in attendance.
Fremond Center The roads are not improving very much.

Michael Traut is still reported on the sick list.

Miss Emma Grabbe has made quick recovery of her attack of appendicitis. Her many friends are glad to hear it.

Geo. F. Wagner went to Chicago last week to meet his mother-in-law from Ohio. They returned Thursday. She will spend the winter here.

Mr. Trot of this place is reported on the sick list and is very low.

Miss Kathryn Hironimus has recovered from her illness.

From the Lake County Independent ,
18 January 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Vincent Martin, of Wauconda, was seen in town Friday evening.

Frank Cronkhite left Monday for Pittsburg where he is employed after a week's visit with parents and sister here.

J. W. Swansbourgh, of Waukegan, was a visitor here one day last week.

Miss Lysle Houghton is a guest of her sister and family Mrs. A. J. King.
Diamond Lake Mrs. Wm. Einsman is on the sick list and Miss Ella Towner is assisting her in her housework.

Albert Barbaras, who is sick with typhoid fever, is reported a little better.

Our town people are busy breaking their colts.

George Ray and sons are busy cutting wood over the river.
Ivanhoe Louis Radke is spending a few days with his brother Daniel, in Chicago.

The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. Fannie Payne Friday afternoon of this week at 2:30.

We hear that Edward Boyes has rented his farm near this place to a party from Chicago.

We hear that Mr. Hidorn, of Chicago, has sold his farm, located near this place to a party from Chicago.

Mrs. Robinson, of Koshkonong, Wis., has been very ill at the home of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith of this place. At present writing we are glad to report that she is getting better.

Mrs. Beckwith, Mrs. Van Plew and Mrs. Joice attended the evangelistic meetings at the Moody church in Chicago Tuesday of this week.

There will be a dance given by the Skidoo club, of Rockefeller, at McBride's hall, Rockefeller, Thursday night, Jan. 24. All are welcome.

Last Saturday evening at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brainerd, the choir was very agreeably surprised by the entrance of a large party of their friends who proceeded at once to have a pleasant evening. The usual methods of games, music, social converse and last but not least, refreshments. At a late hour the guests departed for their homes, voting the occasion a very pleasant success. If you are fortunate enough to have a "bid" you don't know what you miss by not attending these "choir parties."

From the Lake County Independent ,
25 January 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Miss Charlotte McBride, of Palatine, spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother and sister here.

Miss Vera Rudolph, of River View, is a guest of her sister Mabel and other relatives here.

Prof. A. Wilmington visited with relatives at Nunda over Saturday and Sunday.

Ray Alvoid is again employed in the city.

One or two weddings in the near future is the rumor in town.
Ivanhoe Jas. Currie left Monday night for Seattle, Wash. His family will follow him in about two months.

Miss Stell Rehm visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Rhem last week.

Mrs. R. M. Vant is quite ill at present writing.

Louise Totz of Chicago visited in town Sunday.

A number of children are suffering from an attack of the mumps.

Mrs. Kimbruk and Sherman spent several days this week with Mrs. Adams.

There will be no services in the St. Paul's Evengelical church Sunday in the absence of the pastor, Rev. Deckingar.

From the Lake County Independent ,
1 February 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Fitzgerald spent several days in the city returning Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roder were guests at the home of their son, Will and wife, at Long Grove Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wells gave a party Saturday evening enjoyed by all present.

Mr. Alvoid and son Roy, of Chicago, spent Sunday at their home here.

Mrs. Fry entertained her mother from the city several days last week.

Dr. Carson, of the city, spent Sunday at the home of F. Holcomb and family.

Mrs. Wood is at present in Chicago caring for her daughter who is ill in one of the city's hospitals.

Mrs. Tyler is enjoying the winter with her sister-in-law at Blue River, Wis.

Dr. Smith has been ill the past week.

Mrs. Middleton and children, of Iowa, are spending the winter here with her mother, Mrs. Depew.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Decker is visitng with her dauther, Mrs. Langell at Evanston this week.

H. D. Wells who have been very ill at Oberlin, Ohio, is reported better.

There will be a valentine social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Averill on the evening of Feb. 14 under the auspices of the Christian Endeavor society. Come, everybody and have a good time.

Mr. Burch spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother at East Chicago.

Carl Dorfler, Jr., of Mandan, N.D., is here visiting with his parents and friends. He reports extremely cold weather and very deep snow in Dakota.

We are informed that Grant Lusk will build a residence on the farm which her recently purchased here during the coming summer.

James Boyer is laoding a car this week and will move to Clay County, Ill., from which place he will move to his farm in Texas during the coming spring.

The well at the parsonage is finished, a good flow of water being secured at a depth of about 20 feet. The next thing in order is to pay the bills for work and materials, etc., which are now due. Those who subscribed to the well fund are requested to hand their subscriptions to the treasurer, Mrs. Julius Chamberlain, as soon as convenient and oblige the committee.

H. C. Payne is filling his ice house with 11 inch ice from Diamond Lake.

On account of a severe cold Rev. Ziegler was unable to speak at the evening service last Sunday, however his place was ably filled by Mrs. Ziegler who conducted the service in a very acceptable manner.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. W. Myer entertained a large company at their pleasant and commodious home last Saturday evening and of course we all know that a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Myers always means a good time for everyone present.
Diamond Lake The ladies of the Diamond Lake cemetery assocaition will meet with Mrs. J. Whitney Tuesday Feb. 7 in the forenoon. There will be sewing and luncheon will be served at noon and business meeting at 2:30.

From the Lake County Independent ,
8 February 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Remember the home talent concert and basket social to be given at the Rockefeller schoolhouse Friday evening Feb. 8. Admission free. Ladies please bring baskets.

A. Wilmington spent Saturday and Sunday at his home with relatives at Nunda.

B. Thomas, of Waukegan, sepnt Sunday with parents here.

Frank Kane has moved to Elgin where he will be employed as motorman on the city railway.

Masquerade at the Libertyville town hall Friday evening of this week and sleighing.
Ivanhoe E. M. Averill is entertainig a cousin, Mr. Emmet, of Chicago.

Frank Kane is moving to Elgin this week where he has secured a position with the National Watch Co.

Henry VanPlew and his sister, Mrs. John Porteous received word recently of the death of their mother in England at the advanced age of 96 years.

Bert Johnson is having his hay pressed. Orin Luce, of Libertyville, is doing the work.

Buy a coulple more tons of coal. The ground hog saw his shadow all right.

Miss Daisy VanPlew, who is attending the Moody Institution, Chicago, favored the congregation with a fine address last Sudnay evening.

May we politely inquire what has become of the once popular church oyster supper? Perhaps it takes more oysters than formerly to throw a shadow in the soup, consequently, well.

Your savings will earn you 3 per cent in the First National Bank, Libertyville.

Thomas Boyer thinks he has the coldest house in town. He says that water freezes on the kitchen stove with a fire in the stove. We never have had any occasion to doubt Mr. Boyer's word but perhaps it would be jsut as well to take a grain or two of salt with this statement as he evidently must be laboring under a halucination, produced by the intense cold of late.

From the Lake County Independent ,
15 February 1907
100 Years Ago
Front Page Flip-Flop Machine Success

Clayton Dean's Somersaulting Machine to Be Put on by Wallace's Show

Man Rides in Car and Performs Stunts

Clayton C. Dean, of Ivanhoe, is nearing his ambitions. Some two years ago he conceived the idea that if he could find a docile automobile and sufficiently train it so that it would eat from his hand and do his bidding to the extent of turning somersaults in the air he could get rich. If he could get it to turn somersaults with a man in it he thought he could get richer and if it could be induced to turn two somersaults with two men he would thrive as Creosus.

Yesterday at Libertyville, behind Laycock's machine shop, his automobile at his word of command rose, turned and landed square and carefully -- and there was a man in the seat. Clayton C. Dean beamed with joy. It was the firest time that a man had dared to ride the bucking autocar. Before he had tried it upon cheap subjects, namely, bags of sand.

The young man who rode the car is Hal Crandall, a daring performer of daring tricks, who travels with the mammoth Wallace Hagenbeck shows and earns big money for daily defying death during the show season. With him was Fred O. Gregg, who will act as manager of the performance which the show will put on this coming summer. Mr. Gregg himself is one of the famous Gregg Brothers, "Demon Twins," as the flaring posters define them. The two Greggs present all sorts of daring and dangerous cycle novelties, looping the loop, leaping the gap, and doing various hair-curling stunts for the edification of the public.

Hal Crandall, who demonstrated the ability of Mr. Dean's automobile to turn somersaults, will greatly improve the trick. He proposed to turn a double somesault [sic] in the car at the top of a tall tower. The car will land upon an inclined plane and shoot down it at a terriffic [sic] rate of speed. At the bottom will be a "gap" and it is over this gap that the car will make its sensational plunge.

In this thrilling mid-air somersault and leap the gap in an automobile, as the billboards will read, he will be accompanied by a lady to make the stunt the more thrilling.

Yesterday at Libertyville the somersault was highly successful. It worked like a charm, as about half the village which was watching it expectantly will afirm. Mr. Crandell takes naturally to these things. He had never seen the thing work but a couple of times, but it looked good to him and he had faith.

To be sure he was bothered a little by a few broken bones which had not much more than healed, which he received in other experiments, but he joyfully entered into the pastime. His partner, Gregg, has also had his troubles. He showed scars on his head, on his hands, store teeth which replace those he grew and admitted that he was a few ribs short.

The Wallace Hagenbeck people will put the act on this summer. With the brains of Crandall and Gregg to conceive sensational features for it, it will be a success. They will have Mr. Dean's flip flop machine famous before next fall.

The method of somersault turning is simple. A weight of some 1,400 pounds is used upon a lever. Chains are so arranged that with the falling of a lever the autocar is borne skyward, turns and lands upright. To make two turns in the air, a complete double somersault, is but a matter of leverage. It is two somersaults and a downward dash, a leap through space and a "finis" that will either bring Mr. Crandall big money next fall or furnish another job for the undertaker and a little more work for the casket maker.
Fort Hill Miss Cora Huson visited relatives at Long Lake the past week.

Mrs. Geo. Huson spent a few days with her parents at Cloverdale farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Paddock, George Standord and A. B. Combs attended the firemen's ball at Grayslake Friday evening.

Fred Converse has rented his farm to Mr. Burkett, of Wauconda. Fred wil remain on the farm and superintend the building of a large barn the coming summer.

The many friends of Miss Sarah Fox in this vicinity will be sorry to learn that she is sick with inflamatory rheumatism at her home in Round Lake.

Geo. Standord is engaged quite extensively in the buying and selling of horses and cattle.

If you wish anything in the line of woven wire fencing call on bert Paddock.
Ivanhoe Fine winter weather and the good sleighing of late has been improved and enjoyed by everyone for business and pleasure.

George Wirtz is reported on the sick list.

Mrs. Fosket visited at Leighton a few days last week with her mother, Mrs. Raymond.

Mrs. Ziegler visited in Chicago a few days last week.

Born, Feb. 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder, a son.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gullidge, of Grayslake, visited here over Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Payne.

Leslie Beckwith, who is a mail clerk on the Wisconsin Central railroad spent a few days here last week.

Mrs. Nicholas Smith, of Grayslake, visited with Ivanhoe relatives Wednesday of last week.

A new circulating library is now located at the home of Mrs. Willard Beach

From the Lake County Independent ,
22 February 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Tom Williams is on the sick list.

George Thatcher is ill with the grip. Bernard Swan is assisting Mr. Cronkhite during the former's absence.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter, of Peoria, have taken possession of the Norton place. Mr. Potter will manage the pony farm for Mr. Simpson, of Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Roder attended their son Will's sale of farm implements near Long Grove.

Mrs. J. Rouse has been quite ill the past week.

An oyster supper will be given by the ladies of the Aid Society in the near future.

Mr. Middleton of the city enjoyed Saturday and Sunday with his family who are staying at the home of Rev. Depew and mother.

Mrs. Herrick returned Wednesday to pack her household goods to be sent north where Mr. Herrick holds a position.

The valentine social at the home of W. Berghorn last Thursday evening was a success financially as well as socially nearly 50 being present.

Miss Cora Thomas of this place and Mr. Dales, of St. Louis, were married in Chicago, Thursday of last week. Their friends wish the happy couple success and joy through their journey of life.

Miss Mable Rudolph spent Sunday with her parents at River View.

Quebec to be sold

The French Coach stallion Quebec will be sold at auction at the home of Frank Thomas is Rockefeller, Ill., Tuesday Feb. 26, '07, as Mr. Thomas, the manager of the horse is going west. At the same time all of Mr. Thomas' personal property will be sold, nothing but wearning apparel being reserved. Usual terms to govern term of credit. Quebec is the best stock horse in this part of the state and is needed here yet. He has produced more colts and of greater value than any other sire in the county.

Let your money earn 3 per cent at the First National Bank of Libertyville. Absolute safety is better than a high interest note.
Ivanhoe How is your grip?

Springs delights are now returning mud and slush and in the distance the dim specter of house cleaning appears.

George Wirtz who is suffering with a severe abscess is not much better.

Miss Emma Fisher visited with friends in Elgin last week.

Mr. Christenson will move to Libertyville this week.

Mr. Burch spent last Sturday and Sunday at Vallpariso, Ind.

We are informed that Mrs. Ada Smith and family will move to Hainesville in the near future. Her son Ray has secured a fine position in the new milk bottling factory at Round Lake.

Last week the directors placed a new bell in the school house belfry, to replace the one accidently broken last fall.

Bert Johnson is visiting with relatives in Wisconsin.

John Vickerman who has recently returned from an extended visit in England was an Ivanhoe caller one day last week. John says England is a good place to live but America is a much better one.
Diamond Lake Mr. and Mrs. Hodge and daughter Esther, visited with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ray on Sunday.

Miss Minnie Gerber who has been on the sick list is on the gain.

A number of Miss Bessie Blows friends surprised her Thursday evening and a very enjoyable time was had by al who attended and a lunch was served at 12.

Mrs. Geo. Ost is again able to be out.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mitchell and daughter Luella, visited at Mr. and Mrs. Theis Sunday.

Elmer Gosswiller spend Sunday with his relatives at Long Grove.

After a couple weeks of fine sleighing we are taking nice mud baths.

The school mistress, Miss Wright, boards at Geo. Ray's.

From the Lake County Independent ,
1 March 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Geo. Thatcher is improving after a week's illness with lagrippe.

Mrs. Herschberger and daughter Luella, from the city spent the latter part of the week with relatives here.

Mrs. L. Roder visited Thursday with her brother and family at Leighton.

Mrs. J. Rouse is improving after several weeks illness.

C. Hapke and family have moved into the upper rooms of the Berghorn building.

The oyster supper given by the Ladies Aid last Thursday evening was well attended. A sum of $29 was cleared and we wish to thank our neighboring town for being so well represented.

Myron Wells is improving after several days of illness.

A farewell party was given Saturday evening in honor of Carl Dorfler at the home of his sister, Mrs. Everett Wells. He will leave for Dakota soon.

Otto King and friend, of Racine, called on his parents here Sunday.

Mr. Simmons and family moved last week onto a farm east of Russell.

Florence lathrop and girl friend, of Ravenswood, enjoyed the latter part of last week at her home here.
Ivanhoe Miss Daisy Vanplew visited with her parents here last Monday. Miss Vanplew is now engaged in mission work in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Richardson's little daughter is sick with the measles.

There was a fair attendance at the song service Sunday evening. The program was excellent. The duet by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dolph and solos by Mrs. Ziegler and Miss Edith Beckwith being especially good.

Thomas Boywer was attacked with the grip good and proper last week but as he is taking a heavy couse of medicines his friends hope that he will pull through all right.

Bert Johnson will move to Grayslake in the near future we hear.
Diamond Lake Mrs. Einsman spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago.

Mrs. Geo. Ray is on the sick list.

Mrs. John Gosswiller and son Edward visited at Wauconda Saturday.

A little boy came to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers.

A number of young folks attended the dance at Tattler's Thursday evening.

Fred Towner visited at Lake Forest Thursday.

Miss Minnie Schroder spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Henry Lempker visited his mother one day last week.

Alber Dyer is on the sick list.
Fremont Center Mrs. Orvis, of Waukegan, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert.

Mrs. G. H. Hertel is very sick at present writing. Dr. Taylor, of Libertyville is attending her.

Albert Ahart, Ed Titus and John Traut is [sic] still employed at the Round Lake ice house.

Albert Wagner intends moving this week to the Smith farm at Round Lake.

George Shober is moving from the Stratton farm to the Dryer farm this week.

From the Lake County Independent ,
8 March 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Rev. Depwe was a guest of friends at Janesville last week.

Mrs. Russell Dawson of LaGrange called on friends here Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

Henry Kublank, of this place and Miss Paulina Hartling of Chicago were united in marriage at the bride's home last Wednesday. Congratulations are extended by their many friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Knigge of Libertyville and Miss Emma from the city were guests of their parents here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Blaine are visiting with relatives at Wauconda and will soon leave for their future home in Denver Colo.

E. H. Wells collector for Libertyville township will be at Will Knigge's store Monday Mar. 11 and at Diamond Lake at Geo. Ost's store on Wednesday. See him and pay your taxes.

Miss Lysle Houghton, of Libertyville spent Saturday and Sunday here at the home of her sister Mrs. A. J. King.
Ivanhoe Mr. and Mrs. Luebbe are reported seriously ill.

Adam Titus who has been very ill is a little better.

Joe Dorfler "got it in the neck" last week or in other words had a severe attack of quinsy, which required lancing. He is much better.

Julius Chamberlain entertained his brother herbert of Hyde Park over Sunday.

Mrs. Jacoby is visiting with Rev. Stubius and family near Kankakee, Ill.

Mrs. Johnson from Wisconsin visited with her son Bert here last week.

Fred Beach and his brother-in-law, Ben. Bothwel from Indiana visited with Ivanhoe relatives over Sunday. Mr. Bothwell expressed himself as well pleased with this part of the country but thinks there might be a little improvement made in our roads.

John Shepard and family, of Druces Lake, took possession last week of the property which they recently purchased of Mrs. Hawkins of this place.

Owning to the mail bags being accidently or carelessly thrown under the car wheels and put to pieces last Friday morning at Rockefeller, several subscribers of the Independent in this place failed to recieve a copy. Isn't this thing getting to be just a little bit monotonous?
Diamond Lake Fred Towner Jr. transacted business in Lake Forest and Wuakegan Saturday.

Will Lempker Jr. is working for Mr. George Mitchell at present.

August Beiler has resigned his position at George Mitchell's and in now working for Harry Rouse.

Fred Towner Sr. is again able to be out after a few days illness.

Will Stoerp is again working for Mr. Weiskopf.

Fred Towner has sold antoher one of his fine horses at Lake Forest.

From the Lake County Independent ,
15 March 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller John Hodge, of Highwood, attended church here Sunday and called on friends.

Mr. Gainer, of Wauconda, was in town Sunday.

Quite a number from here attended the Minstrel show at Libertyville Friday evening.

Lester Burdick spent Saturday and Sunday at Wauconda.

Mrs. Popp spent Monday with friends in the city.

Grandpa Rouse is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Cronkhite entertained the latter's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. McCraken, of the city one day last week.

Grandma McBride has been seriously ill the past week.

B. Broadhead is also on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, of Fon du Lac, are occupying one of Mr. Holcomb's residences here.

Mrs. A. J. King spent several days at Wauconda to help in the care of sick relatives.

The Ladies Cemetery Association of Diamond Lake, gave a dinner last Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith here. A neat little sum was realized.
Ivanhoe Quite a number of candidates have appeared for some of the town offices and the odor of election cigars permeates the air.

John Ballard, of Libertyville, was a pleasant caller here Monday of this week.

Choir meeting Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dolph. A full attendance of the choir is earnestly requested to practice Easter music.

Mr. Burch visited with a friend in Englewood over Sunday.

Mr. Jensen, of Chicago, moved onto the Dean farm this week.

Mrs. Brainerd who has been very ill is a little better.

Hans Peterson, of Chicago, has rented Edward Boyse's farm for the ensuing year.

Mrs. Ziegler and children returned home Tuesday of this week from a few days visit in Chicago.

Ray Newton is going to Alberta, Canada soon where his father has taken up a large tract of land.
Fremont Center Mrs. Ahart was on the sicklist the past week.

Mrs. Orvis from Waukegan spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ahart.

Arthur Behm has got it in the neck. Its only a cold.

There was a quilting party held at Mrs. Geo. F. Wagner's Monday. The evening was spent by the young people in playing cards after which supper was served and all had a pleasant time.

George Wagner has a tile hauling bee last Friday and Saturday, in which were moved two car loads of tile to his new farm. His neighbors and friends who took part in the hauling gathered at his home Saturday evening for a card party. Supper was served with Pabst's coffee and all went home happy. George intends to put on his ditching force as soon as the weather permits.

We expect to see Geo. Traut start his milk route on Alleghany street to Round Lake bottling factor.

Misses Theresia Wagner and Annie Hertel are looking up a location at Grayslake for a millinery store. They are kept busy at home so they agreed to go in business. We all wish them success.

Miss Bertha Wagner is on the sick list, she has the grippe.

From the Lake County Independent ,
22 March 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Middleton and children left Friday for their home in Iowa.

Tom Russell has been entertaining his sister the past week.

Mr. Cronkhite, Miss Anna and Miss Effie Berghorn attended the Sunday school convention at Libertyville Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Holcomb has Mr. Frank Shaddle and son Lee, of Iowa, for guests Monday and Tuesday of last week.

Mrs. Lester Burdick, of Wauconda, spent Thursday and Friday with her husband and parents here.

Miss Alma Nicoly, of Leighton, spent last week at the home of her aunt, Mrs. L. Roder.

Bernard Swan is employed by the W.C.R.R. on the milk train.

Joe. S. John, of Grayslake, has opened a hardware store in Will Knigge's building recently vacated by Tom McBride.

Miss Clara Knigge was a guest at the home of her brother and family at Des Plaines Sunday accompanied by Miss Zelda Bock.

Rev. Clyver, of Iowa, was entertained at the home of his relatives Mr. and Mrs. Kramer the past week.
Ivanhoe A heavy thunder shower passed over this locality last Monday night, drawing the frost out and settling the ground.

Choir meeting Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Averill.

Miss Lillian Payne, of Beloit, Wis., spent Sunday at this place.

Adam Titus who has been very ill for about three weeks is getting better.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jones, of Gilmer, was buried here last Sunday. We extend our sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Jones in their bereavement.

We regret to report that Rev. Ziegler and family are quarantined, on of the children haveng scarlet fever. Every precaution is being taken to prevent futher spread of the disease.

Note: There was no issue for 29 March 1907 on the microfilm.
From the Lake County Independent ,
5 April 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Lathrop was the guest of relatives in the city last week.

Mr. Broadhead visited his son in the city a few days last week.

Miss Lottie McBride spent several days at her home here recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Kramer moved onto the Mohan farm Monday.

Mrs. H. Zerzing and son visited with friends at Libetyville Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knigge celebrated their golden wedding anniversary March 26, being planned in a surprise by the children, grand children and great grand children, whom all were present.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Doolittle, of Waukegan called at the home of F. Knigge and family on the way to visit their parents at Lake Zurich.

Mrs. W. Rich attended the Catholic church at Libertyville.

Grandpa Rouse is slowly improving after a serious illness.

Master O'Rell Bushing is stopping at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge and attending school.

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher spent Sunday with their parents at Diamond Lake.

Miss Antonette Reese, of Chicago, visited at the home of her father here recently.
Ivanhoe Miss Spring caught a severe cold last week which lasted over Easter.

The choir will meet next Saturday evening at the home of Miss Emma Radke.

Attorney M. C. Decker, of North Chicago, was an Ivanhoe visitor over Sunday.

James Vanplew, of Chicago, spent Easter with his parents here.

W. P. Beach visited with his son Fred in Indiana last week.

Mr. Burch spent Easter with his brother in East Chicago.

Fears are emtertained that the fruit crop is badly injured by the cold of late as the buds were quite far advanced.

We are pleased to report that the road between Ivanhoe and Rockefeller is safe to travel over now as "no bottom" notices were placed at the worst places along the route last week.

A large company attended the social Tuesday evening of last week at the pleasant and commodious home of Mr. and Mrs. John Wirtz. The evening was pleasantly spent in the usual manner followed by a nice supper. The guests departed in the "wee small" hours, voting Mr. and Mrs. Wirtz royal entertainers.

From the Lake County Independent ,
12 April 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Buy tickets to the Diamond Lake lecture course to be given each Friday night for six weeks at the Diamond Lake church by A. T. Moshler. Bus from Rockefeller. Season tickets $1.

Frank Bock who for several years has been pumper at Rockefeller and Des Plaines for the Wisconsin Central railway is now towerman at the intersection of the Northwestern cut off at Lake Bluff and the electric.
Ivanhoe Louis Radke is spending a few days in Chicago.

All kinds of weather lately, excepting good weather.

Miss Ida Heidorn, of Chicago, is visiting with Henry Grabbe's family.

Prof. John VanPlew, of Beloit, Wis., visited with his parents here last week.

Alvin Smith, of Grayslake, was here last Friday and repaired the organ belonging to the Mystic Workers.

Mr. Burch has resigned his position as teacher of the Ivanhoe schol, and is engage [sic] in the painting business in East Chicago.

The Chicago Telephone company has a gang of men in this locality adding more cross bars and wires to their line through here.

Mr. Peterson, of Chicago, moved onto the Edward Boyes farm this week. His family is still in the old country but we are informed will join him here sometime in May.

Thursday evening of last week Mr. Burch was agreeably surprised by the appearance at his boarding place, of his entire school in a body. The evening was spent with games, etc., followed by a fine repast furnished by the children. A pleasant feature of the evening was the presentation by the school to their teacher, of a fine pocket book, well lined with coin of the realm. At a late hour the guests departed well pleased with their evening's entertainment.

From the Lake County Independent ,
19 April 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Irving Payne are welcomed back from their usual trip to the south during the winter season.

George Ross visited his wife and parents Sunday.

Rev. Mosier the Diamond Lake minister occupied the pulpit here Sunday, Rev. Depew being absent.

Paul Chapman, of Chicago, was a pleasant guest of the Cronkhite family over Sunday.

We are sorry to state that two of our citizens met with serious accidents the past week. Mr. Burdick falling from the hay loft onto the barn floor receiving an ugly wound on his head, the doctor being summoned and about ten stitches were taken. While C. Dressen upon hauling a load of heavy boxes at Libertyville fell from the load with one of the boxes onto him breaking several ribs and was brought to his home here.

Lovedall King will leave for a visit with his brother, Joe and family at Wausau, Wis., Saturday.

People of our village and surburban enjoyed the Ennor's Special Scenic Artist Railroad World and Traveloguer with moving pictures and illustrated songs three evenings of last week at the McBride hall.

Arthur Berghorn is at home a victim of the measles.

Will Dressen, of Waupaca, Wis., spent several days here last week.

Robt. Rouse has been in Kendall, Wis., the past week buying stock.

The old paper factory formerly occupied by Mr. Lintleman from the city during the summer season, is being repaired for a tile and brick factory.

Miss Verne Babcock was a guest at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Swan one day last week.

Lee Warren has rented the Kramer residence on East Park Ave.

Mr. Fray organized a young men's club known as the Rockefeller Order of Good Fellowship, and a debate will be given by the literary department Thursday evening, April 25 at the schoo. house, free admission. An interesting program is assured.
Ivanhoe The oldest inhabitant gives is up, the weather, we mean.

The choir will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jensen Friday evening of this week.

School meeting next Saturday evening, so if you want an office be lise a wart - on hand.

Miss Hattie Brainerd, of Waterman, Ill., is visitng with her parents here a few days.

Miss Rosa Simpson spent a few days in Chicago last week with her sister, Mrs. Crampton, who has been very ill with pneumonia.

Roy Proctor a fireman on the St. Paul railroad is spending his vacation with his parents near this place.

We are glad to report that Rev. Ziegler and family are released after being quarantined five weeks on account of scarlet fever. No new cases of the dread disease have developed in this locality.

If your wife provides you with an extra good dinner some of these days and appears unusually amiable don't be misled, for probably she is going to ask you take down the stove and take up the carpet. A word to the wise, etc.
From the Lake County Independent ,
26 April 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. Cronkhite made a flying trip and transacted business in St. Louis the first part of last week.

Some of our young people enjoyed a shadow social and ball at the Ben Hur hall at North Chicago Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Fry had relatives from the city for guests Sunday and Monday.

A. Wilmington was a city visitor Saturday.

Ed Horn and family have moved into the rooms vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warren.

Misses Emma and Clara Knigge attended the Presbyterian church at Libertyville Sunday evening.

Sad news of the death of G. Thatcher's father in England has reached him the past week.

Lee Husen and Miss Croker, of Libertyville called on Prof. WIlmington one evening of last week.

Miss Nina Rouse enjoyed one day in the city of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Schwerman, of Gilmer, went to Chicago via the electric from here Monday.
Ivanhoe The choir will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Radke Friday evenint.

At the school meeting last Saturday evening F. M. Smith was re-elected director.

Miss Agnes Payne returned home last Saturday evening, after a number of months sojurn in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Jensen entertained a large number of visitors from Chicago last Friday and Saturday.

We are informed that H. C. W. Myers will make extensive improvements on his property in this place in the near future.

Mrs. Otis Smith, of Lake Villa, visited with F. M. Smith and family over Sunday.
Diamond Lake Miss Alma Meyer is spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Staats entertained his brother-in-law, Mr. Ulrich and son a few days last week.

Mrs. Bartlett is still quite sick but is convalescent.

Hazel Darby is on the sick list.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Ost Friday, April 12, a baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodge and daughter Esther spent Sunday with G. Ray and family.

John Whitney who has been sicksome time is very low at present writing.

George Ray and son Will took in the circus at Chicago Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse visited in Waukegan Sunday.
From the Lake County Independent ,
3 May 1907
100 Years Ago
Diamond Lake Will Skibbe visited at Cropley's Sunday.

Robt. Rouse and family called on his brother Will Sunday.

Mrs. Bartlett is again able to be out after a lingering illness.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Towner, Wednesday, May 1, a son.

John Rouse is attending school again after a week's forced vacation.

Mrs. Jessie Lill and daughter, Ethel, of Chicago, are spending the week here.

Miss Edith Blanchard, of Waukegan, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mary Bartlett.

Mrs. Harry Kuhl and children are spending this week with Geo. Mitchell and family.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Lill, Jr., Wednesday, May 1, a son. Dr. Taylor was in attendance.

Miss Bessie Blows is home for a few days visit. She had been employed in the city since the 15th.

Miss Pearl Ray attended a birthday party at the home of H. C. Meyers of Libertyville. It was the occasion of their daughter Amanda's 14th birthday.

From the Lake County Independent ,
10 May 1907
100 Years Ago
Front Page Diamond Lake Boy Loses a Finger

Gets Member Crushed in Door Jamb and Amputation is Necessary

Donald McKay, the 7-year-old son of John McKay, of Diamond Lake, while playing Sunday caught the third finger of his right hand in a door jamb crushing it so that Dr. Taylor, of Libertyville, who was called had to amputate it at the first joint. The flesh and bone were so badly crushed that the end of the finger hung only by a ligament. The operation necessitated the giving of chloroform to the child. He is doing nicely.
Rockefeller We are sorry to say that Lester Burdick is quite low at the home of his wife at Wauconda.

Miss Flossie Rudolph, of the city, spend Saturday and Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. A. J. King here.

Mrs. L. L. Specht and Mrs. Will Knigge spent Thursday with relatives and friends in the city.

Cement walks are being put in at the chapel and cross walks also in front of J. Knigge's.

Miss Lottie McBride, of Palatine, visited at her home here Saturday and Sunday.
Ivanhoe C. M. Fosket visited with his son Harry at Evanston last Sunday.

Otis Smith who is mail clerk on the the Illinois Central railroad was an Ivanhoe caller Sunday.

The C.E. society will hold a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain Friday evening, May 17. Everyone cordially invited to come.

In the temporary absence of our pastor, Rev. Ziegler, Rev. Depew, of Rockefeller, filled the pulpit here very acceptably last Sunday morning and in the eveing Rev. Miller of Chicago conducted the service.

Several of the Ivanhoe ladies are planning to attend the W.C.T.U. institute at Waukegan Thursday and Friday of this week.

Dorfler Bros. are doing a hustling business in their line this spring.

Feed for stock is getting pretty scarce and prices for the same are soaring in this locality.

From the Lake County Independent ,
17 May 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Wm. Berghorn received the sad news of his father's death, who died at his home Monday of the past week near Barrington.

Miss Mary McArthur, of Waupaca was a guest here at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. Rich last week.

W. Knigge, the barber, and Joe Spohn spent Thursday in the city.

Carl Bock, of River View, visited his parents here Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kublank entertained relatives from the city Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams moved back to the city Monday.

Ira Doolittle left Tuesday for Palmyra, Virginia for an extended visit with his sister, Mrs. Lee Ames.

Tom Russel is entertaining a nephew who arrived from England recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Bushing, of Wauconda, were guests of their parents here Sunday.

Misses Rose and Anna Scholl, of Lake Zurich, called on Miss Mary Litchfield Saturday evening.

Miss Mary McArthur, W. Rich and son Donald enjoyed a car ride to Racine Saturday evening.

Dr. Carson and wife and son, of Chicago, are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. Tyler at present.

Miss Nina Rouse is enjoying several weeks with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Blackly at Lake Forest.

F. Stuckel is erecting a new residence east of town near the electric road.

Dean Ayneslya nd wife spent Sunday at Wauconda visiting the latter's brother, Lester Burdick who is very ill.

O. Rell Bushing visited at his home near Wauconda over Saturday and Sunday.

Mesdames Rich and Vickery attended lodge meeting at Libertyville Saturday evening.
Ivanhoe Corn planting next in order.

Don't forget the maple sugar social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, Friday evening of this week.

Miss Rena Decker who is a nurse in the Evanston hospital visited with her mother here last Monday.

John and James Vanplew visited with their parents here over Sunday.

Mr. Jensen entertained a friend from Chicago Sunday.

We hear of some complaint about poor seed corn. Better test your seed before you plant, it may save you trouble and dollars.

Small grain is coming up better than was expected.

Mr. and Mrs. John Porteous are slowly recovering from a long siege of the grip.

Several parties in this locality will raise sugar beets this year.
Fremont Center Mrs. John Ahart has been entertaining her sister, Mrs. Beckman from Chicago the past two weeks.

Martin Wagner and family spent Sunday with relatives at Round Lake.

Lizzie Ahart spent Sunday at home with her parents.

Frank Fredrick hauled his hogs away one day last week.

John Ahart, Jr., spent Thursday of last week with his sister, Mrs. E. V. Orvis in Waukegan.

John Tekempe, Joe Tekempe and John Lenzen, Jr., and families spent the holiday with relatives at McHenry.

Andrew Horcher and wife, of Long Grove, made a call on relatives and friends here Sunday.

Quite a few from here attended the basket social which was given at Miss Meyers school at Fairfield, May 10. The evening was a fine one which brought a large crowd, the baskets amounting to $58.

While out driving Al Ahart and Ed Titus had the misfortune to upset their buggy Thursday evening but no serious damages resulted.

From the Lake County Independent ,
24 May 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Frey was a guest at the home of her mother in the city recently.

Mrs. Amelia Zimmer, of Manistee, Mich., is visiting with her sister and other relatives here.

Mrs. R. H. Periolat was a city caller last Friday.

Mrs. Rockman and daughter, Crystal, of Chicago, visited a few days with her sister, Mrs. R. H. Periolat.

John and Charlotte Esdohr, of Jefferson Park, visited with relatives here on Sunday.

Herman Hallier, of Chicago, called on his son Charley here on Sunday, who is staying with his grandparents this summer on account of ill health.

Mrs. Hattie Holst is entertaining her sister, Miss Dosey, of Evanston this week.

Henry Westerfield entertained relatives from the city over Sunday.

The Half Day school give [sic] a programme in the Half Day church Thursday May 30 at two o'clock p.m. Addresses will be delivered by Comrades Vail and Goodridge, of Highland Park. Old war songs will be sung by a choir, assisted by E. Mertel, organist and Will F. Mayer, violinist. Let every patriotic citizen of this vicinity be present to give due tribute to the brave men who have laid down their lives for the Union and do honor to those yet living.
Ivanhoe There was a heavy frost in this locality Monday morning of this week.

Mr. Tanner visited with his brother in Milwaukee last Sunday.

Louis Radke returned home last Saturday after a sojourn of several weeks in Chicago.

Mrs. Decker who has been quite ill is reported a little better.

The heavy rain here Monday of last week did considerable damage washing our planted gardens, flooding cellars, basements, etc.

From the Lake County Independent ,
31 May 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. J. Hershberger, of Chicago, spent several days with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Harris, of Wauconda, called on friends here.

The Ladies Aid will meet with Mr. and Mrs. Rob Rouse June 5 on Wednesday.

J. H. Cronkite has sold his feed and lumber business to S. L. Tripp, of Libertyville, who will take possession June 1. Mr. Cronkhite's intentions are to take a trip with his family to Colorado for an extended visit with their daughter, Mrs. F. Shaddle.

Theodore Swan is back on the sick list.

Lovdall King, of Burlington, called on his parents here Sunday.

Clarence Knigge is assisting W. Rich at the depot.

Mrs. F. Shaddle, of Colorado, was a guest at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cronkhite last week also visisted relatives at Evanston and Palatine.
Ivanhoe Mrs. H. D. Wells, Oberlin, Ohio, is here visiting with relatives and friends.

Mrs. Annie Langell, of Evanston, is here taking care of her mother, Mrs. Decker who continues quite ill.

Thomas Boyer transacted business in Chicago Wednesday of last week.

Mr. Jensen recently purchased twelve fine cows of Elisha Proctor. The average price paids was fifty-seven dollars.

Robert Luebbe with a force of men is engaged in making extensive repairs on the old store building here now owned by H. C. W. Meyers.

Owning to the stormy weather and bad roads the attendance at the memorial services last Sunday, was not as large as it would have been. We were disappointed by the absence of Rev. Moshier, of Diamond Lake. Rev. Ziegler of this place and Rev. Depew of Rockefeller gave us excellent addresses. The singing was appropriate and good while the decorations were exceptionally fine.
Diamond Lake Obituary

John W. Whitney was born March 24, 1848 at Diamond Lake and died Tuesday May 21, at the age of 59 years.

When at the age of 15 he served in the army for nine months. In 1876 we was united in marriage to Elizabeth Bilson.

He has suffered with stomach trouble for the past ten years but has not been confined to his bed until the last nine weeks, failing very rapidly.

He leaves to mourn his loss a wife and nine children: George, Arthur, John, Walter, Marv, Carrie and Mable who are living at home, Charles H. of Diamond Lake and Mrs. Anna Drury of Libertyville.

The sermon consisted largely of promises for comfort of the bereaved. Rev. J. B. MacGuffin officiated. Interment at Diamond Lake cemetery.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors who so kindly helped us in our time of sorrow. Especially do we thank the soldiers and those who furnished flowers.
Mrs. John Whitney and family.

From the Lake County Independent ,
7 June 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Eddie Horen spent the last of the week with his grandparents at Rondout.

Miss Annie Knigge visited a few days with her sister, Mrs. Will Feddler at Lake Zurich.

Frank Cronkhite, of Pittsburg, Ohio, arrived here Monday evening for an extended visit with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross have for their guest Mr. Ross's sister from the city this week.

Joel King and wife, of Wausaw, Wis., spent a few days of the past week at the home of the former's parents.

Miss Bertha Holtze, of Prairie View, visited Miss Zelda Bock Sunday.

Mrs. Will Knigge and Mrs. Dean Anynsley were called to Wauconda Monday, their brother Lester Burdick being very low.
Ivanhoe C. M. Fosket entertained his father and niece, Mrs. Bennett, of Palatine, a few days last week.

Mrs. Charles Parker, of Volo, is here with her mother, Mrs. Decker this week.

J. R. Tanner closed his school here last week. We congratulate our school board on having engaged Mr. Tanner to teach here the ensuing year.

Miss Ada Kuebker has accepted a fine position as stenographer with a Chicago business firm.

Several farmers in this locality are replanting thier corn, the first planting having rotted during the cold wet weather of last week.

Andrew Decker is now working for the Lake county Telephone Co.

We regret to report the resignation of Rev. Zeigler as pastor of the Ivanhoe church to take effect June 17. He has accepted a call from the Park Ridge Congregational church.
Fort Hill Miss Emma Huson was a Wauconda visitor Friday afternoon.

Miss Sarah Fox, of Round Lake, was calling on friends in this vicinity Saturday.

George Standord attended the auto races at Libertyville Decoration Day.

Russel and Bessie Meade, of Grayslake, spent a few days at M. B. Huson's last week.

C. L. Thomson and family Sundayed with relatives at Grayslake.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lutz and little Dorothy, of Chicago, spent Sunday with A. B. Combs and mother.

Arthur Stanford, of Chicago, was a recent visitor at Cloverdale farm.

From the Lake County Independent ,
14 June 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller School was closed Thursday of last week and picnic postponed on account of the inclement weather.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. King celebrated their wedding anniversary at their home here last Friday. A large number of relatives and friends were present; among those from a distant [sic] were Mr. and Mrs. Joel King and brother Otto from Wisconsin.

Miss Kemper from the city was a guest of Harold Kramer and his parents Sunday.

Lester Burdick formerly of this village died at Wauconda after a lingering illness leaving a wife at that place and parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Burdick and two sisters, Mrs. Will Knigge and Mrs. Dean Aynsley here and a brother Fred in a western state to mourn his departure. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to all. Interment was at Wauconda cemetery Saturday of last week.

Ira Doolittle has returned from Palmyra, Virginia.

Miss Flossie Rudolph returned to the city Sunday after a few days visit with her aunt, Mrs. A. J. King.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Rich and son Donald will soon leave for this season vacation.

Lyle Lill Groner

After an illness of only six days Lyle Lill the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Lill Groener died at his home at Leithton, aged 4 years, 11 months and 15 days. From the first symptoms of illness the disease rapidly developed into a severe and fatal attack of appendicitis and though everything was done known to medical skill and possible loving care the little fellow passed away. Lyle was a bright boy the joy of a mother's heart, the pride of a father's life and an idol who had easily pushed its way into the love of his grandparents. The large gathering of friends at the funeral showed how much loved he was by all who knew him. Beautiful and many were the floral pieces that covered the beautiful casket. The funeral was held in the Diamond Lake church, Monday June 10 at 2 p.m. Interment at the Diamond Lake cemetery.
Ivanhoe Miss Rena Decker is visiting with her mother here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Christenson, of Libertyville, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jensen over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Smith are spending a few days with the former's parents at this place.

At the morning service last Sunday a vote of thanks was tendered by the congregation to contractor Adam Titus for the gift of a fine pump to be used in the parsonage well.

Harry Fosket will travel during the summer as advance agent for the Chautaqua Prohibition society.

From the Lake County Independent ,
21 June 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Warren entertained her neice from North Chicago several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Rich and son, Donald left Wednesday evening for Montana, where they will enjoy the summer.

Frank Cronkhite left Saturday for Ohio, after several weeks visit with ihs parents and sister here.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Bushing and sons, O. Rell and R. Dell spent Sunday with parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Taft and son, of Chicago, will occupy the Rich home during their absence.

Mrs. Hersberger is spending several weeks with relatives here.

Rae Alvoid, of Chicago, spent Sunday with his parents here.

B. Broadhead and family are now ready to accomodate all patrons of the Central both hotel and livery.

Mrs. F. Shaddle having been a guest at the home of her parents here for several weeks returned to her home in Colorado.
Ivanhoe Wedding bells in the near future.

Fletcher Clark of the Lake county Telephone Co., with a force of men are working in and near this place this week.

Mrs. E. A. Dean starts this week for Vermont for an extended visit with relatives and friends.

Miss Ida Heidorn, of Chicago, was the guest of Henry Grabbe's family over Sunday.

Miss Pearl Smith closed her school at Gilmer Saturday of last week.

From the Lake County Independent ,
28 June 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. Lintleman and family are out from the city for the summer season.

Miss Cora Nicoly, of Leighton, has been a guest of her aunt, Mrs. L. Roder the past week.

Mr. Cook, the depot agent and family had their household goods moved here last week from Fort Atkinson, taking up their abode in one of the Holcomb residences.

W. Knigge and sisters, Misses Emma and Clara, took a ride to Ravinia Park Sunday evening.

Rae Alvoid is at home after several months stay in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Blackley and children, who have been entertained at the Aynesly home for several weeks returned home Monday.

Harold Kramer spent Saturday in the city visiting relatives.

A number from here attended the Lyon Bros.' show at Libertyville Monday evening.

From the Lake County Independent ,
5 July 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Sadie Burdick left last week for Kansas City, to spend several weeks with relatives.

Lee Warren, of Waukegan, spent Tuesday with his wife and father here.

Rae Alvoid is employed at the Cameron livery barns.

Lightning struck the residence of Harry Rouse during the severe storm Tuesday afternoon but fortunately no damege was done.

Carl Bock, of River View, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Knigge here Thursday.
Ivanhoe Frank Doefler had the misfortune to lose a valuable horse last week.

Mrs. Willard Beach visited with her son Fred in Chicago last Saturday.

Miss Lillian Payne started for Seattle, Washington, Monday of this week for an extended visit.

Dean Wells, a student at Oberlin, Ohio, is spending his vacation in this place.

Born, June 25, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ransom, a daughter.

Miss Emma Radke entertained her nephews David, Earl and Stanley Radke, of Chicago, over the Fourth.

Mrs. Mary Musser, of Chicago, is visiting here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doefler.

The choir will meet with Mr. and Mrs. Dolph, Saturday evening of this week. A full attendance is requestsed as there is special business to transact.

From the Lake County Independent ,
12 July 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Otto King, of Kenosha, called on his parents here Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanborn visited with their daughter, Mrs. Simpson, at Russell.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren entertained their niece, of North Chicago, last Wednesday. Mrs. Warren accompanied her home Thursday.

Harold Kramer entertained Miss Kemport, of Chicago, at his home Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Ross of the city enjoyed Thursday with their parents here.

J. Spohn entertained a lady friend, Miss Clara Clute, of Watertown, Wisl, Thursday.

Mr. Sharman returned to his work in Texas Sunday, after a week's visit here with his wife and daughter.

J. Bees, J. Petters and sons, Herman and harry, of the city, visited Frank Bock and family Thursday.

Ed Hornen received the sad news of his uncle's death at Rondout.

Gertrude Hapke is visiting her grandmother and uncle at Wauconda, her brother Clarence returned Saturday after a week's stay.

Lewis Knigge and wife, of Libertyville, W. Bushing and wife of Wauconda and Miss Emma Knigge from the city spent Thursday with parents here.

Our village and neighboring towns were well represented at the Libertyville track the Fourth.
Ivanhoe A heavy rain fell in this locality last Friday which was much needed for crops.

Haying next in order with prospects of a heavy crop.

Mr. and Mrs. Fosket entertained their nephew and neice, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, of Palatine, over Sunday.

There was a good attendance at the picnic on the Fourth held in the beautiful grove on Mrs. Dean's farm. The tables literally graonded with good things to eat and we noticed some people groaning after rising from said table. There was a good ball game in the afternoon and a social time enjoyed by all present.

John Newton, a former resident and teacher, of the school at this place now living at Belvidere, Ill., is visiting with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Hendee, of Hainesville, were Ivanhoe callers Sunday.

Rev. Lucian Osgood, a former resident of this place, now having a pastorate at Lake Mills, Wis., will preach here next Sunday, July 14 and also the following Sunday. Come out and hear him.
Coudrey-Smith At two o'clock on Wednesday, July 3, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Smith, of Ivanhoe, occurred the marriage of their eldest daughter Pearl, to Henry R. Coudrey of Rockefeller. It was a very quiet wedding, only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties being present

The "Bridal Chorus" from Lohengrin was played by Mrs. G. E. Hawkins, of Libertyville, and as its familiar strains sounded, the briday party took their places beneath a white wedding bell which hung from an arch of white and green. The ring ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. H. Ziegler, of Park Ridge. The young people were attended by Miss Lola Smith, sister of the bride, and Mr. Riley Proctor, a nephew of the groom.

The bride was becomingly attired in white silk carrying a bouquet of bride roses, while her traveling dress was a beautiful shade of blue. The bridesmaid was gowned in white, carrying pink carnations.

The home was beautifully decorated, the entire color scheme being white and green.

After the congratulations and examination of the presents whiche were varied and beautiful, a dainty lunch was served on the lawn. The bridal couple left amid a shower of rice and old shoes to take the evening train from Grayslake for an extended trip through the northwest. Congratulations are extended.

From the Lake County Independent ,
19 July 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Grandma Brockman, of Prairie View, called on relatives here Tuesday.

The Sunday school class returned home from Griswold Lake, Saturday after enjoying a week's camping.

Clarence Knigge spent Monday at Burlington and Fon du Lac, Wis.

Lovdall King, of Burlington, visited at his home here Sunday.

Miss Margrite Alvoid was a guest in the city last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cronkhite and Miss Anna left Tuesday for Colorado their future home.

A farewell party was given in honor of J. Cronkhite and family in Will Knigge's vacant building Monday evening.

Postals of Mr. and Mrs. W. Rich were received here by friends and were pleased to hear of them being well and enjoying this season in Hope, Idaho.
Ivanhoe Heavy rains continue to fall and some of our farmers are wondering when they are going to cultivate their corn.

Daniel Radke, of Chicago, visited his brothers and sisters here last week.

Otis Smith has resigned his position as mail clerk on the railroad and is now employed in teh Geo. R. Lyon's store in Waukegan.

Mrs. Michael Wirtz returned recently from an extended visit with friends in Indiana.

Mrs. Gertie Putnam who has been visiting with relatives here returned to her home in Chicago this week. Her niece, Miss Emma Chamberlain accompanied her and will spend a few days visiting in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are entertaining a young lady friend, recently from Denmark.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beach, of Indiana, are spending a few days with the former's parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith, of Waukegan, were Ivanhoe visitors last Sunday.

The sugar beets being raised in this vicinity are looking fine, with prospects of a large crop.

There will be a "hard times" social at the home of the Mr. and Mrs. John Duddle, Friday evening of this week. Everyone cordially invited to come and wear your old clothes, or you will be liable to a fine.

From the Lake County Independent ,
26 July 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ross spent Saturday and Sunday with parents and other relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warren entertained relatives the later part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Roder visited parents here recently.

Mrs. Louis Litchfield and children visited at the Bock home Wednesday.

W. Knigge, the barber, has put in choice candies also with his stock of cigars and notions.
Ivanhoe We are sorry to report the serious illness of Miss Avis Payne.

Judson Ames is also reported ill with appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coudrey arrived home on Saturday after an extended bridal tour.

Lucian Osgood and his mother, old time residents of Ivanhoe are visiting here. Mr. Osgood who is now a minister at Lake Mills, Wis., filled the pulpit here for the two Sundays of his stay very acceptably.

Edward E. Blake, editor of the Home Defender, will occupy both services here on Sunday, July 28. Mr. Blake is a speaker of much note and a large audience is hoped for.

Mr. Tanner, of Chicago, is visiting at the Radke home.

A very entertaining lawn social was held last Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Duddles. A large company assembled and spent the eveing very agreeably on the beautiful moon-lit lawn where an extra fine "hard times" supper was served.

Mr. Ziegler and family left on Tuesday last for their new home at Park Ridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gullidge, of Grayslake, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Payne.
Fort Hill Mrs. Bert Paddock was a Waukegan visitor on Saturday last.

Miss Emma Huson is spending a few weeks with her aunt at Long Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Thomson entertained friends from Elgin over Sunday.

Mrs. Frieda Lawton, of Chicago, spent a week with Mrs. Geo. Huson.

Geo. Stanford returned from a week's trip in McHenry county.

Mr. and Mrs. John Globis, of Chicago, are spending a week at Mrs. Mabel Benwell's.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Paddock entertained a niece from Elgin the past week.

C. B. Combs, of Chicago, spent a week with his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lenzen are entertaining company.

From the Lake County Independent ,
2 August 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wells returned home after a week's visit with relatives in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McBride, Miss Ethel And Master Harry spent Sunday with relatives in the city.

Misses Eva Rouse and Anna Gadke visited with relatives at Desplaines Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sennect are visiting several weeks at the home of their son at Barrington.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Bueshing called on their parents here Saturday.
Ivanhoe H. W. Beach made his parents a short visit on Saturday.

It is expected that Rev. Wm. Biddble, former pastor of Ivanhoe now of Chicago will occupy the pulpit on Sunday Aug. 4, also Aug. 11.

Robert Coudrey and wife are visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Many "buzz wagons" are passing through this place these days.

Mrs. Jennie Brown has returned to her home in Waukegan after a pleasant visit here.

Mr. Ames who has been very sick with appendicitis is able to be up at present writing.

Mrs. C. M. Fosket is entertaining her two nieces from Chicago.

Mr. Boyer's daughter, Mrs. Jamison returned to her home in Cleveland, Ohio, last week after an extended visit here.
Fort Hill C. L. Thomson and family spent Sunday with relatives in Waukegan.

Miss Cora Cooper, of White Pigeon, Mich., Miss Martha and Emma Dermotte, Mrs. C. B. Combs, of Chicago, were guests of Mrs. C. E. Coombs the past week.

Mrs. C. L. Thomson visited with her sister, Mrs. Howard, of Grant, first of the week.

Bert Paddock is selling a fine lot of agricultural implements to the neighboring farmers. In the near future Bert will locate his business at Round Lake. His many friends wish him success.
Fremont Center Miss Mary Wagner returned to her home last Sunday from the McAlister hospital where she had an operation performed for appendicitis.

Miss Rosa and Henry Hertel spent Sunday with their mother at the McAlister hospital in Waukegan.

Geo. F. Wagner is reported on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ahart spent Sunday with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Orvis.

Jake Wortz and sister Agner, of Chicago, spent Tuesday with John Wagner.

Miss Lena Peteske, of Libertyville, is spending a few days with Miss Katie Obenauf.

The farmers are busy cutting their barley.

Misses Theresia Wagner and Lucy Stahl spent Tuesday with friends at Grayslake.

Misses Martha and Rosa Fredrick are entertaining company from the city.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner visited at Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fredrick's last Sunday.

From the Lake County Independent ,
9 August 1907
100 Years Ago
Ivanhoe Fine weather for harvesting.

Mrs. Thomas Ranyard, of Chicago, and Miss Beatrice Bennett, of Barrington, were guests of the Fosket homes over Sunday.

Miss Helen Beckwith departed last Tuesday for Black Mountain, Kentucky, where she has accepted a position as teacher.

Hans Peterson, who was ill with appendicitis was taken on Friday last to a Chicago hospital for an operation.

Mrs. H. D. Wells, of Oberlin, Ohio, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Averill.

Homer Hendee, of Antioch, was a guest of A. E. Ransom and family over Sunday.

Miss Alice Smith, of Waukegan, is a guest of Mr. Grabbe's family.

Mr. Tanner returned to his home in Chicago after a two week's vacation with friends in this place.

There was a large attendance at church on Sunday to listen to our old-time pastor, Mr. Dibble. Quite a number of our former members were present, among whom were: Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Woolridge, of Libertyville.

Our enterprising school board hasve made preparations and the work ahs begun for a fine cement sidewalk around the school lot. Carl Dorfler will extend the walk past his premises. This is a move in the right direction and we hope others will follow suit.
Diamond Lake Loeronzo Pope visited with William Rouse Sunday.

Mr. Kock's new house will soon be finished.

Mrs. Turpentin and daughter Alice visited her brother, Wm. Rouse Saturday.

Mrs. George Mitchell who has been on the sick list is again able to be around.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thatcher and children visited with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lemker Sunday.

The ladies of the Diamond Lake cemetery association will give a Harvest Home social at the home of Harry Rouse, Thursday evening, August 15. Ice cream and cake 15c. Free bus will meet the 7:30 and 8:30 cars. All are cordiallyl invited to help a good cause.

Lloyd Ray left Monday afternoon for a trip to Mackinaw Straits by sail boat with some of his schoolmates from Highland Park.

One of the largest fish every [sic] taken out of the lake with a hook and line was caught Monday noon by Jim Lennihan who is staying at the Bartlett house. The fish was a monster pickerel measuring 3 ft and 3 inches long and weighing 15 1/4 lbs. The fish with it's owner was photographed a number of times during the afternoon. The pictures will be mounted on postals and used as an advertisement on the lake.
Fort Hill S. A. Davis and Ralph were in Chicago Monday on business.

O. A. Howard and family, of Grant, spent Sunday at C. L. Thomson's.

Charley Wait is entertaining a friend from the city.

George David and Mr. Brooks, of Chicago, spent a part of the past week at S. A. Davis's.

Dr. Spurling, of McHenry, made a professional call in this vicinity Tuesday.

Miss Glenn HAggert, of Joliet, will visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Bert Paddock this month.

The Fort Hill base ball players will give an ice cream social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert paddock, Friday evening, August 9. Proceeds of social will be used for buying suits for the players. Come out and spend a pleasant evening and help the boys.

From the Lake County Independent ,
16 August 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Broadhead are entertaining relatives from the city.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Ross returned to the city after several weeks stay here with parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wells entertained a relative from the city the past week.

Miss Clara Knigge enjoyed a week's visit in the city with her sister Emma and attended at clerks and cashiers picnic at Rock Run Park, Joliet.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanborn are having a little granddaughter from Russel for a guest at present.

Mrs. F. Knigge has been enjoying the visit of an aged aunt, Mrs. Brockman the past week.

Mrs. W. Bushing and children spent several days with parents here returning to their home Monday.
Ivanhoe A heavy shower of rain fell in this locality last Sunday which was much needed.

John Irving, of Rockefeller, with a force of men is making rapid progress with our new cement sidewalk.

Miss Bates and Mrs. Turnbull, or Wauconda, were visitors at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. H. C. Payne one day last week.

We are pleased to report that Miss Avis Payne has nearly recovered from her illness.

Miss Anna Ranyard, of Chicago, who has been visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Fosket of this place was severely poisoned with poison oak last week while walking in the woods near here.

Threshing of rye and barley has begun in this locality and fair yields of the grain are reported.

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Smith visited a few days last week at Lake Koshkonong, Wis.

Don't fail to attend the Fremont Sunday school convention at Diamond Lake next Sunday, Aug. 18.
West Fremont Geo. Tekampe and Wm. Alcofer were Waukegan visitors Sunday.

Bernie Ullrich and Fred Thomas visited at Arlington Heights Sunday.

Miss Rose Frederick has been visiting friends in Kankakee, Ill.

Mrs. Mary Tekampe and daughter, Tillie and Carrie visitied relatives in Waukegan Sunday.

John Dobner and Mary Dietz were seen on our streets Sunday.

Harry Geary, our Grayslake mail carrier, has got a fine new cushion-tire run-about.

Better get a padlock and put on the barn door, as we have heard of horses stole near here. It is too late after the horse is stolen.

Billie Ullirch visited at Anthony Mathers Sunday.
Diamond Lake Miss Cora Hodgkins has returned from Naperville where she has been attending camp meeting.

Mr. Vet's people from Loda are visiting at Geo. Mitchell's.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lill, Sr., have gone to Kansas for a month's visit with her mother, Mrs. Hall.

Miss Mattie Hodgkins starts Friday for Iowa on a visit.

Miss Berry, of Iowa, visitied Mrs. Einsmann the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Witt, of Quentin's Corners, spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Towner.

Miss Clara Smith has been on the sick list.

Miss Ida Kruckman visited at Low Litchfield and took in Waukegan Day.

Charles Snearing and sister, from Springfield, are visiting at their uncle's, Mr. Barabaras.

Mrs. Jessie R. Lill and daughter, Ethel, of Chicago, are out here for a two week's stay with the former's brother, Wm. Rouse

Morton Johnson and Edward G. Schaffer, of Chicago, spent last Sunday with Miss Towner.
Fort Hill Miss Louise Huson is visiting in McHenry county.

Miss Carrie Burnett and Frank Krist, of Waukegan, visited the former's aunt, Mrs. C. E. Coombs Sunday afternoon.

The ice cream social held at the home of Bert Paddock was a success. $18 was realized from the sale of good things to eat. The music both vocal and insturmental by Miss Glenn Haggert, of Joliet and Amann's orchestra, of Round Lake, was highly appreciated by the large company present. The Climbers defeated the Voloites again last Sunday.
Fremont Center Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hertel and family spent last Sunday at Lincoln park in Chicago which they all enjoyed very much.

Adam Dryer from Michigaqn is visiting with his sister, Mrs. John Ahart.

Philip Brehm and sister, Cora, of Buffalo Grove, spend Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner at Round Lake.

Miss Louisa Lorman, of Chicago, spent the past week with Mrs. Al Wagner.

Miss Lizzie Ahart spent a couple of days with her parents and brothers last week.

Albert Stahl called on friends Sunday.

Mrs. Mike Wagner made a trip to Libertyville Monday.

Johnnie Ahart, Miss Doolittle, Earl Thomson and MiIss Brown took a pleasure trip to Chicago on the boat from Waukegan last Sunday.

John Murra has found his horse which was stolen from his barn yard about three weeks ago. It was tied to a fence near Wauconda.

Ed Wagner and Miss Behm visited his sister, Mrs. Nick Galster last Sunday at Long Grove.

Andrew Wagner from Waukegan called on his son Mike Sunday.

John Hertel visited with his wife in the McAlister hospital last Wednesday.

From the Lake County Independent ,
23 August 1907
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Little Robert Aynsley has been sick the past week at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Aynsley.

Irving Payne spent Saturday in the city.

Mrs. Christ Hapke entertained a neice from Iowa one day last week.

Miss Velda Knigge, of DesPlaines, is visiting here at her grandparents this week.

The chapel is being repaired.

Miss Zelda Beck spent a few days of last week at the home of her aunt at Rondout.

Ed Knigge and family, of DesPlaines, George and family, of Diamond Lake, Lewis and wife, of Libertyville, Will Bushing and family, of Gilmer, were guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge here Sunday.

Lovdall King, of Burlington, spent Sunday with parents here.

Mr. Seip, of Lake Zurich, was seen on our streets Saturday afternoon.

Rae Alvoid, of Chicago, spent Sunday at home here.

Mrs. Sanborn is entertaining her granddaughter, Miss Simmons, of Russel, this week.
Ivanhoe Pleanty of rain and warm weather is making the corn boom.

Hans Peterson is better, but is still at the hospital in chicago, and will be for a week or two.

The Misses Kuebker are enjoying a vacation at their uncle's home at Lake Zurich.

Miss Rosa Simpson visited with her sister, Mrs. Crampton in Chicago last week.

Mrs. H. D. Wells is visiting with friends in Race.

The Misses Brown, of Waukegan, are the guests of the F. M. Smith family this week.

What might have been a fatal casualty was averted by the courage and daring of E. M. Averill of this place last Saturday. As he was going to Rockefeller he met Mr. Boyer's team which had broken away at Rockefeller, and were running at a furious rate, with two children alone in the wagon. Lyle was equal to the occasion, and at the risk of his own life sprang at the heads of the horses and succeeded in grasping one of them by the bit. After being dragged about ten rods turned them into a hedge fence where they stopped. The children escaped with slight bruises. Mr. Averill deserves great praise for his brave deed.
Diamond Lake The social held at the home of Harry Rouse Friday evening was a success in every way, $50 being realized. The ladies of the Diamond cemetery association wish to thank all who assist them. A small bill was found at the social. The owner may have same by calling at the home of Harry Rouse and identifying it.

The families of Harry and John Rouse are camping at Slocum's Lake.

John Schneider is quite sick with an attack of appendicitis.
West Fremont Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Orvis, of Waukegan, visited with John Erhart Sunday.

Miss Mary Fredericks, of Chicago, is spending a few days with her parents here.

The threshing season has begun.

Fred Nordmeyer, of Barrington, visited his brothers rank and Charley of this place Sunday.

Miss Maude Edwards, of Rollins, will be married to H. C. Coleson in that place. Miss Maude is well known here having taught the Gould school for two terms. Contratulations are extended.

Is is said that Mrs. Lou Shie, of Battle Creek, Mich., formerly Miss Edith Thomas, of this place, is to have an operation for cancer of the stomach. Mrs. Shie is well known here and a quick recovery is hoped for by her many friends.

Misses Lena and Tracy Dietz, Helen and Carrie Tekampe and May Rummel visited at Frank Ullrich's Sunday afternoon.

There will be a dance held in Amanns' hall at Round Lake Wednesday night, Aug. 28, for the benefit of St. Mary's Catholic church of Fremont. Please come and bring your girl, if you haven't any bring someone else's.
Fort Hill A. B. Combs was in McHenry Monday.

Forrest Thomson is entertaining a cousin from Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Resse have gone to Texas.

Miss Jessie Hamilton, of Chicago, is spending a few days with Adeline Wait.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Wait, of Waukegan, visited relatives in this vicinity recently.

Mr. Waite has just returned from West Baden, Mich., where he has been taking treatment for rheumatism. His many friends will be glad to know that he has received great benefit from the mud baths.

An interesting ball game was played Sunday on the Paddock grounds between the Fort Hill Climbers and Will Amann's West Fremont team, the latter was defeated by a score of three to two.