Local News - 1905

Note: There was no issue dated 6 January 1905 on our microfilm
From the Lake County Independent ,
13 January 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Rev. Depew is having relatives as guests at present.

The primary room of our school has been closed a few days owning to Miss Lester being sick.

Miss Lillian Aynsley enjoyed the visit from Mrs. Turner of Galesburg, nee Miss Beck, over Sunday.

LaGripp has bee making New Year's calls. Among those who received were:
Mr. F. Holcomb and family; F. Thomas, Miss Cora and Blain Lovdall, Horace King, Harry Kramer, Mrs. Wm. Knigge and grandson Roy, B. Broadhead and Miss AGnes, Ed. Payne, Mrs. I. E. Payne and Miss Lester.
Diamond Lake The thermometer registered 10 below zero Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Turner, formally Miss Kate Beck, of Waterloo, Iowa, spent a few days of the past week with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Einsman.

H. P. Bartlett began cutting ice last Saturday preparatory to filling the several ice houses around the lake and the creameries in adjacent towns.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Perrine, of Waukegan, to Mr. Verne Ray. Mr. Ray is the son of Frank Ray and fomerly of this place.

A farewell party to Henry Ost was held at H.P. Bartlett's WEdnesday evening,. A large gathering of old friends resulted in a very enjoyagble time toppped off by a most delicious lunch.

Chas. Bilinski and sons have built an addition to their large ice house and are filling it with fine clear ice. They were inable to fill their orders for ice fron Libertyville last summer but expect to have enough for all the coming seasons.

Charles J. Tattle and family left Thursday of last week for Tacoma, Washington, via California. They expect to make their hoem in Tacoma for the coming year. John Bartless and Herman Albright will carry on the hotel business during their absence.

Ivanhoe A. E. Smith, of Antioch, is spending the winter with his family here.

Mrs. James Boyer is entertaining her father, Mr. Weaver, who lived near Centralia , Ill.

Mrs. M. L. Earle a former resident of this place but late years of Waukegan was brought her for burial last Thursday.

Mrs. Munsen who has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delos Ames, returned to her home at Brazil, Indiana, last week.

Last Sunday the Ivanhoe church by a unanimous vote extended a call to Rev. Ziegler, of Chicago, to fill this pulpit for the ensuing year. Mr. Ziegler comes well recommended and should receive the hearty support of the entire community.

We hear considerable complaint about the stove used in our school room. It seems to us it was about time our honorable board of directors either purchased a new stove or else have the old one repaired so that it will fulfill the purpose for which it was intended, namely warming the house, for it certainly is not conducive to health, comfort or study to sit a cold room all day. Perhaps if the storm windows were put up instead of standing in the entry it would hlep a little too.

Note: There was no issue dated 20 January 1905 on our microfilm
From the Lake County Independent ,
27 January 1905
100 Years Ago
Front Page Mistake In Medicines Fatal
Aged Lady Drinks Wrong Potion and Death Follows

Mrs. Minnie Glass, an aged lady who lives with the Chamberlain family at Ivanhoe died Thursday night of last week as the result of taking by mistake a powder she should have used as an inhalant.

About 9 o'clock in the eveing Mrs. Glass called to Mrs. Chamberlain from her room and told her she had taken the wrong medicine and feared she would die. A physician was summoned and pending his arrival such remedies given as Mrs. Chamberlain had knowledge of, but to no avail. Mrs. Glass relapsed into unconsciousness and passed away. She was about 75 years of age.

For a long time Mrs. Glass had suffered with asthma and found relief from a powder she was accustomed to burn and inhale rising fumes from. It was this powder she took instead of a harmless one she mistook for it.
Front Page Heavy Pole Kills Man
Foreman for Electric

Electric Company Foreman Killed

Henry Conlon, foreman in charge of unloading from flat cars the large poles used by the electric road company to support the trolley wire, was crushed under a falling stake which supported the poles, Friday last and instantly killed. The accident occured at Rockefeller.

Conlon was carried to a nearby residence and Coroner Taylor summoned to hold an inquest.

Testimony revealed that Conlon had his man remove all but two of the stakes from side of the car of poles and was himself about to chop one of these away intending that the heavy poles should fall to the ground. The stake broke just as he approached the car, striking him fairly on the head and crushing his skull. Death was instantaneous.

To Mrs. Thorn, who so kindly cared for the remains President Frost of the electric company sent a beautiful set of silver knives, forks and spoons.

The company engaged an undertaker from the east to come and take Conlon's remains to his home, and also sent along one of their men with the body.
New Saloon Keeper Heads Movement and Receives Considerable Support To Extend the Limits

A movement is on foot in Rockefeller instigated by the proprietor of the saloon recently opened there and Mr. W. H. Knigge to incorporate the village.

There is opposition among those who view it simply as a means to keep a saloon there, as the place now operates without a licese and may be closed at any time.

Another faction argues that eventually the saloon will take out a county license and that being the case believe it best to incorporate and then instead of $500 a year going into the county's coffers it would be paid to the village and furnish available funds for improvements.

Over Diamond Lake way are a number of this mind and the proposition is to extend the limits to Diamond Lake corners, thus enabling the agitators to secure sufficient signers. Attorney Weiss of Waukegan represents the contingent seeking to incorporate.
Rockefeller Mrs. J. H. Cronkhite and Mrs. W. Rich made a pleasant visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth Wilcox near Diamond Lake one day of the past week.

Harry Kramer goes to the city every Saturday where he takes part in an orchestra.

Miss Flossie Rudolph, of Chicago, was a guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. J. King recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smith, of Diamond Lake with Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith of this village went to Waukegan to attend the funeral of Mr. D. Clingman. His wife is very low.

Mrs. Frank Knigge had a narrow escape one day last week which might have resulted in a serious runaway while on her way from her home near Wauconda to town. Just at the outskirts of the village some parts of the harness unfastened at which the horses became unmanageable, ran into town, turning into Mr. Reese's dooryard where they were brought to a stop. Mrs. Knigge in trying to escape danger had leaped into the snow receiving slight injuries.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knigge called on the latter's mother, Mrs. Kramer Monday, who has been under the doctor's care with a severe attack to heart trouble.

Mrs. Swan was called to Libertyville last week to care for her son Bert who has diptherea.

School Notes

The attendance this week was very good.

A number of ninth grade pupils are preparing to take up Latin.

There are still a number of library books missing. It is to the interest of the school to have these books returned.
Ivanhoe We missed the INDEPENDENT last week and it seemed like losing an old friend.

H. C. Payne filled his ice house last week with fine clear ice from Diamond Lake.

Amos Vasey is on the sick list and has gone home for a few days. George Hawkins is taking his place in the factory.

Mr. Fosket who had avery severe attack of the grippe is not recovering as rapidly as his friends would wish.

The solo given by Miss Edith Beckwith at our last Sunday evening service was very good. As a soloist, Miss Beckwith ranks high.

Died, last Friday the 20th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Henry Glass, where she was spending the winter. The funeral was held Sunday, Rev. Depew of Rockefeller officiating. Interment being at Ivanhoe Cemetery. Mrs. Glass was about 72 years of age.

From the Lake County Independent ,
3 February 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. B. Broadhead and family had relatives from the city for guests the last of the week.

Please leave your laundry earlier at the barber shop, to prevent extra sending as it is called for by Bond's Laundry Co. every Thursday morning.

Mrs. L. Roder is at present entertaining her mother, Mrs. G. Nicholi.

Mr. R. Wilcox is helpless with a severe attack of rheumatism.

Miss Mable Rudolph spend Sunday with her parents at River View.

Miss Mary Litchfield, of Libertyville, who is the guest of her parents here has been sick.

We are pleased to hear of Bert Swan's speedy recovery from his recent illness.
Ivanhoe We have an number of frozen cellars in town.

A piano tuner from Chicago was in town last week.

Orvill Smith, who is secretary of a milk bottling factory in Waukegan has been home for a few days.

Houses and land seem to be in good demand in this place. We hear there are two or three applications for the Henry Glass place.
Fremont Center Mr. and Mrs. John Ahart entertained relatives from Waukegan last Sunday.

Mike Traut and his sister Nell of Chicago spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Henry Wagner of Volo spent last Saturday with his daughter, Mrs. Albert Behm here.
Fort Hill Mrs. Jason Converse is on the sick list.

Forest Thompson is ill with scarlet fever.

C. L. Thompson has filled his ice house.

From the Lake County Independent ,
10 February 1905
100 Years Ago
Temperance Element Scored First Victory in Court : Saloon Men Persistent

There is a bitter local war on in the communities of Rockefeller and Diamond Lake, caused primarily by the opening of a saloon in Rockefeller. As we noted in the INDEPENDENT some weeks ago a man named Clute from Chicago had opened a saloon there and was selling liquor without a license. When talk of prosecuting him was heard Clute and his friends started a movement to incorporate the village. That sufficient signers might be secured the village limts were planned so as to take in Diamond Lake, and then it was the people of that community objected.

Thirty names constituted the right percentage and finally the saloon faction obtained thirty-one. They went before Judge Jones, but before proceedings could be started the temperance people induced four signers to address a communication to the Judge requesting that their names be withdrawn from the petition. Then a second petition appeared and again thirty-one signers were secured. As before the temperance element induced four men to withdraw their signatures. Besides there was some irregularity in drawing up the petition and again Judge Jones threw the matter out of court.

Wednesday the saloon men started out with a third petition and a determination to guard against all irregularities and the possibility of any signers later withdrawing.

Nor have the anti-saloon people been idel all this time. They presented to Judge Jones a communication praying that he refuse to allow the matter of incorporation to be voted upon, and citing their reasons therefor. To this petition were appended the names of thirty Diamond Lake property owners and twenty-three from Rockefeller.

Have Bartender Arrested

Justice Ed. Payne swore out a warrant for Olrich, Clute's bartender, charging him with selling liquor without a license. The case was tried before Justice VanDeusen in Waukegan, sufficient evidence being introduced to hold Olrich to the grand jury in bonds of $200. This has not had the effect of closing the saloon however, which is running wide open.

As to the ultimate outcome the saloon faction feel confident while one of the opposing faction said to an INDEPENDENT man Wednesday: "Well, if it ever does come to vote, I fear we are beaten, as in the manner in which they have arranged the corporation limits, they will get a majority who will support them. We will do all we can to defeat them in court."
Rockefeller Mrs. Anynsley has been seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Dresen are slowly recovering from an attack of the grippe.

Mrs. Lester Burdick of Wauconda was a guest of her parents and relatives here last week.

Arthur Hapke with his grandparent, Mrs. Hapke had a two weeks recreation in the city.

H. Schroeder attended the funeral of his father in Chicago Sunday, who died at the age of ninety-one.

Herman Kublank spent a few days of last week visiting relatives at Algonquin and neighboring towns.

We are pleased to learn that Mrs. D. Clingman of Waukegan, sister of Mrs. R. Smith who has been very low is again on the gain.
Ivanhoe The ground hog saw his shadow all right last Thursday; have you still one-half of your fuel and feed left?

Mrs. W. Beach and Miss Avis Payne attended the wedding of Fred M. Beach at Lottaville, Ind. on Tuesday of last week.

We hear that Miss Emma Radke will move into her house here this spring and her brother Lewis, of Chicago, will live with her.

At 8 o'clock Tuesday evening, Jan. 31, occurred the marriage of Mr. Fred M. Beach, of Ivanhoe to Miss Cora Bothwell, of Indiana, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bothwell. The ceremony which was performed by Rev. T. H. Ball, of Crown Point, was witnessed by a large company of relatives and friends in their own fine home at Lottaville, Ind. The bride was beautifully attired in white silk and carried white carnations. The house was decorated with pink carnations and smilax. After the ceremony an elegant supper was served. The presents were numerous and beautiful. The happy couple will be at home after Feb. 15, at Lottaville where Mr. Beach will engage in the coal, grain and livestock business with his father-in-law, Mr. Bothwell, under the firm name of Bothwell & Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Beach are visiting with the former's parents at Ivanhoe this week.
Diamond Lake Ed. Weiskopf is on the sick list.

A surprise party on Robert Lill was enjoyed by all.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Rouse, Mrs. Einsman and Miss Russel went to visit Mrs. Till Poulton of Prairie View on the 7th of Feb.

The school has just finished their second examination. Gordon Ray stood the highest.

From the Lake County Independent ,
17 February 1905
100 Years Ago
Matter of Incorporation of Rockefeller Up to the Voters
Saloon Element Wins

When on Wednesday Judge Jones granted the prayer of a petition bearing 36 bona fide signatures, and ordered called an election to vote on the proposition of incorporating the village of Rockefeller, the faction headed by Saloonkeepr Clute, of that village, won a signal victory. Twice had the judge refused to grant their request, but the third petition was technically correct, and he could not refuse to call the election, which will be held in about fifteen days.

Those opposed to incorporating, a majority because they believe it is a move to primarily to legalize liquor selling in the village, others over Diamond Lake way who object to being included in Rockefeller village limits, which have been extended two and a half miles to take in Diamond Lake, and still others, who believe their taxes will eventually be materially increased in consequence, which is true, will make a vigorous fight to defeat the proposition at the polls.

There are about 90 votes in the district to be incoporated. Both sides claim a bare majority, and it is sure to be a close vote.
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Payne have left for the sunny south where they will spend a few months.

Miss Lysel Houghten returned to Libertyville Friday after a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. A. King.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Thatcher entertained their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Lemker and grandparent, Mrs. H. Lemker Tuesday.

A private dance was given by Willie Ray at his home near Diamond Lake to his schoolmates and friends, several of our juniors attneded, learning the grace and pleasure of such enjoyment.
Diamond Lake Did you get a valentine?

The little baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Towner is reported very ill with pneumonia at present writing.

A sleigh load from South Rockefeller including Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ray, Mrs. Geo. Ost, Sr. and Miss Lillian Russell attended the tea given by the Ladies' Aid of Rockefeller at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rich last Thursday evening. Notice, by the above you will see that no hard feeling exists between the main city and its suburb.

Robert Lill, Jr., entertained his many friends Tuesday evening. Among those present were Miss Florence Gleason and Miss Maud Proctor, of Libertyville and Misses Aynsley, Cronkhite and Thomas, of Rockefeller and the regular Diamond Lake turn out.

H. F. Maxham and daughter Stella, of Libertyville, were seen on our streets ond day last week.

The people of Diamond Lake are very indignant at the third attempt to force them inside the incorporation limits of Rockefeller, but believe it is now best to let it come to a vote when they hope the good citizens of this place as well at Rockefeller will vote against such an unheard thing. It seems to us incorporation would be all right if the town was large enough and had the population to do so without interfering with the farmers two or three miles away.
Fremont Center Miss Nellie Traut of Chicago spent last week with her parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Groshe who have been seriously ill for the past month are slowly recovering at present writing.

Quite a number from here attended the masquerade at Libertyville last Friday evening and all report a very enjoyable time.

From the Lake County Independent ,
24 February 1905
100 Years Ago
Residents Dislike Idea of Being "Taken In" by Rockefeller

What at first promised to be a fight between the anti-saloon element of Rockefeller and advocates of the incorporation proposition has resolved into bitter war between Diamond Lake and Rockefeller.

To secure the required number of citizens within its limits the incorporators juggled with the boundary lines of Rockefeller in such a way as to include Diamond Lake. At first there were a considerable number of supporters of the incorporation idea in Diamond Lake but who upon second thought they changed front.

Property owners in Diamond Lake assert their taxes will in the course of a few years, as the village prospers, be increased very materially, that farms within the proposed limits will be taxed to pay for municipal improvements in Rockefeller and from which no benefit can possibly be derived by owners of outlying tracts of land. They claim that at first the license fee will be sufficient for sidewalk, road and other muncipal improvements, but not so later on.

That faction in Rockefeller favoring incorporation argues that inasmuch as a saloon is now operating there, paying no license whatever, and the village has all the ignominy, it may as well derive the financial benefits. It is advanced that the saloons at Rockefeller and Diamond Lake will turn into the village treasury $1,000 per year, which sum is sufficient to improve the roads and walks, and that these improvements will not be confined to central portions of Rockefeller as it now exists but that Diamond Lake will gets its share. Representation on the village board is promised to Diamond Lake and fair treatment assured.

Then there is the temperance element in both villages to be reckoned with and which is solidly against incorporation. These people look upon the whole movement simply as a means to perpetuate the saloon evil in Rockefeller. They assert the blind pig can and will be closed and point to the fact that at the present time one of the proprietors is bound over to the grand jury for illegal selling. They call attention to the fact that the movement to incorporate is headed by Saloonkeeper Clute and not by citizens having at heart the best interests of Rockefeller.

Judges and Clerks All One Way

Judge Jones has designated Friday, March 10 as the time for the special election. He appointed judges to act at such election Fred Holcomb, Henry Burdick and J. J. Rouse. The clerks will be John Wells, Herman Kublank and Thos. McBride. The anti's are much perplexed that they have no representation in the selection of judges and clerks. Each of the men named favors incorporation, and this is another reason for Diamond Lake people claiming that they cannot expect fair treatment at the hands of the Rockefeller contingnet.

There are about 90 voters in the proposed limits and each side is claiming a small majority. So close is the vote going to be that either side to the controversy is preparing to have every voter present on the 10th. Some at present in distant states have been notified of the importance of returning before the 10th. So the battle wages and no man can tell with any degree of certainty what the results of the vote will be.
Rockefeller R. Wilcox is under the doctor's care.

Mrs. Hendee is again on the way of recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gridley of Prairie View visited relatives here Tuesday.

Theodore Swan of Desplaines was a guest of his mother and brothers Sunday.

G. Bush and family enjoyed a sleigh ride Sunday taking in the city of Highwood.

We are pleased to learn that Rob Rouse is again able to be out, after a seige of illness.

Taxes! Taxes! I will be at Will Knigge's store, Rockefeller, on Monday afternoon, Feb. 27 to collect taxes.
J. J. Porteous, Collector.
Ivanhoe Mr. and Mrs. W. Beach were on the sick list last week.

Even the old settlers admit this has been a hard winter.

Byron Smith, of Waukegan, visited relatives here last Saturday and Sunday.

The other day the roof of Boyer Bros. store sprang a leak and before they were aware of it a large quantity of dry goods were injured.

Mrs. Dean and grand-daughter, Miss Ruth Wells attended a musical recitation at the home of J. H. Cronkhite at Rockefeller one day last week. They report a very pleasant time and fine music.

Oscar Hauri has taken a contract to cut a large quantity of cord wood and posts for Messers. Grabbe and Meyer on what is known as the Wilke farm in the south-west part of the township.

Fremont Taxes

I will be at Boyer Bros. store, Ivanhoe, Feb. 25 and March 1 and 4 to receive taxes for Fremont township.
Frank Dietz, Collector
Diamond Lake The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Towner died last week. Funeral servcies were held at the church Friday afternoon.

There will be a meeting of the voters of Diamond Lake and Rockefeller held in Rockefeller, March 10, to decide whether Diamond Lake is to be incorporated or not. A great many of our people object.

School Notes

Hazel Darby is back with us again after an absence of two weeks.

The little yellow dog who has been a constant attendant for the past month has been turned out.

There was no school last Friday afternoon on account of the funeral, or on Wednesday as it was a legal holiday.

Taxes! Taxes! I will be as G. A. Ost's store, Diamond Lake the morning of Feb. 27, to collect taxes.
J. J. Porteous, Collector

From the Lake County Independent ,
3 March 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Will Knigge and son Glen were Libertyville callers Saturday.

Mrs. Kublank is at present entertaining her grand-daughter, of Iowa.

Henry Kublank took Will Gossel and C. Hapke and families for a sleigh ride Sunday and visited relatives near Lake Zurich.

Owing to the inclement weather Friday evening the orchestra returned to the city on the 9:30 train and the private dance to be given at Ivanhoe was postponed.
Fremont Center Nicolas Galster lost a very valuable horse last week.

John Hertel Sr. is quite ill at his home with the infirmities of old age.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Diebold and daughter, Josephine have all recovered from the grip.

Mr. and Mrs. George Groshe are both recovering from a severe attack of lagrippe.

Mrs. John Fredericks is improving after an attack of la grippe.

Mrs. John Amann is convalescent from the prevalent disease la grippe.

Mrs. George A. Hertel is still suffering from a very bad affection of the lungs.

John Merlein is still confined to his bed by a severe attack of stomach trouble.

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family of George Wagner Sr. on account of their latest bereavement. Georgie, who left these parts late last autumn for California, died there several weeks ago.
Ivanhoe We hear that Miss Emma Fisher will move into her house in this place this spring.

John Orgaard will start for the golden west sometime about March 20. We wish him success in his new venture.

Tax collector Frank Dietz reports less taxes in Fremont township this year than last. Of course this pleases the average tax payer.
Diamond Lake Mrs. M. Poulton spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse.

We are very sorry to chronicle the death of Ruth, little daughter of Chas. Whitney, formerly of this place. Burial at Diamond Lake cemetery Wednesday.

A surprise party to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their marriage was held at Mr. and Mrs. John Gosswiller's Monday evening. About twenty guests were present and all report a good time.

The official board of the church wishes to thank Mr. Paul Ray and his assistants for their interest and proficient management of the entertainment given in the church Saturday night. The proceeds were almost $40. To the Rockefeller and Libertyville friends who were in attendance the thanks of the board is also extended.

From the Lake County Independent ,
10 March 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Aged Mr. Putman has been suffering from a paralytic stroke.

We are sorry to state that Mrs. J. Wells is under the doctors care in a city hospital. We trust a speedy recovery and return.

Miss Mable Rudolph attended a school entertainment Saturday evening at River View and Sunday with her parents.

Tony Dorfler is employed at D. Aynsley's.

Mrs. J. Roder and Mrs. Dewalt Kramer and children of Chicago were guests of relatives here the first part of the week.

H. Ulrich spent Sunday with relatives near Wauconda.

The interior of D. Aynsley's meat market has been remodeled, providing more conveniences.

Otto King is engaged to work at Rondout at present.
Ivanhoe Adam Titus and Wm. Kuebker were on the sick list last week.

Oscar Hauri and family have vacated Miss Emma Fisher's house and moved to a place in the southwestern part of the township.

Mrs. Hidorn and daughter Ida, of Chicago, were the guests of Henry Grabbe's family last week.

Miss Gladys Payne was very pleasantly surprised on the evening of the anniversary of her ninth birthday recently by the appearance of twenty-one of her playmates and school fellows. After a delightful evening spent with games, music and refreshments, the company departed wishing the little lady many happy returns of the occasion.

Messers. Fred and Aurora Gorham who formerly lived in this vicinity but late years at Osborne, Kansas, were here last week calling on relatives and old friends.

School Notes

Spring term began Tuesday, March 7.

Examinations took place this week.

A music club has been organized by Rev. Ziegler. Meetings are held at the school house every Friday night. All who are interested in music are cordially invited to attend and take part. Officers: president, Rev. Ziegler; vice president, Miss Avis Payne; secretary, Miss Emma Grabbe; treasurer, Richard Duddles.
Fremont Center John Spoerl from Perrysburg, Ohio, is visiting his children, Mrs. M. and G. Wagner, Mrs. Frank Dietz and Joe Spoerl of this place.

A pleasant party was given by Mrs. M. and G. Wagner and Mrs. Frank Dietz in honor of their father. Over forty people were present and greatly enjoyed an excellent program of popular music. A tempting dinner was served; in short not a single detail was lacking that could enhance the pleasure of the occasion.
Diamond Lake We are very glad to report the little baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lusk much improved. She has been dangerously ill with pneumonia during the past week but under the skilled hand of Dr. Taylor, is rapidly improving.

M. E. Andrews moved from his farm south of Diamond Lake last week to Libertyville. We are sorry to lose so good a neighbor. Mr. S. Newton and his bride will occupy the farm.

Pearl Ray entertained a few of her little friends Saturday afternoon. Among those present were: Elsie Weiscoff, Lila Mae Rouse, Luella Mitchell, Evaline and Gertrude Towner, Gordon Ray, Tillie Franche, Marguerite Ost and Esther Hodge. It was her 9th birthday. The afternoon was spent in playing games and at 4 o'clock all sat down to partake of a delightful birthday dinner.

How about that evening walk, Jennie?

Again we call your attention to the fact that today is the day when your vote counts at T. McBride's hardware store in Rockefeller. Don't neglect it. It is important that all should report. Stay and fight till the last vote is cast for what we know to be right. Remember that all inside the incorporation limits must get their mail from Rockefeller post office as no mail can be delivered in an incorporated village by rural carriers. Again remember the fact that farm land will be taxed as village property, which must necessarily make the tax on thirty or forty acres very high. This will be your last chance to save yourselves from an unnecessary tax and unneccessary trip to the postoffice for the mail.

From the Lake County Independent ,
17 March 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Vote Not to Incorporate

Rockefeller Saloon is Closed This Week, Residents Wonder if Permanently
Result was 53 to 34

At the election held last Friday in Rockefeller to determine whether or not a majority of citizens residing in the territory it was proposed to incorporate as a village favored the diea there were 53 who voted against incorporation and but 34 for the proposition.
It had been a bitter fight covering a period of several weeks, having its inception through the exertion of a Chicago man named Clute who recently opened a saloon in the little village.
Clute desired to take out a county licence, but the supervisors could not grant one as the law plainly states a saloon shall not be legalized within two miles of a village and Clute's location was within that distance from Libertyville. Futhermore sentiment was strongly against granting a license in Rockefeller and the Supervisors could not be induced in any event to issue a permit. Then Clute conceived the idea of having Rockefeller incorporated. To secure sufficient residents within the limits it was necessary to include Diamond Lake, and then the real trouble commenced, as people in that commjunity were immediately up in arms against the measure. Finally, however, Judge JOnes was obliged to call an election after three petitions had been presented to him, the last one being correct in form and detail and having the required percentage of signers.
While the fight waged temperance people of Rockefeller had Clute's bartender arrested and taken before a Waukegan justice, where he was held to the grand jury on a charge of selling liquor without a license. His trial comes off this week and he will doubtless be fined. Despite this indictment the saloon has been open until this week, and as it was presumed Clute would attempt to run in defiance of all law the temperance contingent was preparing to have him arrested again and in fact as many times as they possibly could. However Clute closed his place as usual Saturday night and went to Chicago. He did not return Monday, nor yet Tuesday. His case was called in the circuit court for Wednesday and it is probable he was awaiting the outcome there before deciding just what he would do. In any event if he again opens his place arrests will follow, so those behind the movement declare, and there will be no cessation in hostilites until the saloon is closed for good.
Just as Rockefeller people were congratulating themselves on the outcome of the contest (or at least such of those as opposed saloons) they were alarmed by rumors that an attempt was being made to secure a small piece of land just over the line in Fremont township and still but a few rods from the very heart of their community, and that it was proposed to have a building put up and equipped with saloon fixtures, when a petition would be presented to the supervisors asking that a license be granted to operate in the new location in Fremont. This would practically be in Rockefeller and still in another township.
Such a movement if it develops will be just as energetically opposed by the "antis" as was the incorporation proposition and they believe with as satisfactory results.
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. W. Porteous little son Carol has been under the doctor's care.

Albert Roder spent Sunday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Knigge.

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher and son Roy visited at the home of their parents at Leighton Sunday.

Mr. Ransom and family are moving thier household goods and preparing to take up their abode on a farm west of here.
Ivanhoe Aaron Smith's family contemplate moving elsewhere.

We hear that Mrs. Bensinger will move back to her residence nears Wadsworth this spring.

Carl Dorfler, one of our enterprising young men has declared his intention of going west with John Orgaard, and growing up with the country. We wish him every success possible. Their destination is the southern part of North Dakota.
Diamond Lake Hiram Ost in on the sick list.

Mr. Henry Smith, Sr. was killed Monday near Gilmer.

Parker Bartlett formerly of this place has a nine pound baby girl.

Miss Tidmarsh visited in Chicago and Elgin Saturday and Sunday.

We are glad to hear the infant daughter of Chas. Lusk is getting well.

A number of nice large bass have been taken from the lake the past week.

From the Lake County Independent ,
24 March 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Tyler's new home on east Maple street is near completion.

Miss Lillian Aynsley has returned home after several weeks enjoyment in the city.

Miss Emma Knigge has taken up her former position as clerk at Carson & Piere & Co. after spending a few seasons with parents here.

Miss Verne Babcock was a guest at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Swan, the latter part of last week.

We are pleased to hear that Mrs. J. Wells is expected home soon, is at present staying with her sister, Mrs. Blackler in Chicago, after several weeks illness in a hospital.

Ed. Payne was called to the home of his sick brother at Grayslake Sunday evening.
Diamond Lake Mrs. Brown, of Waukegan, is visiting her son Frank this week.

The geese and ducks were very numerous last Saturday and Sunday which served to start Chicago hunters on their regular trips to the lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson left Friday for an extended visit with their son Frank in the southern part of the state.

Henry W. Smith was born in Hanover, Germany, Sept. 24, 1830 and died March 13, 1905, aged 74 years. Mr. Smith came to American with his parents in 1949. They first settled in Cook county remaining there two years, then removing to Lake county, where he lived until his death.
That Mr. Smith was a good citizen and a christian is known to all who came in contact with him. He joined the Methodist church in 1856 and remained faithful unto his Lord and King.
July 1, 1868 he was united in marriage to Miss Anna Kruckman. To them were born two children, Henry and Clara, who with the loving mother are left to mourn the loss of a christian husband and parent.
The Methodist church at Diamond Lake where the funeral services were held March 16, was crowded with sympathetic friends who congregated to pay their last tribute of honor to him whom they had learned to know and love. Rev. R. C. Doenges, pastor of Highland Park M.E. church officiated.
Ivanhoe Miss Hattie Brainerd of Waterman, Ill. visited her parents here last week.

John Orgaard sold a fine horse to a Libertyville party last week. The price paid was $175.

Last week Mrs. Wenzel Dietz entertained her brother, Gora Rendler of Chicago. Mr. Rendler starts this week for Russia, where he goes inthe interest of the Deering Harvester Co.
Fremont Center Joe Spoerly moved on the Kapple farm last week.

Mike Traut who has been sick is slowly improvingunder the care of Dr. Palmer.

Mrs M. J. Traut of Chicago is spending a few weeks with her brother and nursing her nephew.

From the Lake County Independent ,
31 March 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. H. Burdick entertained Mr. and Mrs. Ed Quentin and daughter Gertrude, of Libertyville, Sunday.

Theodore Swan of the city spent Sunday with his mother and brothers.

Ellsowrth Wilcox has sold his place at this village to Mrs. Arthur Smith, of Gurnee.

Mr. Kramer and son Harold took a trip to Waukegan Sunday.
Diamond Lake Miss Ella Franchs is entertaining a friend from Waukegan this week.

Miss Lily Flagler left here Wednesday for an extended visit with her sister in Dubque, Montana. Her uncle Chas. Butterfield accompanied her as far as Chicago.

The strong wind of Tuesday destoyed the arch and fence at the Diamond Lake cemetery.

A party of ten took a trolley ride to Lake Bluff Sunday afternoon. All report the electric a very convenient thing.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Fannie Payne was a Chicago visitor Wednesday of last week.

Aaron Smith's family will move to Grayslake in the near future we understand.

Mrs. Bliss, an aged lady from Chicago was brought here for burial, Wednesday of last week.

Ernest Beckwith and sisters Misses Helen and Mable of Wheaton College are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beckwith.

Mrs. Henry Vanplew and daughter Daisy went to Stoughton, Wisconsin on Monday of this week to attend the funeral of the former's neice, Miss Hanson. Miss Hanson was well known in this place having visited here several times.

From the Lake County Independent ,
7 April 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Otto King is now employed in the creamery at Rondout.

Lou and George Harris, of WAuconda, were in town Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morse, formerly of this place visited here Tuesday.

T. Ransom and family have taken up their new abode on their farm west of here.

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher moved into the lower part of Mr. Berghorn's building Saturday.

Clarence Thornberg has given up his position with Mr. Bush and is engaged to work for Mr. Ritta west of town.

Mr. Kramer and family will move into their new home on East Prk Ave. the first part of April.
Diamond Lake Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brockson and daughter, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse.

The dance at Tattler's hotel Friday night was the greatest success of the season. About twenty-five couples were present, including some from Libertyville, Half Day, Prairie View and Rockefeller. A light lunch was served by the young ladies from the Lake which acccounts for the comments on its goodness. Music was furnished by McCormick and Reimer. A vote of thank is herby extended to Bartlett and Albright for theuse of their spacious dining hall which has been a source of much pleasure to the young folks during the long winter evenings.

Messrs. Harry, Will and John Rouse with their wives took a pleasure trip to Ravenswood Sunday calling on their sisters at that place. Trip made via electric road.

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mrs. Wm. Hall, of Gilmer. Mrs. Hall was well known in this vicinity being a faithful worker in the M.E. church. Her untimely death was caused by consumption from which she has been suffering for a long time. She had just returned from the south where she went hoping to find relief from the terrible malady but seemingly unsuccessful. Mrs. Hall was a very noble and pure woman and a loving wife. Two children Gracie and Mabel with her husband are left to mourn her death. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the house. Interment in Fairfield cemetery.

Hiram Bartlett Jr. had the misfortune to fall and crack his collar bone one day this week and is at present suffering with an attack of tonsilitis.

Mrs. Mann, of Waukegan, and Mrs. Terpning, of Chicago, visited relatives and took in the cemetery meeting at Ray's Thursday.

The school has just finished its third examination. Those averaging above 90 per cent of order of standing are:
Gordon Ray
Mamie Hokemeyer
Marguerite Ost
Laura Towner
Richard Horman
Ella Towner
Leroy Kane
Tom Cooper

Ivanhoe We regret to report that Miss Pearl Smith is on the sick list.

Prof. John VanPlew, of Beloit college, is visiting with his parents here this week.

We understand that C. M. Fosket has purchased the James Davis place and will soon take possession of same.

Mrs. Arthur Smith and family, late of Gurnee, have moved into the house on what is known as the John Dykes place, now owned by Charles Beckwith.

Mrs. Handy and family, of Rockefeller, moved on their farm near this place last week. Mrs. Handy's father, Mr. Putnam, is very low and little hopes are entertained for his recover.

We would like to enquire what right a man has to turn a large drove of cattle into the public highway and let them run at large; a menace to passing ladies and a 'cussed" nuisance to everyone else.
Fremont Center Miss Rose Frederick is visiting with friends and relatives in the city.

Anna Faetz, of Chicago, is spending a few weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Deinlein.

Frank Heronimus entertained his newpher, John Heronimus, from Johnsburg, Germany, this week.

Ed. Wagner has resigned his position at Grayslake and is now working for his brother, Mike Wagner.

Miss Barbara Wagner returned to he home at Waukegan after spending her vacation with relatives here.

Mrs. Jacob Frederick returned from the city after spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Matthew Lange.

Miss Bertha Heronimus is spending the week with her sisters, Mrs. Frank Dorfler and Mrs. Wm. Dowe, of Wauconda.

From the Lake County Independent ,
14 April 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Willie Knigge our barber has put in another chair.

Mr. R. Wilcox is again able to be out after a long illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jones visited at the home of Mrs. Kublank Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Blackler, of Waukegan, visited relative here Sunday.

Miss Verne Babcok, of Libertyville, was a gues of her aunt, Mrs. Swan, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clute and son, of Chicago, visited with Wm. Knigge and family Friday.

Mr. L. Roder who is suffering with nervous prostation was taken to a city hospital for treatment Tuesday morning of last week.

Among those visiting at home Sunday were Frank Cronkhite, Arthur Berghorn, Ira Doolittle and Theodore Swan, of Chicago, and B. Thomas, of Waukegan.
Fort Hill George Standord spent the first of the week in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Graves have moved to St. Charles, Ill.

Miss Bessie Howard of Grant spent Saturday with her cousin Forrest Thomson.

The many friends of Alfred Benwell are very sad to learn of his serious illness. He went to Chicago Sunday morning to be treated by a specialist and was accompanied by Dr. Shaffer of Grayslake and Mr. Dillon of Volo.

The basket social and school entertainment given by Miss Mary Hook and her pupils at the Fort Hill church Saturday evening, was a success in every respect. Baskets sold at prices ranging from forty cents to four dollars and a half. Walter White was the auctioneer.
Ivanhoe We hear that Martin Orgaard will go to North Dakota in the near future.

Mrs. Ida Green of Kaukanna, Wis., was here the other day calling on old friends.

Wm. Kuebker and family have moved into the upper rooms of Mrs. Bensinger's building.

Mrs. Bensinger is quite ill and her sister, Mrs. E.E. Smith, of Waukegan, is here caring for her.

The many friends of Mrs. H. D. Wells were pleased to see her at church last Sunday, after an enforced absence of four or five months on account of illness.
Diamond Lake Mrs. M. S. Poulton is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse.

Mr. Grove has purchased a lot at Leighton and will put up a new residence in the near future.

Mrs. Lynn Colby and daughter is spending a few days with her brother, Will Cooper of this place.

Cold weather and rain have again stopped the sowing. It begins to look at though grains will be late as they were last year.

The Kalms place formerly owned by John Whitney has been sold to a Chicago party. We understand he contemplates putting up a fine new residence.

At the meeting of the Cemetery Association held at G. Ray's last Thursday it was decided to purchase a new steel arch to replace the one blown down recently.

From the Lake County Independent ,
21 April 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. Van Horn of Oakpark was in town recently.

Miss Florence Sharmen entertained a lady friend the past week.

Edwin Cook of Chicago spent Saturday and Sunday with parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Payne have returned from their southern journey.

The Misses Grace and Myrtle Mullen of Wauconda were seen on our streets.

R. Cook has sold his place in town to Mr. T. Gosswiller who will take possesion of it in the near future.

Blain Thomas had the misfortune to hurt his foot by stepping on a rusty nail but is again able to walk.

Harry Kramer left for Ohio this week for an extended stay with relatives where he has secured a position.

The remains of Mr. J. Bees of Gilmer were taken to Altenheim Wednesday going by way of Wisconsin Central.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thatcher entertained the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Lempker of Leighton Saturday.

Mrs. Lynn Colby and little daughter of Chicago made a pleasant visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rich last week Thursday.
Diamond Lake Miss Emma Brookman was a Chicago visitor one day last week.

John Barbaras made a business trip to Chicago last Wednesday.

Henry Kane was chosen director for the coming term at the school meeting Saturday night.

A number of ladies from here and Rockefeller took a trip to the Lake Bluff Orphanage last Thursday. Another party intends to go next Saturday.

From the Lake County Independent ,
28 April 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller G. Bush sold his livery business.

Miss Mabel Rudolph visited her parents at River View Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hodge entertained Mrs. G. Ray and little daughter Pearl, of Diamond Lake, recently.

Frank Cronkhite left for Ohio last week, having secured a position there.

A. J. King is now traveling salesman for a horse shoe and nail company in Chicago, having territories of Nebraska and Kansas. Tom Russell has taken his position here as blacksmith. Mr. Russel's many many friends wish him success.
Ivanhoe Mrs. H. D. Wells and daughter Ruth are visiting relatives in Belvidere.

James Boyer has moved into the lower rooms of Mrs. Bensinger's building.

At the annual school meeting Adam Titus was elected school director.

We understand that Joe Wismer will work the farm of Mrs. H.D. Wells this year.

Miss Emma Radke and brother Louis have moved into their home in this place.

Harry Decker a student at the military school at Highland Park waas here a few days last week.

Guy Hubbard of Libertyville was canvassing this place and vicinity last week for a tea and coffee house of Chicago

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beach of Lottaville, Ind., were visiting with Ivanhoe relatives and friends Sunday and Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith went to Lake Koshkonong, Wis. Sunday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Steadman.

Carl Dorfler Jr. who recently went to North Dakota writes that he is well pleased with the country and the advantages it offers to young men with "grit" and push.
Diamond Lake Ella Towner is reported quite sick at present writing.

Mrs. Einsman entertained a cousin, Mrs. Berry, from Iowa last week.

William Towner, of Iowa, is visiting with his brother at present writing.

Rob Libby has the contract for building a new barn for Ed. Brockman to replace the one burned recently.

Mrs. H. C. Ost and children, who have been spending the winter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bartlett, left Thursday for her new home in Greenville, Missouri.

From the Lake County Independent ,
5 May 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Several from here attended the funeral of Mr. Putnam Sunday.

Miss Gertrude Stoddard was a city visitor latter part of last week.

Miss Violet Laforge, who has spent the winter with her ralatives Rev. Depew here will leave for her home this week.

A dance was given at the Woodman Hall by the J.M.S.C. from here Saturday. The evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

The Misses Anna Cronkhite, Clara Knigge and Violet Laforge were pleasantly entertained at the home of Miss Effie Berghorn Tuesday afternoon of last week.

Mr. Putnam, after several months illness and at the age of 91 years was called to rest from the home of Mr. Ransom and family on the old Putnam farm. Burial took place from there Sunday.

A. J. King left Monday morning for his extended trip through the western states and was accompanied to the city by his wife and sons, Lovdall and Horace. Mr. King will be missed by a host of friends who wish him success.

J. Cronkhite's barn on the premises occupied by Mrs. Kublank and sons was struck by lightning and burned down last Friday afternoon. Henry Kublank had a narrow escape. In seeking shelter from the down pour, he was on the barn floor, the bolt coming down a few rods distant. Although being unconscious for a few moments he was able to release the horses.
Ivanhoe H.C. Payne will soon place a fire proof roof on the engine room of his creamery building.

Beautiful May but the most of us would be just as well pleased with a little less rain.

Town assessor, August Meyers was getting in his work in this place and vicinity last week.

C. M. Fosket and Miss Emma Radke are making improvements which add greatly to the appearance of their homes.

Julius Chamberlain is expecting a consignment of pure maple sugar in a few days right from the groves of old Vermont.

A traveling artist and photographer was here last week taking views of some of our fine residences. He also photographed the Ivanhoe school in a body.
Diamond Lake Mrs. F. Towner is on the sick list.

Bessie Blows is back to school after a week's absence.

Earl Kane had his tonsils removed in a Chicago hospital Saturday.

There was no church Sunday evening as the minister, Mr. Holland, was sick.

Mrs. J. Kruckman and sister were Chicago visitors Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs. Wm. Rouse and son Robert are both reported on the sick list.

Mr. Koch and family, of Chicago, have moved into the old Whitney homestead which was purchased by Mr. Koch recently.

J. Whitney and family have moved into the hotel on the east side of the lake and are prepared to receive Chicago pleasure seekers. Their cottage at the north end of the lake has been rented to a Chicago party.

Chas. Whitney carried mail on route No. 2 Monday in the absence of the regular postman.
Fort Hill Mr. and Mrs. Bert Paddock were in Waukegan recently.

Mrs. L. Stanford will spend the summer at Cloverdale farm.

Lee Benwell visited over Sunday with his grandmother at Morton Park.

Bert Paddock and sons will engage quite extensively in squab raising this summer.

From the Lake County Independent ,
12 May 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Miss Gertrude Stoddard spent Sunday in the city.

Mrs. Tyler has moved into her new home on east Maple St.

Mrs. Kublank entertained her son and family, of Algonquin, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Porteous entertained the latter's sister and daughter a few days last week.

Mrs. L. Specht has returned home after spending a week with relatives at River View and Chicago.

George Knigge and little son Gordon, of Diamond Lake, spent Saturday with his parents here.

Aged Mr. Viekerman, an earlier settler of Ivanhoe died Wednesday at his home was was buried at Ivanhoe cemetery Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Thompson, of Waukesha, is filling Mr. W. Rich's position as depot agent while the latter is enjoying a vacation and visiting relatives in Wisconsin.
Ivanhoe Carl Dorfler is making extensive improvements to his residence.

Miss Rena Decker returned from her California trip much improved in health.

Mrs. Hildebrand and Miss Palmer of Evanston are the guests of their aunt, Mrs. Decker.

Mrs. Alma Farnsworth of Mayfair was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Julius Chamberlain last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Parker of Volo and Theodore of Highland Park visited with their mother, Mrs. Decker here last Sunday.

Frank Dolph of this place met with a severe accident one day last week. While unloading a load of hay he slipped and fell to the ground, breaking his arm and dislocating it at the elbow. Dr. Taylor of Libertyville was called. The many friends of Mr. Dolph sympathized with him in his affliction and hope for a speedy recovery from his injuries.

Last Thursday the 4th, at his home near this place occured the death of Mr. Skelton Vickerman, at the advanced age of 83 years. Mr. Vickerman was one of the early settlers of the county. He came here from England in 1851. He was a quiet, peaceable man esteemed and respected by all who knew him. Funeral was held Saturday, internment being at the Ivanhoe cemetery.

The other day while our teacher, Mr. Hodge, was driving from his home at Rockefeller to this place, his horse became frightened at some object in the road and turning suddenly, overturned the carriage throwing him violently to the ground severely spraining his ankle. Although in much pain he righted the carriage. continued on his way to Ivanhoe and taught school during day. John seems to be pretty full of "grit."

Obituary Daniel Sumner Putnam was born in Bethel, Vermont, Novemeber 15, 1813. His early life was spent in the village where he was born. he came from a patriotic family being related to Israel Putnam of Revolutionary fame and for some years held commission as captain in the state miliita of Vermont.
On March 6, 1836, he was united in marriage to Julia Anna Austin who survives him, their married life having extended over sixty-seven years. In 1846 they came west to Illinois and in 1852 to Fremont where the remainder of his life has been spent. He died April 29, 1905, aged 91 years, 5 months, 14 days. His old age was remarkable in that he retained his faculties until the ned and was well posted in all affairs of nation and state from his early manhood to the present time.
He is survived by his aged wife, one daughter, Mrs. Louise Handy; two grand-children and two great grand-children. One daughter, Marcella Harden passed beyond two and one-half years ago.
Diamond Lake Will Ray and John Rouse were Lake Zurich callers Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bilinski entertained their daughter Alice last week.

Next Saturday afternoon the school boys will play a game of ball against the Wauconda nine at Lemker's field.

Mrs. Shaffer and daughters Emma and Anna; of Lake Zurich, spent Sunday afternoon with C. Hokemeyer and family.

The entertainment and pound social at the church last Friday night was a grand success. The songs rendered by young ladies of Wauconda were greatly appreciated as were the recitation and songs by the school children. The proceeds amounted to about $17 which will be used for purchasing books.
Fremont Center Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Shober spent last Sunday with friends here.

Miss Rose Fredericks returned home from Chicago last week where she has been visiting with her sister.

Mr. William Huguelet and Miss Nell Traut of Chicago spent last Saturday and Sunday with the latter's parents here.

From the Lake County Independent ,
19 May 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Tony Dorfler has resigned his position at the meat market.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Thatcher visited their parents at Leighton Sunday.

Herman Litchfield is assisting Mr. T. McBride in the hardware business at presnt.

We are sorry to state that Miss Ida Bilinski had the misfortune to break her arm above her wrist while at school.

Edgar Hodge after spending the last season at home in New York has returned and is again imployed at Frank Dalton's.

Miss Emmert, the well known optician, will be at the Harden Hotel Rockefeller, Thursday, May 25 and will examine your eyes free and tell you frankly Whether or not you need galsses; also if the glasses you are wearing are all right. She will make regular monthly trips to Rockefeller and will make and changes necessary in lenses fitted by her, free any time within two years.
Ivanhoe Mr. and Mrs. Wismer are entertaining guests from abroad.

Mrs. Edward Boyce has returned form a visit at Antigo, Wis.

Corn planting in this vicinity will be seriously delayed unless we have dry weather soon.

Tony Dorfler of this place is at home, having resigned his position with Dean Aynsley at Rockefeller.

The small boys of this place amused themselves two or three days last week sailing a raft up and down one of our streets. The accumulation of water was due to a defective culvert across the highway. We hope our road commissioner will put the bridge in order before the next deluge comes.

Miss Edna Shepherd, of Druces Lake, is visiting relatives here.

Miss Rose Simpson has closed her school until the ensuing term.

Mrs. Hibbard Ames and daughter Vera, of Chicago, visited here last week.

Miss Susie Payne finishes her school duties at Fremont Centre this week. We understand she intends spending the summer in Chicago.

Mrs. G. E. Hawkins was pleasantly surprised last Friday evening by about a dozen of her friends, who dropped in to help celebrate her twentiet birthday. Ice cream and cake were served, and at a late hour the guests departed, after spending a very pleasant evening. All wishing Mrs. Hawkins many happy returns of the day.

From the Lake County Independent ,
26 May 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Chas. Gossweiler, of Long Grove, called on his brother Fred, here Monday afternoon.

Mrs. J. Cronkhite spend Monday in the city, and operation being performed on her eye.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rouse entertained the latter's sister, Mrs. Wilson, a few days last week.

Will Knigge and son Glen took in the sights of Milwaukee Sunday.

B. Braodhead and family had relative from the city for their guests Sunday.

Mr. Howe and little daughter, of Libertyville, formerly of this place called on parents Mr. Bush and family Sunday.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Decker spent last week at Evanston, visiting her daughter, Mrs. Langell.

Mrs. Amanda Hawkins is visiting her daughter at Druces Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bryant and daughter Fanny, were Ivanhoe callers Thursday.

Rev. Ziegler went to Chicago Wednesday to perform a marriage ceremony for his brother-in-law. His family accompanied him, and remained in the city for a few days.

The annual meeting of the cemetery society was well attended and the following officers were elected:
Pres., Mrs. Delos Ames
Vice President, Mrs. Harry Payne
Secretary, Mrs. Henry VanPlew
Treasurer, Miss Mary Payne.
Diamond Lake There will be a meeting of Diamond Lake Cemetery Association at the home of Mrs. E. J. Weiskopf June 1 at 2 p.m. Election of officers takes palce at that meeting. All members are especially urged to be present.
Fort Hill Mrs. C. L. Thomson spent Thursday with her sister in Grant township.

Mrs. Ray Morrill and Miss Sarah Fox, of Round Lake, were pleasant callers in this vicinity Saturday afternoon.

The basket social and school entertainment given by Miss Fredricks and pupils of Fort Hill was a very enjoyable affair. Over $65 was realized from the sale.

From the Lake County Independent ,
2 June 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. R. D. Cook and son, Edwin were in town Saturday.

L. Roder returned home from a city hospital much improved in health.

Mr. and Mrs. Bush entertained Mr. and Mrs. Howe of Libertyville Sunday.

The Shakespeare play given here was well attended Wednesday night of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Risto of Diamond Lake were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. Roder Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Busing and son, O'Rell of Capton, Boone co. visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge and family here last week.

W. Rich and son, Donald went to Waupaca Saturday. Mr. Rich returning Sunday evening, while Master Donald will remain a few weeks visiting his grandmother and aunt.
Ivanhoe Miss Ziegler, of Chicago, is visiting with her brother, Rev. Ziegler of this place.

Miss Faniie Bryant, of Libertyville and her neice, Miss Maud Chamberlain, of Lake Forest, called on friends here last Sunday.

Theodore Decker, of Highland Park, and his brother, Andrew, of Long Lake, visited with their mother at this place last Sunday.

Mrs. J. N. Orgaard is visiting relatives in Warren.

Little Miriam Ziegler is making an extended visit with relatives in Chicago.

Alden Bidinger & Co., of Waukegan, through Huss, the Libertyville jeweler have put in a new piano on trial at Harry Payne's.

The Libertyville Regulars defeated a Highwood team called Gibbs' Colts at base ball Sunday by a score of 17 to 3. The game was played on the diamond at the new race track.

From the Lake County Independent ,
9 June 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller School closed for summer vacation Friday.

Miss Florence Sharman is spending a few days in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Thatcher were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. Schroader Sunday.

Mrs. W. Rich is at present entertaining her sister, Miss Mary McArthur, of Waupaca, Wis.

Willie Knigge and sister, Miss Clara took in the Fort Sheridan park concert Sunday evening.

Mrs. J. Gossweiler and Mr. and Mrs. C. Gossweiler and little daughter, of Long Grove, spent Thursday with relatives here.

The Misses Russell and lady friend who spent Thursday evening with their brother, Tom Russell here are at present visiting relative, Mr. W. Williams at Diamond Lake.
Ivanhoe There have been several light cases of measles among the children recently.

Mrs. H. D. Wells in visiting her sister, Mrs. Averill in Michigan.

A committee of two, Mrs. H. C. Payne and Miss Emma Radke visited Chicago on Tuesday to purchase a new carpet for our church.

Bertha Kebker has entirely recoverd from her recent illness.

Miss Susie Payne spent a part of last week with relatives in Beloit, Wis.

Miss Marian Payne, who has been attending school at Galesburg, is home for the summer vacation.
Diamond Lake Mrs. Jessie Wilcox is on the sick list.

The 17 year locusts are to be found quite plentiful on most weeds and bushes.

There will be a Musical entertainment at the home of Geo. W. Mitchell on Monday evening June 12, for the benefit of the Lake Bluff orphanage. The admission will be up to you. Give what you can afford. Everyone come as a good time is assured.

The annual election of officers of the Diamond Lake Cemetery Association took place Thursday June 1 as follows:
Mrs. E. Wilcox, President
Mrs. Geo. Mitchell, Vice President
Mrs. E. J. Weiskopf, Secretary
Mrs. Wm. Rouse, Treasurer.
The balance in the treasury at the end of the year is $120.82. The association tender a vote of thnaks to all who donated during the year and also to those who so kindly helped toward the new arch.

On Monday evening there was another knife stabbing fray on the south side in the foreign district. Steve Spanovitz received a severe knife wound in the head as a result and the next morning found himself under arrest on complaint of Nick Garowicz who, it is claimed, is the man who did the stabbing. Three windows and a door were broken in the meelee and it is said the trouble started by Spanovitz attempting to tear down the house

From the Lake County Independent ,
16 June 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Misses Minnie and Laura Gossweiler of Long Grove visited relatives here at few days last week.

Mrs. Specht, Mrs. Will Knigge and son Glen and Mis Mable Rudolph spent a day in the city the past week.

Miss Agnes Broadhead is employed in the city for the summer.

A family from Wisconsin will occupy Mrs. W. Berghorn's building while putting up a residence opposite MR. Kramer's on East Park Ave. in the future.

Everett Wells bought the home of Frank Knigge just recently built.

Wednesday June 14 occured the marriage of Miss Cora Herchberger at her home in Chicago to Mr. Frank Hull of that city, formerly of New York. Miss Herchberger is well known in this village having spent her childhood and school days here and being one of Principal N. H. Walsh large class of graduates. Mr. Hull holds a steady and promising position as a bookkeeper in the city. May prosperity, joy and happiness ever be with them.
Ivanhoe H. W. Beach graduated from the Kent law college of Chicago on Thursday, June 8.

Miss Fannie Bryant, of Libertyville, and her sister, Mrs. Floy Decker, of Deerfield, were Ivanhoe visitors Monday of this week.

Otis Smith spend Sunday with relatives in Waukegan.

A large congregation attended Children's Day exercises at the church last Sunday evening. The program was well rendered, all taking part doing well. The duet by Misses Ruth Wells and Daisy Vanplew and recitation by Miss Viola Jones were especially good.

Herny Almond, of Gages Lake, was seen on our streets Saturday.

Rev. and Mrs. Cross, of Wauconda, visited at H. C. Payne's one day last week.

Mrs. Aaron Smith and daughter, of Grayslake, spent one day at H. Grabbe's last week.

Mrs. Harry Payne starts for Utica, New York, this week where she is going to visit relatives for a time.
Fremont Center Adam Behm was a Libertyville visitor the past week.

J. H. Hertel is building a fine large house. Walton & Son of Volo are doing the work.

Mrs. S. W. Vogel and son, Will spent Saturday and Sunday with her brother, G. M. Traut.

Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Orvis of Waukegan spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Orvis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ahart of this place.

Martin White and Dizire Roose of Chicago spent Saturday with John Traut and had a fine day's fishing.

From the Lake County Independent ,
23 June 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. A. J. King entertained Mrs. Dr. Marcusson and children a few days of last week.

The Misses Lillian Aynsley, Anna Cronkhite and Rena Decker enjoyed a days outing at Druces Lake last Tuesday.

Miss Gertrude Stoddard visited the city Tuesday.

A. McArthur, Waupaca, was a guest at the home of his sister, Mrs. W. Rich recently.

Grandma Brockman, of Prairie View, has been visiting relatives here.

Miss Grace Small called on her autn, Mrs. W. Porteous one day last week.

Carl Bock and cousin, Charles Voelker, of Riverview, were the guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Knigge Wednesday of last week.

Dr. Schaffer and son made a pleasant call on T. Holcomb and family Saturday.

Clarence Knigge spent Sunday and Monday with Edwin Cook at his home at Gilmer.

Jesse Porteous, of Libertyville, visited W. Porteous and family Sunday.

Mrs. Geo. Mitchel and Mrs. W. Einsman, of Diamond Lake with several other ladies gave a picnic at Tattler's Grove Thursday to the children of Lake Bluff orphanage. The refreshments and outing certainly was to their little hearts' content.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Roder and neice, Miss Nicole, spent Wednesday in the city.
Ivanhoe Miss Ruth Wells visited with relatives in Palatine last week.

Mr. and Mrs. James Clinton, of Chicago, were the guests of Frank Dolph and family last week.

Last Saturday Mrs. Gertie Beach received word that her sister, Mrs. Rubie Maynard Day, of Wabasha, Minnesota, had passed away. Her death was sudden and unexpected as her father, R. D. Maynard of this place had received a letter from her only two or three days previous.

Alden & Bidinger, of Waukegan, have put in piano on trial for Miss Marian Payne.

Mrs. John Shepherd and little daughter and Mrs. Amanda Hawkins, of Druces Lake, visited relatives here last Monday.

Mrs. J. N. Orgaard expects to start for North Dakota about July 1 where she will join her husband who preceded her last spring and settled on a farm there.
Diamond Lake The names of all who so kindly contributed to the Diamond Lake Cemetery Association to help pay for a new steel arch and gate are as follows:
W. E. Davis, $5; M.E. Andrews, 50¢ L. E. Ray, $2.50; S. S. Wheeler, $2; L. B. Morse, $1; N. W. Davison, $1; C. M. Wilcox, $1; F. E. Gosswiller, $1; F. M. Ray, $1; Wm. Einsman, $1; Mrs. Darby, $1; H. A. Smith, $1; C. G. Small, $1; Mrs. Hurlbutt, 50¢ C. Ray, $1; E. W. Proctor, $1; J. Rouse Sr., $5; A. C. Davison, 25¢ E. W. Butterfield, $1; Mrs. G. Gridley, $1; Chas. Whitney, 50¢ Mrs. C. Biliniski, 75c.
The Association tender a vote of thanks to all who so kindly donated.

From the Lake County Independent ,
30 June 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Wm. Knigge and family entertained Mr. and Mrs. J. Roder and son Elmer of the city Sunday.

Miss Anna Bader is home after spending the last season in Libertyville.

George Hapke of this place and Miss Anna Smith, of Libertyville, were married at that place Wednesday.

Miss Anna Cronkhite having taken her last course in music graduated from the Chicago Musical College Wednesday evening of last week, being accompaned by Mr. and Mrs. J. Aynsley and Miss Lillian.

Mr. Beese, of Iowa, was a guest of relatives Mr. F. Bock and family Thursday of last week.

Rev. H. Zerzing is spending a few days at the homes of his brothers, Will and Herman Zerzing, of this place.

Tents are upon the vacant lot between Will Knigge's store and Mr. Berghorn's building. A show every night this week.

Mrs. Blackler and two sons, of Waukegan, called at the homes of relatives, Messrs. J. Aynsley's, Wells' and Rouse's Saturday.
Ivanhoe Miss Rena Decker is visiting with relatives in Evanston.

Mrs. Louis Handay is entertaining a cousin, Mrs. Baily, from Iroquois county, Ill.

F. E. Maynard, of Indianapolis, Ind., visited with his sister, Mrs. W. Beach., of this place last Tuesday.

Miss Rosa Simpson is entertaining her neice, little Miss Crampton, of Chicago, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Decker, of Deerfield, were Ivanhoe visitors last week. Mr. Decker has accepted the principalship of the North Chicago schools for the ensuing year.

One day last week as Thomas Boyer was unpacking a bunch of bananas he discovered a large vampire bat and two of its young, concealed in the bunch. The bite of this animal is supposed to be very poisonous.

Last Monday afternoon about 5 o'clock the tenant house on what is known as the Dean farm was discovered to be on fire. A high wind was blowing and all efforts to extinguish the flames were in vain. The house was occupied by the Orgaard family. So rapidly did the building burn that only part of their goods could be saved. We understand the building and contents were insured.

Mrs. Richardson has been entertaining a little niece from Grayslake.

Miss Avis Payne spent a couple of days with relatives and friends in Chicago last week.
Fremont Center Frank Erhart and Martha Frederick visited at Waukegan the first of the week.

Miss Carrie Wagner, of Waukegan, visited relatives and friends of this place recently.

Fred Nordmeyer and Dobner Bros. have taken a trip in the west, the latter to visit their brothers.

Last Wednesday morning at nine o'clock occurred the marriage of Miss Susan Lenzen at St. Mary's church and John Tekampe. The bride was attired in white organdie and carried a beautiful boquet [sic] of oragne blossoms. She was attended by her sister, Miss Maggie and Miss Barbara Efflin, of Arlington Heights. Mr. Tekampe and bride have a host of friends who wish them a long, happy and prosperous married life.
Diamond Lake Miss Jessie Davison called at this place recently.

Mr. Kane entertained his sister from Iowa one day last week.

Harry Kuhl spent Sunday with relatives at this place.

Frank Pelton and wife, of Iowa, visited wtih Mr. and Mrs. Blows recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Hockenmeyer and Mr. and Mrs. Staats took a trip to Lake Zurich Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyons have the Ray cottage for the summer. We are glad to see them back.

Miss Rose Eichman, of Lake Zurich visited with her sister, Mrs. Geo. Knigge one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Turner, of Lincoln, Nebraska, visited wtih relatives and friends at this place last week.

Harris and Melvin Huhl accompanied by their grandmother, Mrs. Geo. Ost Sr. returned to Chicago Sunday after a few weeks stay at her place.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Ost had a pleasant surprise by the latter's father, Mr. Brandt and daughter Miss Clara and Mr. and Mrs. Meyer and their daughter Miss Hattie from Nebraska on Sunday of last week.

Miss Judson wishes to thank the ladies of Diamond Lake for the picnic that was given to the children of the orphanage in G. W. Mitchell's grove which they enjoyed immensely. The ladies of Diamond Lake wish to thank all those who so kindly helped to make the picnic a success.

From the Lake County Independent ,
7 July 1905
100 Years Ago
Ivanhoe Dean Wells of Oberlin college is home for his summer vacation.

Mrs. Decker is entertaining a party of her grandchildren from Evanston.

Boyer Bros. are entertaining a party of relatives and friends from Chicago this week.

David and Early Radke from Chicago are the guests of their aunt, Miss Emma Radke of this place.

Mrs. Caroline Skinner of Libertyville was the guest of her niece, Mrs. H. D. Wells a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Musser of Chicago are visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorfler this week.

Miss Mary Payne returned to her home in this place last week, after nearly a year's visit at Los Angles, Cal. [sic].

Mrs. H. D. Wells returned home last week after an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Averill at Newaygo, Mich.

H. W. Beach of Chicago and F. M. and wife of Lottaville, Ind. are spending a few days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Hibbard Ames of Chicago are spending a few days with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delos Ames.

Dr. Wm. Payne made a short visit with Ivanhoe relatives last week. Dr. Payne has disposed of his medical practice at Beloit, Wis. and will open an office in Seattle, Washington.

Mildred and Virginia Ziegler are visiting relatives in Chicago.
Fremont Center Mike Hertel raised the frame for a large granary Saturday.

Miss Rena Wagner of Buffalo Grove is visiting with her brother and other relatives.

Quite a number from here attended the dedication of the new catholic church at Libertyville last Sunday.

Miss Grovette Vogel and Mr. Eda of Chicago spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Traut.

From the Lake County Independent ,
14 July 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Albert Roder spent Sunday with his parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Howe have taken up their abode in the city.

Miss Bessie McBride is enjoying a few days with relatives in the city.

Mrs. T. Bock had her aunt from the city for a guest a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Broadhead are entertaining their son and family from Chicago.

Carl Bader, who has been spending the last season in Minnesota, has returned.

George Knigge and son Gordon, of Diamond Lake, called on friends here Wednesday.

Willie Knigge and sisters Miss Emma and Clara enjoyed a drive to Wauconda Tuesday.

Wm. Knigge and family attended the funeral of his brother at Fairfield Wednesday of last week.
Ivanhoe Fine weather for small grain with a promise of a large harvest.

Miss Hattie Brainerd of Watertown, Ill. is spending her vacation at home.

F. M. Smith went to Waukegan Monday on business connected with the Henry Glass estate.

We hear that Wm. Porteous of Rockefeller has the contract for building Mrs. Dean's new house.

We hear with pleasure that Mr. Hodge of Rockefeller has been engaged to teach our school again for the ensuing year.

Henry Kuebker of Waukegan has purchased what is known as the Henry Glass place in this place. Consideration $1100.

The party at Mr. and Mrs. Herny Vanplew's last Thursday evening in honor of their daughter, Mrs. Anna Orgaard was largely attended and a pleasant time was had by all present.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Wells are entertaining the former's sister and family from Belvidere.
Diamond Lake Thursday July 20 the Aid Society meets with Mrs. Chas. Butterfield.

The Diamond Lake ball team will give a dance at Diamond Lake Saturday night July 15. Good music and a good time.

From the Lake County Independent ,
21 July 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Herschel Bock is spending a few weeks with relatives in Chicago.

A little daughter has come to gladden the home of Mr. adn Mrs. Crittenden.

Mr. Berghorn and family entertained relatives of Barrington Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hodge enjoyed an evening at Ravinia Park theater last Saturday.

Miss Holtje, of Prairie View, spent Thursday with relatives here, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bock.

Miss Anna Cronkhite has left for Denver, Colorado, for a month's visit with her sister, Mrs. Frank Shaddle.

T. Sandman and cousin, Miss Edna Hampert, of Libertyville, called at the home of T. Knigge and family Monday.
Ivanhoe H. C. Payne attended a butter makers convention at Milwaukee last week.

Miss Rena Decker has gone to Evanston to spend the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Palmer of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker, of Volo, visited with the latter's mother, Mrs. Decker of this place last Sunday.

Rev. Ziegler and H. D. Wells went fishing one day last week at one of our neighboring lakes. They had the usual fishermen's luck.

Wm. Newton, a former resident of this place but who moved to Fowler, Mead Co., Kansas, twenty-seven years ago was visiting old friends in Ivanhoe and vicinity the fore part of this week. He reports good crops and good prices in Kansas.

Mrs. Fosket is entertaining her two nieces the Misses Ranyard, of Chicago.

Miss Ethel O'Neil, of Gages Lake, is visiting relatives here.

The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. G. E. Hawkins, Friday, July 21, at 2:30 p.m. Visitors welcome.

A large company attended the ice cream social at Miss Emma Radke's last Friday evening. Those from abroad were Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bryant, of Libertyville. The cream was cold and so was the weather but everyone seemed to have a good time. The receipts of the evening were $22.
Fort Hill Miss Glenn Haggert, of Joliet, is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Bert Paddock.

Alfred Benwell is confined to his bed at the home of his mother in Morton Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Graves, of St. Charles, spent Saturday and Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Huson.

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Huson at her late home on Sunday last was largely attended. She leaves a husband, one son and five daughters to mourn her departure.
Diamond Lake Ice cream social at Mrs. Darby's next Tuesday evening.

From the Lake County Independent ,
28 July 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Miss Emma Knigge spent Sunday with parents here.

Mrs. G. Thatcher is spending a few weeks at her home at Leithton.

Otto King visited his mother and brothers here Tuesday of last week.

Frank Cronkhite has returned home from Ohio for a two week's vacation.

Miss Ruby Gleason, of Libertyville, spent Sunday with Luella Herschberger here.

Mrs. Irving Payner, who attended an Endeavor Convention at Baltimore has returned.

B. Broadhead and family have been entertaining their sons Ben, Ed. and grandson Walter Broadhead, of the city for a few weeks.

Miss Mary thornbusch who has been spending the last two seasons with Mr. G. Bush and family, has returned to her home in Missouri.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge and Clarence accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Knigge, of Libertyville, attended a funeral at Long Grove Sunday.
Ivanhoe Mr. and Mrs. Adam Titus are entertaining relatives from Chicago.

Byron Smith of Waukegan spent Sunday with his brother Frank of this place.

Miss Mary Payne and her neice Miss Lillian Payne were Chicago visitors last Saturday.

The worthy agriculturis after a hard fight with weeds, Canada thistles, potatoe [sic] bugs, etc. with a visitation of the seventeen year locusts and cotton scale on trees, is now confronted by the appearance of the army worm, and wonders what will come next.

Several weeks ago as one of the citizens of this place was driving along one of our streets, his wagon broke down; pulling it out of the roadway a little. It remained there until last Saturday night, when some unknown party set fire to the vehicle, reducing it to a mass of twisted old iron.
Fort Hill Mrs. S. A. Doris has boarders from the city.

Neighbors helped M. B. Huson get in a fine lot of hay Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Alfred Benwell is at Morton Park, called there by the serious condition of her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Davis, of Grayslake, are keeping house for their daughter, Mrs. Alfred Benwell.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Raught and daughter, of Waukegan; Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Howard, of Grant, were Sunday visitors with C. L. Thomson and family.
Diamond Lake The Diamond Lake Cemetery Association wishes to thank Mr. Walter Darby for his donation of $3 and for Mr. C. J. Tattler's donation of $2 for the new arch and gate, which is now erected. Those two donations came too late to be put on the list of the other donators.

From the Lake County Independent ,
4 August 1905
100 Years Ago
Ivanhoe Mrs. H. D. Wells is enjoying a vacation at Geneva Lake.

Chauncy Shuman of Chicago was an Ivanhoe visitor last week.

George hawkins who was on the sick list last week is getting better.

Charles Orgaard of Chicago is visiting his brother Jake here a few days.

Mrs. Anna Titus visited relatives in Milwaukee last Saturday and Sunday.

J. S. Snyder hauled a car load of lumber from Rockefeller last week for Mrs. Dean's new house.

Harry Abbott, a former resident of this place, now living at Pittsburg, Penn., visited relatives and friends here over Sunday.

Pardon us, but we really must memtion the continued improvement and excellence of our choir, under the efficient training of Rev. Ziegler. We think it is equal to any and second to none in the county.

There will be an emigrant social at the home of Miss Agnes Payne, Friday evening, August 11. Everyone corially invited. We all know by past experience that a social at Miss Payne's means a good time for all who attend, so don't fail to come.
Fort Hill J. Linzen went to a hospital in Chicago to have his shoulder operated on.

We understand taht Mrs. Combs our former postmistress has purchased a house in McHenry and will move in the near future.

Mrs. Lavina Thomas of McHenry visited at Mrs. L. Smith's one day last week.

Geo. Benwell was called to Chicago Mnoday to see his brother Alfred who is not expected to live.

Aman Bros. and Nordmeyer Bros. have started their threshing machines, threshing oats and barley.

M. B. Huson has his barn nearly finished.
Diamond Lake There will be an ice cream social at the Geo. Ray home, Wednesday afternoon and evening, August 9. Proceeds for benefit of church. All invited.

From the Lake County Independent ,
11 August 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. J. Wells is at present entertaining her parents.

Miss Lillian Aynesley is enjoying the visit of a friend Mrs. Roberts.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knigge were the guests of the latter's parents Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Rich entertained their brother Will McArthur over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith enjoyed the visit of their neices the Misses Kneidler of Prairie View.

A little daughter came to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hapke Aug. 7.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Broadhead, of Chicago, are at present staying with the former's parents.

Little Velda Knigge, of Desplaines, is spending her vacation with her grandparents here.

Miss Delia Knigge and friend, of Palatine, were guests of the former's uncles and family this week.

Frank Cronkhite has returned to his work in Ohio after spending two weeks at home with his parents.

Miss Emma Knigge of the city accompanied by the Misses Hattie Geils and Lulu Schnoes, of Irving Park, visited at home over Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Cameron, of Chicago, spent several days with Mr. Holcomb and family purchasing the Bush hotel and will take possession the 1st of September.
Ivanhoe Miss Lola Smith is entertaining her cousin, Miss Clark of Libertyville.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vanplew visited friends at Gages Lake last Sunday.

Miss Emma Radke is having a steam heating apparatus placed in her house.

Mrs. Eunice Munson of Brazil, Ind. is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Delos Ames.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Payne attended the funeral of Mr. Alfred Benwell at Volo last Friday.

Miss Opal Smith who has been an Ivahnoe visitor some time returned to her home at Waukegan.

A partyof automobilists from Chicago visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Foskett of this place last Friday.

Mrs. Anna Wells of Rockefeller and a lady relative of Chicago were the guests of the former's mother, Mrs. Carl Dorfler here last Friday.

Mrs. Irving Payne who was a delagate to the C.E. Convention at Baltimore, from Rockefeller was present at our last Sunday evening service and gave us an able report of the convention. We regret that a larger congregation was not present to greet Mrs. Payne as her address was very pleasing and interesting.
Obituary Alfred Benwell

At the home of his mother in Morton Park on Aug. 2 occurred the death of Alfred Benwell of Grant township, aged forty-six years, six months and three days. Mr. Benwell was born on Jan. 30, 1859 in the town of Wauconda spending his boyhood days at the home of his father, the late John Benwell.

On Dec 25, 1885 he was united in marriage to Miss Mabel Davis of Fremont, of this union four children were born, John, Lee, Geroge and Laura of all whom are living. He leaves a mother and three sisters at Morton Park,one sister at Volo, Mrs. C. Dillon; a brother George at the old home; a half brother Gerard Benjamin; a half sister, Mrs. Alice Ford, of Chicago; besides a host of friends. He has been a great sufferer for several months from tumor of the brain. The funeral was held Friday afternoon at his late home. The respect and esteem inwhich the deceased was held was manifested by the long line of carriages which followed his remains to their last resting place in the Grant cemetery.
Diamond Lake There is to be a bonfire and marshmallow roast on the lake front at Geo. Ray's Wednesday night, Aug. 16. Ice cream will be served.

From the Lake County Independent ,
18 August 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Arthur Berghorn is enjoying his vacation with his parents and sister for a week.

Miss Flossie Rudolph of the city is a guest of her sister Mrs. A. J. King.

Velda Knigge visited at thehome of her uncle Lewis Knigge and wife at Libertyville several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Rich and son Donald will leave us this week for several months vacation in the western states. A depot agent from Burlington has taken up Mr. Rich's work during the latter's absence.

Mr. E. Wells and wife have stored their household goods for the present. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thatcher have moved into the new home vacated by them.

Mr. Sharman left for Texas with the intention of a few weeks stay.

Mr. W. Berghorn and family had relatives of Barrington for guests Sunday.

Mrs. Nicoli is visiting her daughter Mrs. L. Roder at present.

Mrs. Tyler is enjoying the company of her daughter from Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton entertained relatives from the city Sunday.

Miss Eva Rouse is spending a week of her vacation in Chicago.

Lovdall King who was over come by the heat last Friday has been quite ill but is now recovering. While helping J. Wells he was suddenly stricken and taken home unconcious. Drs. Galloway and Schaeffer were called and for a time his condition was considered serious.
Ivanhoe Mrs. John Wirtz is entertaining her sister from Chicago.

Carl Dorfler [sic] visied her daughter Mrs. Rosing at Volo last week.

Mrs. H. C. Payne is entertaining her niece, Miss Irene Bates, of Chicago.

C. M. Foskett and son Mortimer did business in Chicago Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Stafford, of Chicago, were the guests of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Wells over Sunday.

Mrs. Willard Beach visited with her son Howard in Chicago last Saturday, just before his departure for a camping season with friends at Holland, Mich.

A large company gathered at the home of Miss Agnes Payne last Friday evening to enjoy the most unique and one of the most pleasureable social parties ever given in this place. A large number of foreign antions were well represented by ladies and gentlemen dressed in the peculiar costumes of their respective countries. Our own country was well represented by Dean Wells and Miss Ada Kuebker as "Uncle Sam" and "Miss Columbia" while Thomas Boyer as a colored "Cheif" and Miss Marion Payne as "Miss Topsy" were decided "hits." Jovial James Boyer made a fine policemand and created much amusement by his pleasant burlesques. Altogether the event was a happy affair and long to be remembered by all present.
Fremont Center Arthur Behm and lady friend were at Waukegan Sunday.

Miss Mamie Taylor, of Vernon, Wis., is the guest of Mrs. M. Obenauf.

Jospeh Dryer and family of Chicago are spending a few weeks with his sister Mrs. John Ahart.

Misses Bertha Behm, Mary Wagner and Miss Mamie Taylor were Libertyville callers Thursday of last week.

Traut & Co. threshed for John Dryer two hundred and fourteen bushels of barley from three acres. Who can beat it?
Diamond Lake Miss Ethel Reynolds is visiting at the home of Mrs. Darby.

The new barn being erected by Mr. Koch is nearing completion.

Threshing is porgressing rather slow on account of the wet weather.

Miss Ella Towner was the winner of the diamond ring given by the medicine show to the most popular young lady.

The Fremont township Sunday school convention will meet at Diamond Lake Aug. 20 at 2 o'clock p.m. Rev. A. T. Stephen, Rev. Lewis Horton, Rev. Byas, Mr. Everett, Mrs. Underwood and other good speakers will be present. An evening sessession [sic] as well will be held. All having Songs of the Century please bring them.

From the Lake County Independent ,
25 August 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. J. Cronkhite visited the former's sister Mrs. Bartlett in Evanson Wednesday who has been ill.

LeRoy and Raymond Knigge of DesPlaines are spending a week with grandparents here.

Mrs. A. J. King and son Horace visited in the city Friday.

Messers John and Ed Hodge are having a brother from New YOrk as guest at present.

Geo. Kueblker and wife of Palatine called on friends here Friday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Cronkhite are entertaining Mr. Shaddle of Palatine this week.

Mrs. Geo. Hapke is under the doctor's care.

Mr. Will Heller and sisters of DesPlaines were in town Monday this week.
Ivanhoe Charles Kaiser, Libertyville, was a pleasant caller here last Sunday.

Miss Grace Vanhorn, of Palatine, is the guest of Miss Emma Meyers here this week.

Louis and Emma Radke entertained their brother Daniel Radke, of Chicago, over Sunday.

Timothy Dean and his daughter, Mrs. Laura Foskett, of Palatine, were the guests of Mrs. Dean, of this place last week.

Thursday evening, August 31 a silver medal concest will be held at the church under the auspices of the W.C.T.U. of this place. Everyone cordially invited to attend. Admission free.
Fremont Center Miss Rose Fredericks is visiting friends in the city.

Jos. Obenauf and sister Katie, spent Sunday at McHenry.

Ed. Lusk, of Round Lake, was a Fremont caller Sunday evening.

Miss Mary Fredericks, of Chicago, is visiting with her parents here.

Misses Anna Amann is spending a few weeks with relatives at Milwaukee.

Mrs. G. Hertel is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Jos. Bhaer of the city.

Mrs. Frank Messerer and daughter, of Chicago, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heronimus.

Mrs. Mike Behm and children, of Milwaukee, are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Diebold.

Mr. and Mrs. John Galster are spending a few weeks with there [sic] daughter, Mrs. Geo Horcher, of Long Grove.

Mrs. Mathew Faetz and children, of Chicago, are visiting with Mrs. Faetz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Deinlein.

Misses Thresea Rink and Frances Rosing, of Goshen, Ind., were the guests of the former's sister, Miss Isabella Rink, Sunday.

Mrs. Frank Heronimus accompanied by her friend, Mrs. Mattie King, of Argyle, Mich., spent a few days with relatives at Volo.

Last Sunday afternoon at St. Mary's Catholic cemetery occured the burial of Leona, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Diethorn. We extend our most heartfelt sympathy to the sorrowing parents in their sad bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Wagner visited relatives at Long Grove Sunday.

Mrs. Mike Wagner is entertaining relatives from Chicago and Long Grove at present.
Diamond Lake Lee Kane was on the sicklist this week.

Miss Ella Towner is helping Mrs. Wm. Cooper.

Mr. Francke's folks are entertaining company from Chicago.

W. R. Darby has gone to Crystal Lake to visit his uncle, John Darby, who is very sick.

Miss Hazel Darby has returned from Grayslake after a week visit with her cousine Miss Reynolds.

Several from this place are attending the exposition at Portland, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. Geo Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ROuse, Mr. and Mrs. D. Griffith make up the party.

The next meeting of the Diamond Lake Cemetery Association will be held with Mrs. Whitney Thursday, Aug. 13 [sic] at two p.m. All members should attend this meeting if possible. It will be one week earlier than usual on account of the fair.

From the Lake County Independent ,
1 September 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Dr. Hopkins spent Saturday in the city.

P. Litchfield is still very low, having returend home from a city hospital.

Mr. F. Hapke and wife visited his brother Geroge and wife here Sunday.

Mr. Cameron and family, from Chicago, came out to their new home Monday.

Mr. Bush and family, who will leave for Iowa, moved their household goods Monday.

Ira Doolittle and lady friend, of Waukegan, were guests of his parents here Sunday.

Mrs. Kublank was taken ill suddenly last Tuesday but at present writing is doing nicely.

Mrs. Kublank's son and family, of Algonquin, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thatcher.

Vera Mae Rudolph, of River View, spent a week with her sister Mable, here and with other relatives.

LeMar Lyons left for her home in the city, after a summer's vacation here with Mr. Bush and family.
Ivanhoe Fred Grabbe is building a large barn and hog house.

Miss Emma Fisher, of Leithton, was an Ivanhoe visitor over Sunday.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ransom died Friday of last week.

Many cucmbers are being taken to the Libertyville pickle factory from this vicinity.

Mrs. H. C. Payne attended the funearl of her nephew, Mr. Collins, at Nunda last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton, of Libertyville, were the guests of Mrs. Handy one day last week.

Miss Stopfel, of Chicago, a niece of Rev. and Mrs. Ziegler, favored us with a fine solo at our last Sunday morning service.

We regret to hear that Mrs. A. A. Payne and son Raymond, who went west nearly a year ago, are notr receiving much benefit to their health.

Mrs. Theodore Zersen of this place met with a painful accident one day last week. In removing the lid was a can of boiling water the team suddenly burst out, scalding her face badly and seriously injuring one eye. Dr. Hopkins, of Rockefeller, was called and treated the burn. She is now in a fair way to recovery.
Fort Hill Cloverdale Creamery will be closed after September 1.

George Stanford and RAy Paddock are in Wisconsin buying cattle.

Miss Eva Wilbur and Miss Carrie Burnett, of Waukegan, visited at Mrs. C. E. Combs the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Combs were called to Gages corners recently by the serious illness of the latter's uncle, Wm. Harris.
Diamond Lake Obituary

James Blows was born in Cambridgeshire, England, Nov. 5, 1816 and died at the home of his son Harry near Diamond Lake, Aug. 28, 1905 inthe eighty-ninth year of his age. He was married in 1841 and after 62 years of married life was called upton to mourn the death of his beloved wife. He is survived by one son and three grand-children. Mr. Blows has been a great sufferer for many years and death came as a welcome release. The funeral was held from the home of his son Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 30, Rev. H. F. Lawler officiated.
From the Lake County Independent ,
8 Septemer 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. George Hapke entertained friends of Libertyville Thursday.

A little son came to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bock.

Mr. Crittenden with sons Ashler and Clifford were city visitors Thursday.

Miss Verne Babcock, of Libertyville was a guest at the home of her aunt Mrs. Swan Sunday.

Mr. Cameron has the misfortune of losing a horse by lightning during the storm Friday evening.

Mr. Williams and family, of Diamond Lake, moved into the lower part of Mr. W. Berghorn's building.

Mrs. A. J. King and son Lovedall spent Thursday and Friday with relatives at Wauconda.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Colby has been on the sick list.

Miss Ada Kuebker returned to her school duties at Waukegan Monday.

Mis Emma Studer, of Gurnee, visited friends here Thursday and Friday.

Miss Pearl Smity began her school at Gilmer Monday. This is Miss Smith's fourth year there.

The Misses Heidorn, of Chicago, visited for a few days with Emma and Etta Grabbe.

Miss Lillian Payne returned Monday to Beloit, Wis., where she is employed as teacher. Miss Susie left the same day for Marion, Ind., where she will attend school this winter.

The silver medal contest which was held at the church last Thursday night was a decided success. The medal was awarded to Miss Della Radke.

Miss Agnes Payne entertained Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shepard and Miss Lawrence, of Gurnee Thursday night.

Otis Smith one of our well known young men was united in marriage to Miss Nettie King, of Lake Villa Aug. 30. A full account of the wedding will be found in another column. We are very sorry to lose Mr. Smith from our society but wish him and his bride the best of luck in their new life.

Mr. and Mrs. James Boyer entertained their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Landis of Chicago, over Sunday.

Miss Rena Decker is home again after spending the summer at Evanston. She will teach in the Grayslake school this year.

Harry Fosket who has been canvassing with stereoscopic views in Wisconsin during the summer is home for a few days visit before returning to school at Evanston.

Mr. Jacob Slagil who lived near this place passed away Thursday of last week. Mr. Slagil came to this country from Germany about fifty years ago. His exact age was unknonwn but was supposed to be about 100 years. Funeral and burial last Friday at Fremont Center.
Fort Hill Miss Faniie and Florence Smith will attend school at Grayslake.

Mrs. Alice Know of Waukegan is visiting her brother M. B. Huson.

John Benwell has added a fine lot of White Wyandottes to his hennery.

Mrs. Jessie Graves of St. Charles is at the home of her daughter Mrs. Geo. Huson

Miss Hattie, Martha and Emma Dermart of Chicago and Miss Josie Burnett of Waukegan are guests at Combs brothers.
Wed at Ivanhoe Last Wednesday afternoon Aug. 30, at the home of the bride's parents, occurred the marriage of Mr. Otis. S. Smith of Ivanhoe and Miss Nettie M. King of Lake Villa. At four o'clock precisely, to the strains of the wedding march played by Mrs. E. E. Smith of Waukegan, the bride entered on the arm of her father and the bridal party took their places beneath an arch of goldenrod and green, from which depended [sic] a white marriage bell. The full ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Hitchcock of Lake Villa and was witnessed by only the immediate relatives and friends of the bridal couple. The bride was tastefully attired in white silk trimmed with all-over lace and carried briday roses, while the bridesmaid, Miss Pearl Smith, sister of the groom, was gowned in cream-color, and carried pink and white carnations. Mr. Henry Coudrey of Rockefeller acted as groomsman.

The young couple received many valuable presents, showing the esteem in which they both are held. The bride was formerly a school teacher, as is the groom. After congratulating the young couple, the guests partook of a bountiful repast, and departed for their homes, wishing them a long and happy life.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside at Wadsworth, where Mr. Smith has a position as teacher. They will be at home Sept. 20.
From the Lake County Independent ,
15 September 1905
100 Years Ago
Lake County's First Murder The first known murder to be committed in Lake county was that of a peddler, Silas Marble by name, and occurred in the summer of 1847 at the old Gooddale tavern at Fort Hill. In the morning after a harvest dance the man's body was found in a mangled condition a short distance south of the tavern and several clubs lying near by gave evidence of the manner of his death.

Coroner Dorsett was notified and on appearing on the scene swore in a jury and returned a verdict that the man had been murdered and named as the suspects three local boys by the names of Spencer Miller, Joel B. and Jacob Sherman, the latter two brothers. They were subsequently arrested and afterwards brought before Judge Dickey on a writ of habeus corpus but were remandered that the matter might have the further attention of the court, a special session of which was called the following December.

When the case came to trial the boys were ably defended by J. J. Brown of Chicago, E. W. Hoyt and H. W. Blodgett of Waukegan and John T. Clarke of Antioch, and finally acquitted. The prosecution was carried on by states attorney William A. Boardman.

The evidence brought in at the trial was entirely circumstantial and simply showed that the murdered man who traveled about the country on foot carrying a pair of tin trunks had that night arrived at the tavern in company with the above named young men who had given him a ride.

After the dance the boys returned to their homes and nothing was seen of the peddler after the beginning of the evening. At the trial the young men had a hard time explainng their whereabouts a part of the evening but not enough evidence could be obtained against them to convict them of the crime and they were released and soon after left the county.

Robbery was supposed to be the incentive for the murder as the man was known to have considerable money with him and none was found on his person.

To this day no one has ever been punished for the crime.

The old tavern is now the property of Albert Paddock, and has been moved a short distance from its former site and remodeled into a work shop and pigeon loft, Mr. Paddock being a pigeon fancier with a fine choice of homes in his flys.
Rockefeller Miss Mamie Mong and brother Will, of DesPlaines, visited relatives here last week Tuesday and also attended the fair.

Mr. Thomas and family have returned home after several weeks outing near McHenry.

Miss Alta Witt, of Ela, called on Miss Clara Knigge Sunday.

Quite a few old acquaintances, friends, and relatives were seen in town during the fair days, leaving their rigs and attending the fair vis the electric.

The principal and his sister have taken up their abode in Will Knigge's new residence on Electric Lane.

School opened Monday with a gentleman of Lake Villa as principal and Miss Lester, of Libertyville, assistant.

Mr. Lintelman having enjoyed the summer here has sold his livery business to Mr. Cameron and with his family will return to the city soon.

Will Pester, of Libertyville, has taken possession of the blacksmith shop here, Tom Russell having resigned owning to poor health.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Witt and daughter Ida, visited Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge one day last week.

Miss Ida Berghorn, of Long Grove, visited at the home ofher uncle and family here recently.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Jacoby is visiting in Chicago and Evanston.

Mrs. Amanda Hawkins returned home Saturday.

School began here Monday with Mr. Hodge as teacher.

Wm. Newton an old time resident has returned and will erect a new house on his mother's place.

H. D. Wells and fmaily leave this week for Oberlin, Ohio, where they will reside for a time. They will be greatly missed.

Ivanhoe defeated Grayslake at base ball at the fair Friday by a score of 6 to 4. It was a walkaway for Ivanhoe from the first at Grayslake could do but little with Ray who pitched up to the seventh inning when Divine was put in the box. Oleson is reported as an artist with the curves but Ivanhoe "found" him easily after the first inning. Ivanhoe married men will play Grayslake married men Friday Sept. 15, at Grayslake.

The W.C.T.U. held a special meeting with Mrs. G. E. Hawkins Monday, Sept. 11 and elected the following officers:
Pres., Miss Agnes Payne
Vice Pres., Mrs. H. C. Payne
Rec. and Cor. Sec., Mrs. G. E. Hawkins
Treas. Miss Mary Payne
Supts. of Gospel Temperance work, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Brainerd
Supt. of contest work Mrs. H. C. Payne
Asst. Supt. Mrs. G. E. Hawkins
Delegate of the county convention at Grayslake, Mrs. H. C. Payne

From the Lake County Independent ,
22 September 1905
100 Years Ago
Creamery Burns To Ground The Diamond Lake Creamery Takes Fire Early Sunday Morning and is Consumed

Was Partially Insured

Early last Sunday morning the Diamond Lake Creamery was burned to the ground, the entire structure together with a considerable amount of valuable machinery and household goods being consumed. George Knigge, superintendent of the factory, who lived over the creamery was awakened shortly after midnight to find the structure in flames.

The fire is believed to have originated in the boiler room of the factory, the direct cause not being known. Considerable butter was on hand and this was in the cooler which was not burned.

The creamery was managed by a stock company owned by local capital, H. Brockman, George Mitchell and William Rouse being the directors at present time. The whole plant was valued at about three thousand dollars and was covered by insurance to the extent of about $2300. It is not known whether the plant will be rebuilt or not.

For several days parts of the factory continued to smoulder, a car of coal and the grease saturated ruins affording materials for a slow and lasting fire.

The greater part of Superintendent Knigge's household goods were consumed as well as toher valuable personal effects though a portion of the property was removed in time. The loss of the creamery will affect the whole community as a large number of farmers were depending on the creamery taking their milk.
Rockefeller Mrs. Jinks of Chicago was a guest of Florence Sharman a few days last week.

Mrs. Beese of Libertyville called on her daughter, Mrs. Frank Bock Wednesday of last week.

Tom Russel left for Ohio Friday evening for a short stay.

Miss Anna Knigge has given up her work at the Wool Duster factory in Libertyville and is at home.

Miss Emma and Clara Knigge attended a wooden wedding anniversary at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Watler Lytle and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Knigge at Libertyville evening of last week.

Mrs. J. Wells parents have bought the Norton home where C. Hapke and family now reside and will take possession soon.

Mr. Shell Wood and family of Libertyville will move inot town in the near future having purchased the Elsworth Wilcox place.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Bushing and son O'Rell of Capron are guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge and family.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Schnaebele of Long Grove were pleasant callers here Monday.

The Misses Minnie Bushing, Emma Schneider and Mrs. H. Busing of Lake Zurich and Miss Emma Talstich from the city were in town Monday taking a car ride and visiting Zion city.
Ivanhoe Mr. and Mrs. James Boyer attended a family reunion at Chicago last Saturday and Sunday.

We are pleased to report that Mrs. Carl Dorfler who was very ill last week is getting better.

Owing to the burning of the Diamond Lake creamery H. C. Payne is receiving a good deal more milk these days.

Mrs. Delos Ames and son Hibbard returned this week from a visit at Denver, Col.

Mrs. Fosket entertained her mother, Mrs. Ranyard and sister, Mrs. Wilcox Tuesday of this week.

Potatoes are rotting very bad in this locality; too much rain.

A very pleasant and complete surprise was perpetrated on Harry and Morty Fosket last Friday evening when about thirty of their young friends came in unexpectedly at their home. The evening was happily passed with games and amusements, followed by a royal supper to which all did ample justice. The guests departed in the "wee small hours" voting the party a happy and entire success.

We hear that our teacher, Mr. Hodge will move to this place in the near future.

Mrs. Joseph Wismer is visiting with relatives in Chicago this week.

Mrs. G. E. Hawkins visited several days last week with relatives and friends in Warren.

Mrs. W. L. O'Neil and daughter Ethel, of Gages Lake, visited relatives here Sunday.
Fremont Center J. S. Deinlein spent part of the past week visiting with his daughter and other relatives in Chicago.

Mr. Shank of Indiana is spending a few weeks with relatives here.

Miss Katie Nickols has been engaged to teach the Center school for the coming year.

John Wagner and family are entertaining company from Chicago at present writing.

A Catholic Mission will be held at St. Mary's church here every evening this week.

Farmers in this neighborhood are busy hauling corn to the canning factory at Grayslake this week.

John Hertel Jr. has new new house ready for the plasterers.
Diamond Lake Word reaches us from Washington that a daughter was born on Sept. 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Tattler, formerly of Diamond Lake who now reside at Midland, that state. Mother and baby doing fine.

From the Lake County Independent ,
29 September 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. J. Holcomb spent Thursday in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hodge have intention of taking up their abode at Ivanhoe wher Mr. Hodge is the principal of the school

Mrs. Kublank who has been quite low was able to be removed to her daughter's home, Mrs. Will Gossel and fmaily wehre she will remain for a time, while her daughter Mrs. C. Hapke and family will move into her home here.

Axel Peterson of Desplaines called on Willie Knigge Saturday afternoon.

Harry Kramer has returned home for the winter after spending last season with relatives in Ohio.

Mrs. Rich and son Donald were welcomed home after a month's visit west. Mr. Rich remaining a few days longer.

Mrs. W. Rich was pleased with a call from her mother and sister of Waupace who were on their way to Michigan to visit relatives.

Messers. Arthur Wickersheim and Geroge Umdenstock of Long Grove with lady friends were in town Sunday taking a car ride.

A family gathering was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge Sunday by all present, Mr. Ed H. and family of Desplaines, Lewis and wife of Libertyville, George of Diamond Lake, Mrs. W. Bushing nee Alma and family of Capron, Emma from Chicago, Will, Clara and Clarence at home.

At the home of the bride's sister occurred the marriage of Miss Lena Schank and Mr. Carl Bader, on Wednesday evening Sept. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Bader at once left on their honeymoon. They will be at home at the Bader homestead at Rockefeller after Oct. 1.
Ivanhoe Harry Decker returned to school at Highland Park this week.

Andrew Decker who works at Long Lake was home over Sunday.

Mrs. Brainerd's siter Mrs. Gillam has returned to her home at Windom, Minn.

James VanPlew returns to his school duties at the Lewis Institute, Chicago this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Smith, of Wadsworth visited with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Smith, of this place, over Sunday.

Miss Myrtle Payne, assistant principal of the Grayslake schools, is taking a course of instruction at the Lewis Institute in Chicago Saturdays.

A force of about twenty-five men working for the Chicago Telephone Company are building a line through here enroute from Fox Lake to Chicago.

Mrs. Jacoby has returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Chicago and Evanston.

Little Emma Titus who has been sick for several days is on the gain. Baby Ethel who was also sick, has entirely recovered.
Fort Hill Mrs. C. B. Combs spent a few days in Waukegan recently.

Quite a number from here attended the County fair at Elkhorn the past week.

John Lenzen has opened a fine gravel pit on his farm and is furnishing the same for roads in the town of Fremont.

Miss Adeline Wait spent a few days with Miss Sarah Fox at Round Lake recently.

On Wednesday Sept. 27th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Townsent, occurred the marriage of their only daughter, Miss Maggie to Summer Baner, both of Grant Towhship. A host of friends join in wishing them a happy and prosperous life. They will commence house keeping at the Bauer home.

Mr. Decker and Lee Huson, of Libertyville, were callers at N. B. Huson's Sunday.
Diamond Lake The next meeting of the Diamond Lake cemetery association will be held with Mrs. E. Wilcox, Thursday, Oct. 5 at 2 p.m. Member please come.

There will be a meeting at the Diamond Lake school house Saturday night, Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. to consider the question of rebuilding the factory which was recently burned.

From the Lake County Independent ,
6 October 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Miss Lysie Houghton of Waukegan, visited her sister, Mrs. A. J. King and family a few days the past week.

Mrs. Dr. Heideman of Elmhurst was a pleasant guest of their brothers F. J. and Will Knigge and families recently.

Mrs. L. Specht returned home Thursday after a few days stay with relatives in the city.

Edwin Cook called on friends in town Friday.

Mrs. Lathrop entertained a relative from the city several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Schroeder and children, Mr. and Mrs. W. Zerazing and daughter went to the city Sunday via the electric.

F. Hapke and lady friend of Libertyville called on Geo. Hapke and wife here Sunday.
Ivanhoe Miss MArion Payne spent Saturday in Long Grove.

J. L. Shepherd and family of Druces Lake visited relatives here Saturday.

Byron and Eugene Smith of Waukegan are visiting relatives here.

Mrs. J. G. Bensinger and son of Wadsworth visited at F. M. Smith's Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Stripe and daughter of Waukegan visted at H. VanPlew's over Sunday.

Miss Mary and Miss Avis Payne attended the funeral of Geo. Benwell's little boy at Volo Thursday.

Mrs. Adam Titus attended the funeral of Mrs. Maiman Thursday at Fremont Center.

Miss Woerheide, of St. Louis, who has been making an extended visist at H. Grabbe's returned home last week.

Fumor speaks of two socials one a corn-husking and the other a Hallowe'en social as being the foremost among October's amusements here.

Mrs. Osgood a former resident of this place now living at Sturgeon Bay, Wis., is here visiting.

Miss Mary Decker who teaches the Grub Hill school near Milburn was home over Sunday.

H. W. Beach of Chicago was an Ivanhoe visitor last Saturday.

Deacon John Duddles and Mr. Raber Radke were appointed as delegates to represent the Ivanhoe church at a Congregational meeting to be held at DesPlaines this week.

William Newton has the foundation nearly completed for his new house near this place.
Diamond Lake At the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of their marriage which was celebrated in a befitting manner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butterfield on September 22nd, many friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield gathered in happy reunion. The occasion was responded to in a happy manner and Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield were the recipients of many useful and beautiful gifts. Since the recent publication of the list of presents received the following have been added: set silver knives anf forks, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morris, Butte, Mont.; set silver knives and forks, Miss Lillian Flagler, Butte, Mont.; silver thimble, Mrs. George Corbin, Chicago; meat fork, Mr. and Mrs. Haves, Chicago.

From the Lake County Independent ,
13 October 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. Dawson our principal was very much surprised Tuesday evening at his home by a gathering of friends, a plesant evening was spent.

Mr. Pratt and Mr. Maiman of Wauconda were in town Tuesday.

Will Rich returned home Sunday after [?] months vacation in the western states.

Miss Mable Rudolph was surpirsed [Thursday] evening at her home in River [View} by a party of thirty young people [celebrating] her 17th birthday.

Mrs. Chas Lusk of Diamond Lake called on Mr. and Mrs. Williams Saturday afternoon.

Carrol Gridley of Libertyville was a guest of Mr. Cramer and family Sunday.

George Quentin of Chicago a traveling salesman stopped with friends here Monday.

Will Porteious was taken suddenly ill last week but at present is on the way [?} recovery.

Harry Kramer has taken up work in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krueger of Prairie View spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zerzing.

Mr. and Mrs. Dawson returned home Monday after spending Saturday and Sunday with relatives at Lake Villa.

A number from here attended a birthday gathering at the home of Mrs. H. [Lember] at Diamond Lake, about 30 guests and relatives being present, it being her 66th birthday. Numerous gifts were received. The refreshments and amusements of the evening were enjoyed by all.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Frank Dolph is on the sick list.

Mrs. Cross, of Wauconda, is visiting [?] daughter, Mrs. H. C. Payne.

Miss Jessie Thayer, of Libertyville, is visiting Mrs. Robt. Richardson.

Henry Almond and Miss Amy Clapham [of] Gages Lake visited relatives here [Sunday].

Miss Pearl Smith spent Saturday and [Sunday] with Miss Lela Herrick, of Libertyville.
Diamond Lake Herman Albright and John Bartlett start for the west the first of next week.

The ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Thos. Darby Thursday afternoon, Oct. 19. All members are urged to be present as the society wishes to arrange for a bazaar to be held in the near future.

Paul Ray and Walter Lemker, who left for North Dakota last week arrived at Williston Oct. 8 at 4 p.m. They have taken up claims; about twenty miles from Williston and five miles from Alaxander [sic] and about one-fourth of a mile from a railroad survey. Miss Tidmarsh and lady friend, of Wauconda are in the same neighborhood but are expected home this week. Paul and Walter will remain indefinitely.

From the Lake County Independent ,
20 October 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Sharman and Miss Florence entertained relatives from the city Sunday.

Mrs. Risto of Diamond Lake spent Wednesday of last wek with friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. Rettig have returned to their home in Burlington after a two months stay here, Mr. Rettig having had charge of the depot during Mr. Rich's absence.

Miss Sarah Chunron is attending college at Lake Forest this winter.

Miss Lysle Houghton of Waukegan visited with her sister Mrs. A. J. King here Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harting of Chicago visited a few days with the former's relatives, Mrs. Kublank.

Miss Anna MAe Cronkhite was welcomed home after a summer vacation at the home of her sister Grace and family at Denver, Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Roder attended the wedding of Miss Heinson to a Chicago gentleman at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smith at Diamond Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Hapke, Mrs. Geo. Hapke and Fred Hapke were guests of C. Hapke and family recently.

Mrs. McArthur and daughter Mary stopped off and made a pleasant visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Rich, while on their way home to Waupaca from Michigan.

Our village blacksmith shop is closed at present. Tom Russell and Will Pester successors of A. J. King being in partnership in the Webb blacksmith shop at Libertyville.
Ivanhoe Mis Emma Fisher ws in town Monday.

Born to Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Ziegler Sunday, Oct. 15, a daughter.

Little Emma Titus is visiting her grandfather and aunt this week.

We hear that Joe Wismer has rented the W. J. Putnam farm.

Miss Gowdy, of Lake Bluff, was the guest of Miss Daisy Vanplew over Sunday.

John Wirtz is making extensive additions and repairs to his already commodious barns.

Miss Irene Bates, of Chicago, with a young lady friend are visiting with the former's aunt, Mrs. H. C. Payne of this place.

Martin Orgaard has returned from North Dakota. He is well pleased with the country and with his brothers will move there next spring.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Averill, late of Newaygo, Mich., are here visiting with Mrs. Averill's mother, Mrs. Dean. Mr. and Mrs. Averill will go from here to Arkansas where they will make their future home.
Fort Hill A. B. Combs was in Chicago the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rogers, of Waukegan, are spending this week with their daughter, Mrs. C. L. Thomson.

Mrs. Alfred Benwell is spending a wwk with relatives in Morton Park.

Mrs. Bert Paddock and Mary Walton were shopping in the city recently.

Mrs. C. E. Combs and A. B. Combs spent Sunday in West McHenry with Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Combs.

M. B. Huson recently sold his herd of Hereford cattle to parties from Highland Park.

Barney Amann bought a span of fine black colts from A. B. Combs.
Legal Notices As we are preparing to move to North Dakota in the spring we have decided to sell at public auction on the E. D. Dean farm located in the village of Ivanhoe, two miles west of Rockefeller, and six miles north-east of Wauconda, commencing at 10 a.m. sharp on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1905, the following described property:
23 head of cattle, consisting of 2 bulls, 2 fresh milkers, 4 cows due to come in this month, 2 cowins coming in December, 3 in January and 3 in March, 1 fat cow and balance giving milk, some corn in crib, 40 acres of corn in shock cut with machine, pair small scales, Deer corn planter; seeder, bob sleigh, 2 milk coolers, 2 cultivators, Osborne corn harvester nearly new, McCormick corn harvester, corn shellers, 23 shipping milk cans.
Usual terms.

Orgarrd Bros., Props.
J. H. Boyer, Auctioneer.

From the Lake County Independent ,
27 October 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller W. Rich, sister and little daughter returned from Wisconsin Saturday evening and will visit a few days here before leaving for their home in New York.

Mrs. C. Hapke and little Otto spent Monday with her mother, Mrs. Kublank and sister, Mrs. A. Gossel at the latter's home.

Bert Swan has left for the city wehre he secured a position in a lumber yard.

Paul Ray and Walter Lemker, who left for Dakota two weeks ago returned home last week Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Kropp, of Lake Zurich, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Zerzing recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox enjoyed the visit fomr their daughter Jessie, of Leithton Monday.

Ben Broadhead visited his parents [?day].

Bert Swan from Chicago, and Theodore, of DesPlaines, visited their mother and brother Sunday.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the honorable board of directors at the Mystic Workers for the promptness with which they have considered my claim for [ability], of $7.00. Respectfully, [Sarah] E. Joyce, Rockefeller, Ill.
Ivanhoe Mrs. E. F. Harden of Evanston was calling on friends here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hawkins attended the funeral of the latter's autn, Mrs. G. [?] Rose, of Gurnee Sunday.

The board of directors has purchased a new heating stove for the school room which the children will doubtless enjoy.

Last Sunday night about 7:30 a blaze was discovered at Joe Wismer's, and its size and appearance indicated that the buildings were on fire, but when a number of men arrived on the scene they found the occupant of the place, calmly burning rubbish.

Mrs. Christensen who lives near this place is on the sick list.

Last week Mrs. E. A. Dean sold a part of her farm, 130 acres, to Adam Behm of Fremont Center. Consideration, $75 per acre.

We hear that Mrs. A. A. Payne who went to Montana a year ago has gone to California.

Mrs. Foskett and son Mortimer enjoyed a pleasant ride to Cloverdale last Sunday.

We hear that Wm. Newton is thinking of purchasing the H. S. Hurlbutt farm.
Diamond Lake Work on the new factory was commenced Tuesday by Rob Libby who has the contract for building same.

Mrs. Fred Towner is entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Allard and daughter this week.

Mrs. Staats is entertaining Mrs. Roe and Mrs. Stevens of Chicago at present writing.

Miss Tidmarsh has resumed her school duties after a trip through North Dakota.

From the Lake County Independent ,
3 November 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller The ladies of Rockefeller will give a grand chicken pie supper with all the accessories Nov. 9 at Mrs. D. A. Aynesley's (over market). Proceeds to be used for repairing our parsonage. Everyone turn out and give us a good house. Adults 25£, children 15£.

W. Rich's sister and little daughter have left for their home in New York after a week's visit at the former's home. Mrs. Rich accompanied them as far as the city.

Mrs. Sharmen and Miss Florence are entertaining relatives from the city.

Albert Roder, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Roder, of this place, and Miss Hattie Prouty, of Wauconda, were united in marriage at the home of the bride, Wednesday of last week. The groom holds a position in Chicago where they will make their future home.

Vincent Martin and lady friends, of Wauconda, were in town Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Minifee entertained a lady friend from the city Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Agnes Broadhead is employed at the Libertyville belt and duster factory.

Mr. Lichtfeld is slowly convalescing after a long siege of illness.

A Hallowe'en social was given at the parsonage to the choir boys and senior class of Sunday school Tuesday evening.
Ivanhoe H. Hurlbutt, of Libertyville, has been visiting at F. M. Smith's.

Miss Emma Fisher spent several days here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder Sundayed out of town.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Beck, of Waukegan, visited relatives here Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. W. L. O'Neil, of Gages Lake, visited her daughter here Wednesday of last week.

A little daughter was born last Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Merton Jones who live north of town.

Orgaard Bros. have moved into the new house recently built on the Dean farm.

And now the hum of the corn shredder is heard in the land husking out the corn crop which is a bumper one for this section.

The choir will meet with Miss Daisy VanPlew next Friday evening.

We hear that Frank Dorfler has rented H. S. Hurlbutt's farm for the ensuing year.

George Barnesmith has bought 40 acres of the Dean farm, we understand.

Miss Mary Payne and her neice, Miss Marion Payne were Chicago visitors last Saturday.

We are in receipt of a fine piece of music composed and written by our fellow townsman, Francis M. Smith, and published by the Pioneer Music Publishing Co. of Chicago.

Mrs. Handy of this place spent last Sunday with her friend, Mrs. Harvey Coon who lives near Prairie View.

From the Lake County Independent ,
10 November 1905
100 Years Ago
Front Page Turkeys Scarece, Price Goes Up

Local Crop Said to be Small and Prices Liable to Soar

In Chicago turkeys are advancing in price and the demand exceeds the supply. Thursday morning a raise in price of a cent per pound was reported and other advances are expected.

Inquiry of local dealers indicates taht the prices are liable to soar by Thanksgiving time and farmers who this year have plenty of the birds are in luck. The turkey crop through this locality is as a rule below the average and as the national feast day draws nigh it becomes more and more evident that there will be a shortage of this delicacy.

Chickens in many homes will this year have to take place of the more favored birds unless something unlooked for happens to the market and from all signs it appears that the spring gobbler will be out of reach of the poor man.
Rockefeller John Hodge and family moved to Ivanhoe Wednesday of last week.

F. Holcomb is putting up two more residences. Will Prteous is doing the work.

The Christian Endeavorers of Lake county joined in a rally here at the chapel Thursday evening of last week. A large attendance was present.

Mr. Sanborn's new home on east Park avenue is nearly complete.

Mrs. L. Roder has been a guest of her son and wife at Groesdale.

Harold Kramer from the city visited his parents Sunday.

Misses Tillie Mitchel and Eva Rouse were Libertyville visitors Saturday.

L. E. Payne has been under the doctors' care.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Thomas Boyer visited relatives in Chicago last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Crampton, of Chicago, were the guests of their sister, Miss Rosa Simpson, of this place over Sunday.

Contractor Adam Titus has just finished a well for August wirtz, capacity thirty-three barrels per hour.

Our teacher, Mr. Hodge and family moved into Miss Emma Fisher's house here last week. We welcome Prof. Hodge and his estimable wife to our midst.

Asa Joice visited at the county seat last Saturday.

The choir will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grabbe next Friday evening.

We are pleased to note that James Boyer has fully recovered from his recent indispostion.

From the Lake County Independent ,
17 November 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mr. Alvoid and family intent to move into the VanHorn residence vacated by J. Hodge and family recently.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hapke was ill a few days of last week.

Mrs. Lathrop is spending a few days of this week with relatives in the city.

Mrs. A. J. King visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Houghten at Wauconda last week.

Miss Cora Thomas is enjoying several weeks with relatives in Belvidere.

Mrs. L. Spect and neice Mable Rudolph spent a few days in the city recently.

Mrs. Frank Knigge called on her parents Mr. and Mrs. Kramer Thursday.

A surprise was given on H. Allbright and J. Bartlett at Diamond Lake Friday evening. A number from here attended.

Mrs. J. Aynesley and daughter Lillian have been ill with tonsilities [sic] the past week.

Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Goodman of Zion city were guests in town over Sunday.

Theodore Swan and Arthur Berghorn visited their parents Sunday.

F. Gaggin was a pleasant caller here Monday.
Diamond Lake Mrs. John Whitney is very sick at present writing.

Mrs. Wm. Rouse and son Robert and Mrs. Harry Blows spent Saturday in Waukegan.

Rob Leubbe has a force of five men working on the new factory and is rushing the work to the utmost.

About twenty-five of Herman Albright's friends gave him a pleasant surprise Friday evening in honor of his birthday. Although girls were a scarce article, what were there showed themselves to be royal entertainers and all spent an enjoyable evening. A lunch was served after which all departed for home wishing Herman many more happy years and birthdays.

Mrs. Koch returned home from Chicago Saturday. She was accompanied by her daughter.

Paul Ray was a Chicago visitor Sunday.

Ray Andrews spend Friday night and Saturday with Lloyd Ray and took in the party at Albright's.

A number of hunters were out to the lake Sunday but very few ducks were to be seen.

Mrs. H. Bartlett is expected back from Tacoma, Wash. some day this week.

From the Lake County Independent ,
24 November 1905
100 Years Ago
Front Page Build Depot at Rockefeller

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Putting up Modern Station

The Chicago & Milwaukee Electric is erecting a new depot at Rockefeller to be used both for freight and passenger service. The building ismuch nearer town than the temporary depot which since the opening of the extension has taken the place of a station.

The tracks of the company are being run north from the ends of the line used up to date and a modern depot will be opened as soon as the company can get the work finished. It will be near the Holcomb place and will add much to the comfort of patrons of the road.

The patronage which the road has been receiving from Rockefeller and the western towns which feed the extension has been steadily increasing and the business which the road has been getting from these points has led to the decision of the company to build the modern station.
Rockefeller There will be a meeting of the Teachers' reading circle at Rockefeller, Saturday Nov. 25. The first five chapeters in "Common Sense Didactics" will be discussed. Meeting will be called to order at 2 p.m.

The Everett Gun Club will hold its second raffle and shoot at the Vernon House, Half Day, Nov. 30 at 1 p.m. Turkeys, geese and chickens will be shot for.

Dean Aynsely accompanied by Clarence Knigge were Lake Forest visitors Tuesday of last week.

C. Scheel of the city spent Tuesday here.

Vincent Martin, of Wauconda, was in town Wednesday.

Mrs. J. Rouse and daughter Eva were city visitors Monday.

Shell Wood and family have moved into the new home which they recently purchased of Ellsworth Wilcox.

Mrs. A. J. King has been ill for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Knigge and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lytle, of Libertyville, were guests of F. Knigge and family Sunday evening.
Ivanhoe Thanksgiving next, have you the price of a turkey?

Miss Susie Payne who has been taking a course in stenography at Marion, Ind. is home for an extended vacation.

Miss Colby who has been staying with her sister at Anderson, Ind. the past year is at home with her parents near this place.

Mrs. George Hawkins and Miss Marion Payne were Waukegan visitors last Saturday.

Carl Dorfler took his age mother to Chicago last Sunday where she will spend the winter with her other son.

Wm. Kuebker is in Chicago working for E. G. Payne in the Christmas tree business.

Sunday evening, Nov. 12 the people of this place were pleasantly entertained with the singing of Mr. and Mrs. Biederstadt, of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Biederstadt are fine singers and we hope to have them with us again.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fosket were called to Palatine last Sunday by the death of Mrs. Laura Fosket. She was a neice of Mrs. E. A. Dean of this place and well known here. Funeral at Palatine Monday, interment at the Ivanhoe cemetery.

Mrs. Aaron Smith and daughter Theodore [sic], of Grayslake, called at H. Grabbe's Monday.

Ed Dietz and Kate Tekampe were married Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the fremont Centre church.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hawkins moved last week into the living rooms in H. C. Payne's factory building.

A weighing social is being talked of for Thanksgiving night at Mrs. Jacoby's. Eat your Thanksgiving dinner then come and be weighed.

Choir practice at the home of Ben Porteious, Friday night of this week.
Auction Sale As I have decided to quit farming, I will sell at public auction on the John Aynesley farm 2 1/2 miles south of Ivanhoe, 1 1/2 miles east of Gilmer and 1 1/2 miles north-west of Diamond Lake, on Wednesday, Nov. 29, commencing at 10 a.m. sharp, all of my stock and farming tools, consisting of:
112 head of livestock, cow with calf by side, 8 new milkers, 12 nearly new milkers, 8 coming in next month, 5 coming in January, 5 coming in March, 4 heifers coming 2 years old, Durham bull, brown horse 12 years old wt. 1300, roan horse 11 years old wt 1250, bay driving horse 11 yrs old wt 1100, gray driving mare 10 years old wt 1000, black brood mare with foal by Smith's horse, colt 5 months old by above mare and horse, 31 shoats from 2 to 5 months old, 8 brood sows, 4 with sucking pigs by their side, 2 due to come in soon; 6 dozen chickens,
the following farm tools are all nearly new:
Osborne corn binder, Osborne grain binder, set bob sleds, Sattley drop edge corn planter, new tank heater, Prairie city seeder, 2-sulky cultivators 6 shovel, Deering mower 5 ft, Deering rake 10 ft, double buggy 3 spring, heavy milk wagon, 14 inch walking plow, 16 inch walking plow, new lumber wagon with double box and spring seat, truck wagon, hay rake, walking cultivator, 3 sets double harness 1 new, crow bar, 16 lb sledge hammer, lawn mower, milk pails and strainers, 28 milk cans, 50 grain bags, grind stone, 2 good chopping axes, scoop shovels, barn shovels, manure forks, hay forks, eveners, neck yoke, tile hoe, tile fork spade, etc., 35 ons tame hay in barn, 10 tons wild hay in barn, 3 stacks millet, stack corn stalks, about 15 acres good hill corn cut with binder, 30 acres fodder corn cut with binder and one large strack straw.
Refreshments at noon. Regular terms.

Martin Dietz, Prop.

J.H. Boyer, Auct.
A. G. Schwerman, Clerk
Diamond Lake Will Ray was a Lake Zururich [sic] caller Sunday.

Mrs. George Ost, Sr. has just returned from a visit to Nebraska.

Lydia Hokemeyer, of Lake Zurich spent Saturday and Sunday with Mary Aartlett [sic].

Mrs. H. P. Bartlett and son, Hiram, returned Sunday from an extended visit to her son, Chas. Tattler, of Tacoma, Wash.

A large and costly monument has just been erected in the cemetery in memory of Daniel Wheeler who died last summer.

Miss Tidmarsh spent Sunday in Wauconda.

From the Lake County Independent ,
1 December 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. R. Dawson is spending a week with her parents at Lake Villa.

Mrs. Lathrop's little son Harry underwent a surgical operation in the city hospital last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Roder of the city were guests of the latter's parents here Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. A. J. King entertained her sister, Mrs. Triggs, of Libertyville, Thursday of last week.

There will be an oyster supper at the Rockefeller school building, Friday evening, Dec. 8. Proceeds for the benefit of the school. Everybody welcome.

Mrs. D. A. Aynsley spent Tuesday in the city.
Ivanhoe The high wind which prevailed here last Friday caused considerable damage, blowing down trees, tearing corn socks to pieces, etc.

Miss Hattie Brainerd, of Waterman, Ill., is home for an extended vacation.

Miss Clara Maconaty, a former resident of this place, now living in Elgin spent a few days here last week.

Misses Bertha and Lizzie Kuebker were presented with a fine organ the other day by their friend, Miss Emma Radke.

A man evidnently insane threw this place into a state of excitement one day last week by suddenly making his appearance in the streets of the village. He has suddenly disappeared and who he was remains a mystery. He was seen by a number of residents of the town but managed to get away without being intercepted. Who he was or from where he came is not known.
Fort Hill George Davis was at home for a few days recently.

Simon Stoffel, of McHenry, was a caller in this vicinity Monday.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Vedus Deutchler, Nov. 21.

The Fort Hill Cemetery Society meets with Mrs. Emma Hanson, Dec. 14, for dinner.

Levi King, of LaCrosse, Wis. and sister, Mrs. Belle Marble, of East Fox Lake, were guests of Mrs. C. E. Combs.
Diamond Lake The Evangelistic band of Evanston will have charge of the service at Diamond Lake Sunday Dec. 3. This band included an excellent male quartete [sic] which will give us such a musical treat as we can seldom hear. One of the band will preach. This will be a long remembered day at Diamond Lake. You are invited. Sunday school at 1:30. Preaching service at 2:30.

From the Lake County Independent ,
8 December 1905
100 Years Ago
Is Shot While Out Hunting Doctors Extract Shot From Leg; Wound Believed Not Dangerous

Albert Dyer, a young man about nineteen eyars of age working for Ed Brockman, of Diamond Lake, was accidentally shot while hunting last Sunday. In company with a young man who works for Ed Weiskopf he had been shooting rabbits and was returning home when the accident occurred.

The two were crawling through a fence when his companion's gun caught in such a manner as to discharge the piece. Drs. Taylor and Galloway were called and found a number of shot imbedded in Dyer's leg. Several were extracted and it is believed that no serious results will follow the accident. Dyer came to this country about a year ago from England.
Rockefeller Emil Frank of Lake Zurich was seen in our village Monday.

The C.E. Society held its business meeting also a social at the home of Miss Anna Cronkhite Tuesday evening.

Among those formerly of this vicinity enjoyed Thanksgiving day were the Misses Lottie McBride of Palatine, Emma Knigge from the city, B. Thomas and Ira Doolittle of Waukegan, Arthur Berghorn, Harry Kramer and C. Sanborn from Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Holcomb and daughter Dorothy spent Thanksgiving day with friends at Grayslake.

Miss Lysle Houghten, of Waukegan, has been a guest of her sister Mrs. A. J. King the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Vickery visited at Waukegan Thursday.

J. Allbright is again at home after enjoying the past season in Minnesota.

Miss Eva Bouse had Mis Ida Obsfedler of Chicago for a guest a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Doolittle left for Palmyra, Virginia Tuesday morning to spend the winter with their daughter, Mrs. Lee Ames.

Mrs. F. Lemker of Gilmer and sister of Palatine called on Mrs. F Knigge Monday on their way to Waukegan.

Rev. Depew entertained Mrs. Guild of Wayne, Ill. for several days.

Miss Sarah Cameron entertained Mis Kracke of Chicago over Thanksgiving.

Mrs. K. FritzGerald [sic] spent the week with relatives in the city.

Mrs. J. C. Holcomb and Mr. Robert Cameron attended the reception at the Kenosha division of the C. & M. electric road.
Ivanhoe Miss Ada Kuebker spent several days [?] last week.

Miss Rena Decker and brothers Theodore and Harry spent Thanksgiving with their mother.

Mrs. Electr Paine returned to her home near Gages Lake Monday after a week's visit with her great grand-daughter, Mrs. Doris Hawkins.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hawkins celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage which this year occurred on Thanksgiving by entertaining the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. O'Neil and [?} family, of Warren and Mrs. E. L. [Paine?] at dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Averill started from this place for Arkansas Monday of this week.

Julius Chamberlain was called to Bethel, Vt. last wek by the serious illnes of his father.

Mrs. Frank Dietz is on the sick list threatened with pneumonia.

Mr. Hodge entertained his brother over Sunday.
Fremont Center Andrew Hertel and Frank Behm made a business trip to Waukegan last Monday.

John Bienlein Jr. spent last Thursday in Wauconda.

Andrew Wagner, of Waukegan, sepnt a few days last wek with his sons and other relatives.

Michael and Joseph Dobner, of Fairbault, Minn., and until last June of Fremont are visiting friends and relatives in the old neighborhood. They are enthusiastic over Minnesota and its merits as a farming country and declare for the young man who wishes to farm it is the place of all others.
Diamond Lake William Lemker will have an auction sale in the near future.

Mrs. John Gossweiller, Mrs. William Einsman, Mrs. H. C. Ost and Mrs. J. W. Mitchell, visited in Chicago last Friday and Sunday.

C. A. Ray is digging a well from H. B. Kock.

Mrs. George Ost was on Friday agreeably surprised it being the 57th anniversary of her birth. Those in attendance from out of town were Mrs. E. F. Mitchell of Chicago, Mrs. L. Knigge, of Libertyville.

Last Sunday while hunting with E. J. Weinkopf's man Albert Dyer was accidently shot in the let.

W. J. Williams was hurt by a cave in of the gravel pit at Half Day a few days ago while loading sand for R. H. Luebbe.

The Diamond Lake creamery is fast nearing completion under the able management of R. H. Luebe, William Meyer & Son of Arlington Heights are doing the mason work.

Emmet Bilinski and Will Ray started for the sunny south Monday noon. They will visit Texas and other points.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Mitchell, of Chicago, were given a surprise party while visiting their brother here recently. To say they were surprised is putting it mild.

Mrs. C. Statts and daughter Marguerite spent Thanksgiving with her neice, Mrs. Berry in Waukegan returning Friday night via electric railroad.

Mrs. Henry Ost who has been spending the summer at Diamond Lake will join her husband in Missouri in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Mann and son Chester, of Waukegan; Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster, Mrs Jessie Lill and daughter Ethel and Mrs. B. E. Tupning, of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. John Hodge, of Ivanhoe, and Mrs. F. Mitchell and Blanche, of Prairie View, spent Thanksgiving at the Lakeside.

Mabel Koch, of Chicago, spent Sunday with her parents.

Mrs. Joe Brocksom and daughter and Mrs. Mace Poulton and child spent Thanksgiving with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rouse.

From the Lake County Independent ,
15 December 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller Mrs. Fiztgerald spent Tuesday in the city.

Ed. Hodge after being employed at F. Dalton's for several seasons has secured a position at Waukegan.

The oyster supper given Friday evening was well attended. A social time was reported by those present, $23 being cleared.

Miss Antoiniette Reese, of Chicago, visited her father here the altter part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knigge were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kramer.

Miss Tillie Mitchell returned to her home at Prairie View after a few days visit with relative here.

We are all pleased to see the electric line built to town before zero weather.
Ivanhoe Miss Susie Payne was a Chicago visitor Tuesday.

Miss Ada Kuebker is at home, having a rest from school duties on account of her eyes.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ritta, Wednesday, Dec. 6, a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hawkins spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Whitemore of Gurnee.

Everyone is enjoying the fine weather which is remarkable for this time of year.

Skating seems to be the order of the day just at present.

Preparations for the Xmas Cantata to be held at the church Saturday evening, Dec. 23, are progressing rapidly. It promises to be very interesting and the costumes will be unusually picuresque. All who are to take part in the cantata will meet at the church next Saturday at 1:30 for practice.
Diamond Lake Mrs. H. C. Ost and children left Tuesday to join her husband at Greenville, Wis.

Letters received from Emil Bilinski and Will Ray tell of their fine trip throught Oklahoma and Texas. They speak well of Oklahoma City where there is pleanty of work for all. Masona are receiving $8.00 per day, carpenters from $2.50 to $5.00 and laboreres $2.50. The last letter received from Houston, Texas states they are having a fine time.

John Rouse Sr. met with a painful injury Tuesday morning. He had gone to call on his son Harry and went with him to the cow yard to look at a cow just purchased by his son. Mr. Rouse stated he did not think the cow well and put his head down to listen to her breathing when she fiercely turned and knocked him to the ground. At first he was unable to rise but after a few minutes with the assistance of Harry he managed to walk to the house. Doctor Galloway was called and stated the injury was not dangerous but said it would probably lay him up a few days.

Mrs. Wm. Einsman is reported on the sick list.

Mrs. Wm. Rouse spent Saturday with her daughter Mrs. Poulton at Lake Villa.

The young people from the lake enjoyed a pleasant evening with Miss Sadie Mason at Leighton last Saturday night it being her seventeenth birthday.

Today and night (Dec. 15) is the day of the baazar to be held at the Geo. Ray home at Diamond Lake. Free bus meets all electric cars from 2:30 until 8:30 p.m. Read this and come at once with your pocket books full for there is a large assortment of pretty and useful articles for sale as well as that lunch and supper before mentioned.

From the Lake County Independent ,
22 December 1905
100 Years Ago
Rockefeller A little daughter was welcomed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dalton recently.

Miss Lillian Aynesly visited at Libertyville one day last week.

Mrs. Kramer enjoyed a few days of last week with her son Dewalt and family in Chicago.

Miss Anna Bader enjoyed a week with relative in the city.

For Sale Full blooded buff Wyandotte cockerels $1 each.
A. W. Depew, Rockefeller, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Aynesly took in the play of "In Old Kentucky" at the Waukegan theatre Satruday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bader were guests of relatives in the city several days the past week.

Messrs. Henry and Louis Litchfield, of Libertyville, were entertained at their home here Sunday.

Miss Grace Small visited at the home of her uncle's, Mr. and Mrs. W. Poreous Sunday.
Ivanhoe Mrs. Henry VanPlew who was quite ill with lagrippe last week is getting better.

We hear that Mrs. Dean has rented her farm to a party from Grayslake.

Mrs. Mary Glych, of Wauconda, visited wtih Ivanhoe relatives and friends last week.

We intended to mention the deplorable condition of some of our sidewalks, but, well, what's the use?

Boyer Bros. display of Christmas goods is certainly very pleasing, call and see.

The male quartette consisting of Messrs. H. D. Wells, Richard and Ernest Duddles and George Hawkins rendered a very pleasing song at our last Sunday evening service.
Diamond Lake Will ray and Emett Bilinski have returned from Texas where they spent a couple of weeks sight-seeing. They think there is no place like Illinois.

Mrs. Staats is on the sick list.

Harry Mitchell spent a couple of days recently with his cousin, Lloyd Ray and enjoyed some fine skating and ice boating.

Misses Lyda and Tillie Hokemeyer were Diamond Lake visitors Saturday.

Mrs. Leo Drury spent several days with her parents last week.

W. Rouse has the misfortune while loading some heavy timbers to have one foot crushed. He is doing nicely.

J. Rouse, Sr. is improving slowly.

The bazaar was a success a large crowd being in attendance, all seemed to enjoy themselves. The proceeds amounted to $115. The ladies wish to thank all who so kindly donated and assisted in any way.

From the Lake County Independent ,
29 December 1905
100 Years Ago
Sway Horses; Trouble Boy Trades Father's Steed and Parent is Wroth. Demands Its Return

Replevin Papers Do the Work

The thirteen-year-old son of Mr. John Ahart, who lives between Ivanhoe and Wauconda traded one of his father's hoses Sunday to Henry Geary, a neighbor, for one of Mr. Geary's horses! The boy is a bright lad and in a horse trade capable of taking care of his interests despite his youthfulness. The horse he got is conceded to be about as good an animal as the one he traded, and at first no exception was taken to the transaction by Mr. Ahart. After a couple of days reflection, however, the fater concluded the boy should not have traded and sent him back to Gary with the horse and instructions to bring home the animal Geary got in the deal.

Geary demurred, and said he wished to talk matters over with the elder Ahart. The lad returned to his home and later Mr. Ahart went to see Geary who in the meantime claimed to have sold the horse to his hired man, Chops by name, and latter having departed it is said for Wisconsin, taking the horse with him.

This angered Ahart, who got out replevin papers and they wer served on Gearly by Constable Jenks, of Wauconda, whereupon the former gentleman hunted up his hired man and secured the horse, returning it to Mr. Ahart. This adjustment of matters was satisfactory and it is presumed young Ahart will another time consult his father before swaping his possessions.
Rockefeller Messrs. J. H. Cronkhite, Ed Payne, L. E. Payne and H. Coudrey were city visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Lathrop's sister who has been visiting here for some time returned to her home at Ravenswood Monday.

Mr. Crittenden's sale of his farm implements was well attended.

Mr. J. H. Cronkhite attended Mr. Willard's funeral at Libertyville Tuesday.

Mrs. Minip and daughter Sybil returned to the city after a few weeks stay with parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Roder, of Long Grove, spent Wednesday with the former's parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Thatcher entertained Mr. and Mrs. Lempker, of Leighton; Mr. and Mrs. F. Knigge and a number of friends Christmas day.

A. J. King is enjoying a two weeks recreation and visiting with his family after an absence of eight months canvassing in the wild west.

F. Burdick, of Nebraska, is visiting with his parents and relatives in town.

Lester Burdick, of Wauconda, spent Sunday with relatives here.
Ivanhoe Harry Fosket is spending his vacation at home.

Mrs. Amanda Hawkins is here at present.

Mrs. Ziegler is entertaining her sister, Miss Stoffel, of Chicago.

Miss Edna Shepherd, of Druce Lake, is visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Hibbard Ames, of Chicago, are visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Otis Smith and wife, of Wadsworth, spent Christmas with the former's parents here.

The juvenile cantata "Santa Claus Entertained" was largely attended and was much enjoyed by all who were fortunate enough to be present. The children's singing was exceptionally good and an unusual feature was a solo sung to the children by Santa Claus who was personated by George Hawkins. Each number was warmly applauded by the audience, especially one where six tiny girls in their night dresses sant their dolls to sleep while waiting for Santa Claus.

Prof. Martin Decker, principal of the North Chicago schools, spent Christmas in this place.

Julius Chamberlain returned from Vermont last week. He reports his father is in very poor health.

Large quantities of coal are being hauled from Rockefeller for the steam dredge, or ditching machine at work in the west part of town.

Frank Dolph's new feed grinder does fine work and a heavy run of business is assured Mr. Dolph for the winter.
Fort Hill George Walton is spending Christmas with friends in Chicago.

Tommy Dykes is in the city for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Thomson and sons with O. A. Howard and family spent Christmas with relative in Waukegan.

M. B. Huson and daughter with Geo. Huson and wife were guests of E. Cleveland and family on Christmas day.

E. W. Ferrand and son of Summer, Iowa and Mr. Dagley of Chicago were guests of A. B. Combs Friday and Saturday.