Non-Fiction Finder: Amazing Animals

The Long, Long Journey by Sandra Markle

E 598.33 MAR


Readers will find out about the growth and development of the tiny Godwit which is capable of flying from Cape Avinof Alaska to New Zealand non-stop.  Learn how this amazing bird prepares for the journey, fights off predators and then does what the Godwit does best: fly, fly, fly!  Muted illustrations and approachable text make this an easy read-aloud to share with preschoolers. 


Shimmer & Splash: The Sparkling World of Sea Life by Jim Arnosky

J 591.77

Another great animal nonfiction book by the renowned Jim Arnosky, giant fold-out spreads introduce readers to a variety of ocean dwellers.  Ideal for people who just want to browse through the beautiful illustrations as well as those that want accurate information about sea life. While preschoolers will certainly enjoy the illustrations, the reading level of the text is better suited for grades 3 and up.