Non-Fiction Finder: Animals Thrive

Find some great fact-based books at your library! Miss Carol suggests...

Sizing up Winter by Lizann Flatt

E 508.2 FLA


Well-crafted Paper collage illustrations add visual interest to this picture book that deftly combines mathematical terminology with an overview of winter animals.  The reader is encouraged to count, compare and ponder a variety of numerical concepts related to winter.  Concepts and vocabulary are fairly basic, but the author does throw in some high level words such as analog and ptarmigan.  Even and adult could learn a thing or two from this fun book!


Paul Thurlby’s Wildlife

E 590 THU

Creative illustrations add an extra dimension to this creative nonfiction book by award-winning Paul Thurlby.  Young and old are sure to delight at the unusual facts and humorous visual interpretations of curious animal traits.   A word of caution, be very weary of the tiger at the beginning and ending!