Record your adventures with our GoPro Hero 5! This GoPro has a 12mp camera, the ability to shoot video in 4K or 1080p, a touch screen, voice-activated commands, water-resistance up to 33 feet, and an app that allows you to transfer footage to your smartphone.

Our GoPro kit includes a floating hand grip, head strap, chest strap, arm strap, and wrist strap. It is equipped with an SD card, which will save your photos and videos. Be sure to transfer your footage via the app so you don’t lose anything!

The GoPro checks out for 1 week and is renewable. Only Fremont cardholders may place a hold on it. GoPros cannot be returned through the book drop.

You may need to charge the GoPro before using it. To charge the GoPro, Press the button on the right side of the camera and pull the cover downwards to open the charging port. Plug in the included USB C charging cable and connect it to a USB wall charger or computer.

The light on the front of the camera will turn red while charging. The light will turn off once the camera is fully charged.

Need help getting started? These video guides can help.

Guide to the camera and its settings

Mounting the camera

Capturing photos and video

Advanced Settings

Using the GoPro app

Download the GoPro app from your device’s store and create a free GoPro account. You will need an email address and you will have to create a password.
Follow the directions to connect the GoPro to the app

Here’s a video of these steps:

Not sure how to edit your videos? Use your library card to access and search for "GoPro" to find tutorials, classes, and helpful hints.