Book Clubs







Book Club Collection

The Book Club Collection contains titles that are popular selections for book group discussions. We also offer discussion guides for each of the titles in our Book Club Collection.

Book Club Services

Fremont offers special services for Fremont patrons who who want to create their own book club. These service support your book club in the following ways:

  • Obtaining and reserving enough books for each member of your book club.
  • Ability to obtain books in multiple formats - large print, audiobooks, etc.
  • A central place, the Reader's Services desk, for club members to pick up their copy of the book.
  • Special due dates that coincide with your club's meeting date.
  • Book club bags available to book club members who check out multiple copies of a book on his/her own card to hand out at the club meeting.
  • A place to host your club. Ask us about our study rooms and meeting room reservations.
  • A separate "Book Club Collection", which includes titles purchased specifically for use by book clubs.
  • Discussion guides to assist you in facilitating a book discussion.
  • Recommendations of book titles for your club.

Book Club Procedures

  1. The facilitator of your book club must have a Fremont Library Card in good standing. This facilitator should register their book club by filling out the registration form and handing it in to the Reader's Services desk or by calling 847-918-3208 and leaving a message with the library's Book Club Coordinator.
  2. Club members who are not Fremont Library patrons will need to register their library card with Fremont in order to check out books.
  3. Pick a name for your book club. Book club titles are held at the Reader's Services desk under the book club's name so please make sure to share the name with all the members of your club.
  4. Indicate the dates for your discussion meetings (e.g., 3rd Wednesday or last Friday of the month).
  5. List your choices of book titles with the date you plan to discuss them.

Book Club Guidelines

  • Titles requested must be available in our library system.
  • Titles should be at least a year old or part of our Book Club Collection.
  • Titles should not be current bestsellers and cannot have multiple holds.
  • We are unable to obtain more than 15 copies of any specific title.
  • If the book club facilitator leaves, the new facilitator must also have a Fremont Library card to continue the service.
  • The book club service is a labor-intensive program. As such, the library reserves the right to deny or stop service to a book club and/or facilitator if necessary.

Book clubs have the freedom to choose any title they wish to discuss. However, if the chosen title is new, a bestseller, or has multiple holds, book club members will have to obtain copies on their own for that particular book discussion.