Youth Services

What we offer in the Classroom

  • Story programs for grades K-3
  • Book Talks for grades 4-8
  • Guest readers for Family Reading Night & other school programs
  • End-of-year assembly participation, promotion of Summer Library Club
  • Participation in district and school events and new teacher orientation

What we offer in the Library

  • Tours for all grades (see below)
  • Tours and in-services for teachers
  • New teacher orientation
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • In-house reference of materials for specific assignments
  • In-house reference copies of most schools' textbooks

100 Books before High School!

Fremont Public Library is now providing a fun and interactive program to get kids reading year-round. This passive reading program is for grades Kindergarten-8th grade. Sign-up at the Youth Services desk and receive a log sheet for 100 books where you will record every independently read book. Every 10 books, review your favorite book and every 20 books come to the library and choose one free book. That could be 5 free books by the end of the program! Upon completion, your photograph will be added to the finish line. Sign-up today!

This program is for Fremont card-holders only.


1000 Books before Kindergarten has arrived!

1000 Books mural logo

1000 Books before Kindergarten has started at Fremont Public Library for ages birth-pre-kindergarten. For Fremont cardholders only, this reading program is an excellent way to build a love for stories and create a foundation for reading and school success. Before starting to read, children need exposure to rich language, background knowledge, a base of expectations regarding the format of stories, and a need to associate reading with enjoyment.

How is reading helpful?

  • Reading fosters curiosity and provides answers to wide-ranging questions.
  • A baby is born ready to learn. Establish positive learning pathways in their brains through reading, singing, and talking.
  • Children associate reading books with special parent talking and cuddling time.
  • If you’re not a natural storyteller, books are full of complex language and provide a great place to start a conversation

1000 books equals:

  • One bedtime story every night for three years.  (And what child lets you stop with just one book at bedtime?)
  • Ten books a week for two years.  
  • Twenty books a week for one year (that's just 3 books a day).


How the Challenge Works:

Each time you read a book with your child, color one train car in your reading log. Remember, if you read the same book over and over again, it counts each time. Stories read to your child at daycare or preschool, at the Library’s Storytimes, or at grandma’s house count, too! Every time you read 100 books, bring your reading log to the library to add a sticker to the train mural at the Youth Services desk. When you reach a milestone, bring your reading log to the Library to collect your prize! Read 1,000 books before kindergarten and your child will receive a free book of their very own and a Super Reader cape.

For more information, or to sign up your child, ask at the Youth Services desk. 



Paws to Read - Librarian Pets

Meet your favorite librarian's pets all through summer library club. Check back every week for another cute critter. This week it's: 

Miss Lisa and Riggs

This is Riggs.  He is a Superhero. He is faster than an airborne Beggin’ Strip, more powerful than a zipped backpack (when it comes to finding gum), and able to make a place to sleep just about anywhere (on top of shoes or recyclable grocery bags, laundry piles, under the Christmas tree).


Paws to Read - Librarian Pets

Meet your favorite librarian's pets all through summer library club. Check back every week for another cute critter. This week it's: 

Miss Ann and Riley

Furry, friendly, and loves attention. He's the perfect family pet.



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