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Non-Fiction Finder: Wild Animals for Young Kids

From pandas to panthers, ladybugs to lions, and baby animals to birds, our animal section for preschool to second grade is full of eye-catching books about the animals in our world. With such a great amount of books to choose from, this was a hard one to narrow down. All these books and more are located in the E Room on the wall with the windows. Look for the giraffe-patterned sticker!

E 599.789 RYD - Panda Kindergarten by Joanne Ryder. School is in session! But this is no ordinary kindergarten class. Meet 16 giant panda cubs as they romp, rollick, play, and--just like you--learn! Preschool+




E 598.842 JEN - A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Belz Jenkins. Let's follow a robin as she prepares her nest. What materials will she use? How many eggs will she lay? The text is well supported with multiple images showing a chick growing in an egg, comparing feathers of different birds, and looking at birds that live all over the world. Preschool+



E 598.47 GIB - Penguins by Gail Gibbons. Penguins come in all different varieties and colors and they're all adorable. Take this scientific look at penguins from the reknown researcher Gail Gibbons. Kindergarten+




E 598 STO - Bring on the Birds by Susan Stockdale. All types of birds make an appearance in this simple book. If your child is curious about a particular bird, there is more information in the back about each picture. Toddler-Preschool




E 591.734 AMS - Rain Forest Animal Adaptations by Lisa J. Amstutz. How do these animals survive in the wettest parts of the world? Investigate the unique and curious ways these animals adapt with an explanation for their behavior. These real photographs are a plus for demonstrating the animals' abilities. Kindergarten+




E 591.68 JEN - Can We Save the Tiger? by Martin Jenkins. A conversational tone that begs to be read aloud, Jenkins presents why specific animals have gone extinct, and what is happening to our endangered animals--even the ugly ones. Accompanied with accurate scientific renderings of the animals. An evocative book sure to open your child's naturally inquisitive mind. Kindergarten+





E 591.568 DOW - North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration by Nick Dowson. Soft, beautiful full page illustrations accompanying this calming look at the droves of animals heading up to the arctic for the summer. Kindergarten+




E 591.47 ARN - Wild Tracks: A Guide to Nature's Footprints by Jim Arnosky. The father of nature in picture books, Arnosky presents life-size animal tracks including hoofed, small, bear, canine, feline, reptile, and bird tracks. Includes interactive fold-out pages, allowing a sense of uncovering and discovering. 1st grade+




E 591 JEN - Actual Size by Steve Jenkins. I absolutely love the concept of showing children the actual size of animal features. Not only does it shock and awe, but it provides an accurate representation of our world. Accompany this book with a tape measure because Jenkins provides the length, heights, or wingspan which you can measure out from the image provided. Preschool+


Non-Fiction Finder: Ocean Life for Young Kids

Non-fiction material and informational texts have been getting a lot of attention with the inception of the Common Core, a set of state-led educational standards being adopted across the country. The praise is well-deserved because non-fiction opens up worlds of curiosity for children. Not only can nonfiction be used to investigate subjects that kids are learning in school, it can also be used to inspire, explore, and awe. Fremont Public Library has excellent non-fiction options for your child. This post will be the first in the "Non-Fiction Finder" series highlighting what Fremont Public Library has for your children.

Ocean life for the youngest explorers

Our "Ocean Life" section can be found in the E Room, against the wall with the windows. Look for the blue sticker!

Paleosharks: Survival of the Strangest by Timothy J. Bradley. Today's sharks are a fearsome bunch, and their predecessors were just as nasty. Explore truly unique sharks that lived over 400 million years ago, with comparisons to sharks living today. Fun fact: the Helicoprion has fossil evidence that suggests the shark's teeth were shaped is a compact spiral that looked like a 10-inch buzz-saw blade. That's intense!




Meet the Sea Lion by Susanna Keller. A short and sweet book for your toddler who's taken particular interest in that cute sea lion at the zoo. This can also be used for early readers. A great set of real-life pictures that children can connect to their own experiences.



Baby Whale's Journey by Jonathan London. Follow one baby whale's infancy as it travels across the ocean with its mother and fellow sperm whales. A soft narrative with dazzling vocabulary and illustrations, London surrounds true facts with an intriguing tale.


Reading Is Sooo Delicious - Family Reading Club Success!

Thanks to our amazing families that participated in the fall family reading club! We had a total of 304 ice cream scoops posted on our wall. We made it to the top! Great job, everyone! Check out the wall:

Ice Cream for Books Wall

In celebration of our great success, Fremont Public Library held an ice cream social. Families settled into a fun afternoon of board games, ice cream, and valuable family time together. Big thanks goes out to Maggie Moo's for providing the ice cream. See our Facebook for more photos.

Family playing card game

Ice cream trough with vanilla, chocolate, blue, and sherbert

Kids playing the board game Sorry!


It's Picture Book Month!

November is picture book month! It's a perfect time to snuggle together as the season gets colder and share the love of reading with your little one and ones. Here are some great new books that just came in...

penguin and pinecone cover artPenguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon

When this book brought two librarians to tears with how sweet it was, you know it's a keeper.

This is such a great story of an unlikely friendship that, unfortunately, could not be kept because pine cones cannot live on the ice and penguins cannot live in the forest. Even with this reality, Penguin and Pinecone share fond memories up until the moment Penguin drops Pinecone off in the forest. Still in his/her heart, Penguin goes to find his friend after much time has passed. The next pages are so sweet that you'll just have to read it.


creepy carrots cover artCreepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds

As a child that watched Are You Afraid of the Dark every single Saturday night, I would have LOVED this book just as much back then. Jasper Rabbit loves carrots. He eats them everywhere he goes. To school. To Little League practice. Walking home. Until one day the carrots start following him...or are they? A creepiness meant for kids that love to get scared--but with a happy, funny ending.




Goldilocks and Just One Bear cover artGoldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

A sequel to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Baby Bear accidentally finds himself outside the forest and in a big, noisy city. In desperation to escape the crowded streets, he finds an apartment building and goes all the way up to someone's nice, vacant home. Very silly humor as he eats things that should not be eaten, sits on things that should not be sat on, and tries to sleep in things that should not be slept in. The busy, bold illustrations match the mood perfectly. I would love to read this aloud.



squid and octopus cover art

Squid and Octopus: Friends for Always by Tao Nyeu

What a charming friendship these two make. Amidst disagreeances, laughter, camaraderie, and imaginative fun, Squid and Octopus whimsically steal the reader's heart. Storytelling similar to Frog and Toad and Winnie-the-Pooh. These four stories can be told several times without the listener getting bored.



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