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Summer Library Club Is Coming!

Get jazzed up and ready to go because the summer library club is coming! Starting June 17, visit our special summer table under the umbrella to sign up children ages 0-6th grade. Vist the library six times and each child receives a free book and amazing coupons for area businesses. (A reminder that teens grades 7th-12th have their own library club. Check it out at the main Youth desk!)

Our theme this year is "Have Book, Will Travel" so won't you come and travel along with us? You can expect to see Miss Connie and Miss Margaret occasionally traveling through the stacks looking for a great book to read. Celebrate reading this summer with the library! We can't wait to see you!



Babysitting Training Options

Our babysitting clinic is full for the month of June! For those that did not sign up in time, please join the waiting list. But there are other options for babysitting training. The Red Cross now offers an online course for only $25. It takes about 4 hours to complete, there is a test at the end, and if the student passes, they can print out a certificate. While our class is free, this is a viable option. Get started at The Red Cross!

overwhelmed babysitter


Jelly Belly Winner Announced

While Moochie and Louie were on spring break at the Jelly Belly factory, we asked our young patrons to guess how many jelly beans were in a gumball dispenser. We're happy to announce that our 9-year-old patron, Lauren, is the winner in the jelly belly contest!  She guessed 800 jelly beans and there were actually 812. Way to go Lauren!

Puppets Moochie and Louie pose with the prize

Recognize Moochie and Louie from Miss Margaret's visits to your school? Here they are posing with the prize.


Fremont Celebrates Dr. Seuss' 109th Birthday

Another rick-rollicking celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday was had at Fremont Public Library on March 2nd. Busy hands made Cat in the Hat hats, whiskers, and bows in the morning with our Drop-In Craft (offered every first Saturday of the month).

Family sharing in on drop-in craft

In the afternoon, the FPLD staff put on a dramatic reading of the always enjoyable The Cat in the Hat with goodies and prizes. Throughout the day, citizens big and small enjoyed dressing up and posing with the Cat in front of our photo booth.

Photo booth props for Dr. Seuss

Boy celebrating with Cat in the Hat cutout

family posing with Cat in the Hat

Three girls pose with whiskers next to the cat in the hat

Even more--yes, there's more!--with the generous help of our diverse staff, volunteers, and patrons, Fremont has compiled The Cat in the Hat read in seven different languages: Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. You can view our video on our YouTube channel.

copies of the book Cat in the Hat in multiple languages


Non-Fiction Finder: Farm & Pets for Young Kids

Curious about your kitty? Diggin' your dog? Fascinated with the farm? Come grab some curiosity fulfilling books about the farm and your pets. These books are perfect ways to solve questions and ignite a craving in your young child for more information about the world they see. In this section, you can find excellent books with general information on breeds or animals or you can follow a story about a specific pet or farm.

E 636 COO - Farm by Elisha Cooper. There are so many goings-on at the farm! Cooper captures all the excitement from animals to farming to day-today life in her unique presentation of multiple vignettes per page. Preschool+



E 636 LAB - Two Bobbies: A True Storu of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery. A 2011 Monarch Award Honor book, Two Bobbies celebrates the enduring friendship between a dog and a cat. It's always delightful to hear a story of two unusual animal friends, and this friendship is just that--cute and touching. A great factual book to pair with discussions on Hurricane Katrina. Preschool+




E 636.5 FRA - (oliver) by Christopher Franceschelli. Oliver was just an egg and there was not much to do being an egg until, one day... A short book that fully utilizes it's format. Interactive with a neat surprise. Infant-Preschool





E 636.68 RAW - If You Were a Parrot by Katherine Rawson. A collection of silly illustrations of giggling children with parrot features. Imagine what you could do with a sharp beak, or talons, or an ability to imitate the telephone. A fun look at the features of a parrot. Preschool+




E 636.7 MUN - Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean. Meet ten shelter dogs turned circus stars by the tenacity of Luciano Anastasini. The author profiles each dog, allowing children to pick their favorites and follow them through the story. It's amazing to watch how Luciano transforms "troublesome" behavior into special attributes that help them perform. Best thing about it--it's all true! Kindergarten+



E 636.7 SHO - Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: All About... by Erika Shores. Large, full page photos document a particular breed in action--or inaction. Basic introduction with three sentences per page on work duties, puppy stage, taking care of the particular breed, and more. Yet, even with the short text, there is plenty of vocabulary and images to spark further conversation. Current breeds include Beagles, Rottweilers, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, German Shephards, Chihuahuas, and Boxers. Toddler-Kindergarten


E 636.7 WAH - Don't Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs by Wendy Wahman. A rhyming, storybook feel gives this non-fiction book extra character. Florescent colors with wild illustrations tell basic rules when dealing with pooches of all different personalities. I can see this fun book being read many times--all the better to keep kids safe around dogs! Preschool+



E 636.8 HOL - Why Do Cats Meow? by Joan Holub. Cats have unique tendancies including hissing, rubbing against your leg, and pouncing. Quench your curiosity in this question-answer format. 1st grade+



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