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Could you live in a virtual world?

Take a look at Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, on the shelf in theTeen Zone.   Wade Watts escapes his grim surroundings in 2044 by spending all his waking hours in OASIS--a virtual utopia that lets you be anything you want to be, a place where you can live,  play, and fall in love on any of ten thousand planets.  Like most of humanity, Wade dreams of finding the hidden fortune that lies concealed within this virtual world.  Go along on his quest in this world where the lines of distinction between a person's real identity and that of their avatar begin to blur.  Could you live in a virtual world??




Need Volunteer Hours? See if you qualify!

Our FIT meeting on Friday, May 17 (starting at 4:00 p.m.) will be the first opportunity for eligible teens to sign up for summer volunteering.  If you have already attended two FIT meetings, you can sign up for two-hour shifts at our Summer Library Club volunteer table, where you will help register young children and hand out stickers and prizes.  The Club runs for six weeks, from Monday, June 17, through Saturday, July 27.  Bring your calendar to this Friday's meeting and be sure that you'll have a ride to and from the library on the dates you choose.   Sign up with a friend (if he/she is eligible) as we have two volunteers at the table per shift.  If you are not sure if you qualify to volunteer, please go to the Youth Services Desk or call 847-918-3218.

Remember, too, that if you are in grades 7 through 12, your Summer Library Club runs at the same time, ending with a party on Friday, July 26.  


New Book by Chris Crutcher

YA author Chris Crutcher has a new novel, Period 8, now on the shelf in the Teen Zone.  During Period 8, Mr. Logsdon--Logs--runs an open classroom where teens can go to eat lunch, or talk, or listen, or both--the only rule is that you keep it real, that you tell the truth.  What is said in Period 8 stays there.  The sudden disappearance of one of the "regulars" puts a spotlight on members of the group--someone is lying, someone knows more than they're letting on.  Logs and senior Paul "Paulie Bomb" Baum start to unravel an ugly and dangerous story which propels the book at breakneck speed to its conclusion.  You'll read it in a weekend.  Period 8: YA Crutcher, Chris.


Period 8


Get Ready for Summer Reading!

Copies of the 2014 Abraham Lincoln Award nominated books will be on a special display in the Teen Zone beginning May 1.  MHS students: choose one of these for your summer reading assignment.  Remember, incoming MHS freshmen will be reading Bruiser.  Click on "Teen Reads," above, for the link to the entire list.







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