Erotic Romance

Books about young women, often with tragic pasts, who meet rich, powerful, dominant men...

Maya Banks: A prolific author of erotic romance, her Breathless Trilogy features a different couple in each book rather than spreading the story out over multiple novels.
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: Rush


Sylvia Day: Has been writing erotic romance for years, many of which are paranormal or historical. Her contemporary series is called Crossfire and features billionaire Gideon and paralegal Eva whose disturbing childhoods lead them both struggling with their extreme sexual and emotional connection.  The story continues over the span of several books, and isn't concluded yet.
Sexual content: Dom/sub, light BDSM
Start with: Bared to You


M.S. Force: Author Marie Force brings the Quantum Trilogy featuring movie star Flynn, who engages in the DOM/sub lifestyle, and Natalie, who has sworn off sex in her relationships. Will she be able to accept his lifestyle and enjoy it? Will he be able to deny that side of himself in order to be with her?
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: Virtuous


E.L. James: This author wrote the trilogy that started a new trend in erotic romantic fiction, taking the Dominant/submissive relationship mainstream and inspiring a lot of similar series.
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: Fifty Shades of Grey


Lauren Jameson: Jameson’s In Vino Veritas books have a similar setting and characters but may be read in any order as each book tells a different couple’s story.
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: Blush


Lisa Renee Jones: The Inside Out series is an emotional roller coaster with an interesting premise. Sara finds journals of a woman with a mysterious, erotic life. As she investigates more about her she begins to live the life the woman left behind. This will take her to places she had never been before. Books should be read in order.
Sexual content: DOM/sub
Start with: If I Were You


J. Kenner: Julie Kenner, who also writes vampire romance under the name J. K. Beck, writes realistic characters with believable reactions to the powerful feelings they have for each other. The Stark Trilogy and Stark International Trilogy should be read in sequence.
Sexual content: DOM/sub light bondage/spanking
Start with: Release Me


Beth Kery: Because You Are Mine novels feature a different passionate couple in each book. Succumbing to their desires is the easy part. But when passion opens the door to an intimacy neither has known, can a man known for being unbendable learn to love?
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: Because You Are Mine


Christina Lauren: The combo of authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings bring a more light-hearted series to the genre. Set in Chicago, sparks fly between the boss and his intern. Great dialog keeps the pages turning in The Beautiful series.
Sexual content: DOM/sub
Start with: Beautiful Bastard


R.K. Lilley: Get a glimpse of the life of a flight attendant and explore the entertainment industry of Las Vegas. Trilogies Up in the Air and Tristan and Danika should be read in sequence.
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: In Flight


Raine Miller: An American grad-student at the University of London is discovered by a London businessman who falls in love with her nude portrait.
Sexual content: Light DOM/sub
Available on eBook through My Media Mall, look for The Blackstone Affair Collection.


Carly Phillips: Each book in the Dare To series follows a different person from the Dare family. The women have troubled pasts, and the men are all dominant, alpha males.
Sexual content: DOM/sub
Start with: Dare To Love


Tiffany Reisz: Reisz’s books explore the world of BDSM in great detail, providing a point of view of both sides of the bed. If you can handle a story outside the traditional hero/heroine romance idea, The Original Sinners series may be the one for you.
Sexual content: BDSM
Start with: The Siren


Sylvain Reynard: An arrogant professor is intrigued by his new PhD student, not remembering that he once had an encounter with her in their teenage years. This trilogy is heavier on the emotions and lighter on the physical relationship.
Sexual content: Light DOM/sub
Start with: Gabriel’s Inferno


Tiffany Snow: In the series Tangled Ivy a Bond-type spy meets a beautiful bank teller escaping a traumatic childhood in St. Louis. Their relationship takes them all over the world when Ivy is targeted by a terrorist group that Devon has been investigating.
Sexual content: DOM/sub, light bondage
Start with: In His Shadow


Cecilia Tan: In the Struck by Lightning series grad student and waitress Karina encounters a mysterious rich man who challenges her to engage in a kinky game. As their relationship continues she yearns to get closer to him...and to learn his real name.
Sexual content: BDSM, obedience
Start with: Slow Surrender


Meredith Wild: In the The Hacker Series a CEO holds the future of a young entrepreneur’s dream company in his hands; will he also hold onto her heart?
Sexual content: DOM/sub, light bondage
Start with: Hardwired