New Book by Chris Crutcher

YA author Chris Crutcher has a new novel, Period 8, now on the shelf in the Teen Zone.  During Period 8, Mr. Logsdon--Logs--runs an open classroom where teens can go to eat lunch, or talk, or listen, or both--the only rule is that you keep it real, that you tell the truth.  What is said in Period 8 stays there.  The sudden disappearance of one of the "regulars" puts a spotlight on members of the group--someone is lying, someone knows more than they're letting on.  Logs and senior Paul "Paulie Bomb" Baum start to unravel an ugly and dangerous story which propels the book at breakneck speed to its conclusion.  You'll read it in a weekend.  Period 8: YA Crutcher, Chris.


Period 8