October 8, 2012



Lies, Knives & Girls in Red Dresses (YA KOE)
Twisted, fiendishly clever, and darkly funny, rewritten fairytales.

The Raft (YA BOD)
Teen girl Robie and fellow plane-crash survivor Max wind up in the ocean, alone, on a raft—with sharks, no water, and a bag of Skittles.

UnWholly  (YA SHU)
Does a “rewound” (the creation of a being from the parts of other “rewinds”) have a soul?

Sequel  to Unwind.

Darkwater (YA FIS)
What would you sell your soul for?

Department 19: The Rising (YA HIL)
James Bond meets Dracula.  Second in Department 19 series.

Hanging by a Thread (YA LIT)
Dark secrets, dangerous romance, and chilling murder mystery. 


TEEN READ WEEK STARTS Sunday, October 14!  Pick up your Bingo card in the Teen Zone.
Then…return here for the first titles in our Scary Book Bingo.  Check each day thereafter for more titles and mark your bingo card—if you get BINGO, come to the Youth Services Desk for a FLASHDRIVE and CANDY. (Grades 7 through 12)


Remember to sign up for our TEEN HALLOWEEN PARTY (IT LIVES!!) on Friday, October 26, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Are you afraid of the dark?  (Grades 7 through 12)