Voting in Lake County, Illinois

Early Voting Hours at the Library: Oct. 24 - Nov. 5
Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm, Saturday: 9am-2pm

Any residents of Lake County may register to vote at the library’s Reference Desk until Oct. 23. After that, residents may register and vote at the library’s Early Voting Site on the 2nd floor.

If you don't know which districts you live in, use the United States House of Representatives' "Find Your Representative" feature (enter your zip code where prompted) or the Illinois State Board of Elections Districts and Officials Search to find your elected officials. 

For additional assistance, contact the Lake County Clerk's Office at 847-377-2400, or visit

Voting and Election Information for Lake County, Illinois

Can I Vote? is a website created by state election officials to help eligible voters learn how and where to vote in all 50 states.

Federal Voting Assistance Program provides information on voting for U.S. citizens living outside of the United States, including uniformed service members.

The Lake County Clerk's Office provides answers about voting in Lake County, as well as information on voting by mail, early voting, and locating a polling place. 

Additional Free Resources for an Informed Electorate

The following resources are credible, free and nonpartisan. 

Ballotpedia - This "Encyclopedia of American Politics" covers local, state and federal politics. Their content includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics. 

C-SPAN Video Library - The Video Library offers more than 223,000 hours of video and is updated on a daily basis. Part of C-SPAN's mission is to provide "live gavel-to-gavel proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and to other forums where public policy is discussed, debated and decided––all without editing, commentary or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view."

Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) - The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is a nonpartisan corporation that sponsors and organizes debates for U.S. presidential and vice presidential candidates. Users can access brief histories of debates dating back to 1858 along with transcripts of select events.

OpenSecrets - OpenSecrets is a product of the nonpartisan research group Center for Responsive Politics. It allows users to search for and find campaign contributors as well as campaign finance data, reports, articles and more. Background information on lobbying, interest groups, and political action committees (PACs) is easy to locate.

Political TV Ad Archive - The archive allows for browsing and viewing TV advertisements by specific candidates. 

RealClearPolitics - A daily roundup of poll results and news coverage from multiple sources.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission - Provides election calendars, voter registration forms, and access to surveys and studies about U.S. elections along with the National Voter Registration Act. 

Vote Smart - Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on local and national candidates and elected officials to all Americans.