Lighting Project

Here we "glow" again!

Last year's lighting project was delayed and then canceled due to a number of complicating factors that forced us to regroup and rebid the project in August. In September the Board of Trustees awarded the new contract to Eco Lighting Services and we are currently in the beginning stages of planning.

To help expedite the project, the Library Board of Trustees has approved additional closures (with curbside services continuing to be offered) in the next month and possibly into February. Continue to check the library's website for information about what services are available at the library. We will maintain all our virtual programs, curbside services, and computer appointments as well as reference services by phone, chat and email. When the Pandemic allows libraries to open their buildings again, ours may remain closed for a while in order to complete the lighting project.

When the project is complete, all of the lights in the library will have been converted to LED fixtures that enhance the beauty of our space and provide better illumination while saving energy!