Parking Lot Renovation

Update Sept. 21, 2017:

The library will be closed September 28 through October 1. The book drop will not be open during this time. Materials will not be assessed late fees through October 5. Library programs will resume October 2.

Update Sept. 13, 2017:

Work has stalled due to the drainage pipes and curbs still awaiting delivery from the manufacturer. The ones that were sent were not up to ADA specifications and cannot be installed. All parties involved are working to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible. Until then, the book drops have been reopened. It is likely that the 4-day closing will be pushed out into October.

How this will impact you:

Drive-Up Book Drop Unavailable

Our after-hours book drop will be unavailable at times during the parking lot renovation. Materials can only be accepted for return inside the building during normal operating hours. Materials may also be dropped off at our neighboring libraries. To make up for the inconvenience, we will have extended grace periods for materials returned during this time.

Study Rooms and Meeting Rooms will be unreservable Sept. 11-30.

If we are open, study rooms will be available on a walk-in basis only. No NEW meeting room reservations will be accepted during this time. We will be offering online reservation of study rooms to Fremont cardholders beginning October 1.

4-Day Closing at End of Project

In late September or early October we will need to close for 4 days for the final milling, repaving and striping. Because of weather, we will not have much warning of the exact dates we will be closed. We will give as much warning as possible to our patrons via our website and facebook and through our phone messages.

This renovation will:

Correct Asphalt Distress
Reinforce Subsurface
Add More Drainage
Improve Handicap Access
Add Heating Element
Relocate Memorial Tiles
Improve Bike Racks
Contractor: Accu-Paving based out of Broadview, Illinois

Why are we doing this?

As our building is in its 16th year of operation and the parking lot is now 17 years old, we knew it was time to do an assessment on the cracks, distressed areas, drainage, and deterioration of our parking lot and sidewalks. We hired an engineering firm to take samples of our parking lot and to give us the best recommendations of how deep we would need to go in order to resurface the lot. We also consulted with them to figure out what we could do about our ongoing issues with freezing water and the hazardous conditions of our sidewalks in inclement weather.

Because the entrance of the library faces north it is perpetually in shadow. This, combined with the natural pitch of the parking lot which drains all water towards the building, created constant freezing and thawing of ice and slush during the winter months. The winds that come from the north and west would blow the snow onto the path and it would partially melt and then freeze into ice. The results of the parking lot assessment also told us that our current sidewalks are slanting beyond acceptable degrees for safe walking, and the curb had pulled away from the sidewalks, in some places more than in inch wide, causing tripping hazards. Since we knew the parking lot itself was going to need a resurfacing, and our sidewalks as well, we were able to also take advantage of this project to improve the ability to mitigate the icy conditions of the entrance with a heating element. We also added drain tiles to the edges of the parking lot on the west side to lessen the water seepage that was draining toward the building even when there was no precipitation outside.  

In addition, we will be adding one more space for handicapped/disabled parking and there will no longer be a curb to navigate from these spaces as the sidewalk and parking lot will slope to match each other. This new configuration of the sidewalk means we had to again move the memorial tiles from the front area. They will be reinstalled after the parking lot project is completed and as soon as we can get a good landscape architect to arrange them in areas where they will not be walked on but will still be visible to the public, as the tiles are extremely slippery when wet.

Through frugal budgeting over the past few years the library was able to save up money so the entire project is coming out of the Special Reserves Fund rather than needing to request additional monies from our taxpayers.


Project Phases

Phase 1: Outside Book Drop Unavailable

Estimated Start Date: July 17, 2017

Mobilize/Site Prep, Demo, Storm Drains and Curbs, Inside Electrical Work

Phase 2

Estimated Start Date: July 27, 2017

Demo, Storm Drains and Curbs, Install Electrical Heating Pad, Pour Sidewalks

Phase 3

Estimated Start Date: August 24, 2017

Demo, Concrete Prep, Install Electric Heating Under Sidewalks, Pour Sidewalks

Phase 4: Library Closed

Estimated Start Date: September 28 through October 1, 2017

Mill, Pave, Stripe & Clean Up