To find your elected officials and which districts serve you, go to Lake County Maps Online and enter your street address under FULL SEARCH.  The closest matching results should appear below the search box.  Click on the correct address for your property. Scroll down and click on District Information.  For more assistance stop by the library or call us at 847-918-3225.


Fremont Library resides in Fremont Township in the Village of Mundelein and serves portions of these other villages:

Fremont Township
22376 Erhart Road
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: (847) 223-2847  


Lake County

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State Elected Officials

Governor of Illinois

Bruce Rauner

Illinois State Senators

Dan Duffy
26th Senatorial District

Terry Link
30th Senatorial District

Melinda Bush
31st Senatorial District

Illinois State Representative

Ed Sullivan, Jr.
51st Representative District

Carol A. Sente
59th Representative District

Sam Yingling
62nd Representative District

Federal Elected Officials

President of the United States

President Barack Obama

United States Senators

Richard J. Durbin
Mark Kirk

Representatives in Congress

Bob Dold
10th Congressional District

Randy Hultgren
14th Congressional District